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January 2002
3rd - Business watchdog ready for busy year
3rd - McConnell Dowell wins gas contract
3rd - Low-fat food success for Auckland entrepreneur
3rd - Equity markets buffet AMP
3rd - WTO membership aids apple exporters
4th - Sub experience gets tourist approval
7th - Monday 7th January 2002
7th - Frucor announcement due
7th - Freedom Air drops Aussie prices
7th - Housing consents remain high
8th - Danone holds upper hand
8th - BOP Electricity in Commission's sights
8th - Fonterra mulls Westland rejection
9th - CommSoft - only way up in 2002?
9th - Annual inflation tipped to fall then climb
9th - Rural property prices have peaked
9th - Shell takes price lead again
10th - Acceptances on the way for Danone
11th - Verizon sells more Telecom shares
11th - Latin America trip pushes closer ties
11th - Axa ratings affirmed but outlook negative
14th - NetMaster hopes for CommSoft
14th - Monday 14th January 2002
14th - Danone now at 44%
14th - Diversification is best taken in moderation
14th - Car sales recover
14th - Tolkien movie prompts NZ coverage blitz
14th - Air NZ culls off-shore call centres
14th - More bidders for Bendon
15th - Danone takes Frucor majority
15th - Farmers urge eco-terrorist crackdown
15th - Tourism ratings get megabuck boost
16th - Job ads indicate unemployment rise
16th - Market buys Restaurant Brands result
16th - Bendon catches Pacific Retail's eye
16th - NZSE boss to stand down
16th - Fonterra told to get off the grass
17th - Botrytis JV for Genesis
17th - Pacific Retail secures Bendon option
17th - Inflation down but a rise expected
17th - ElderCare improves but still in the red
18th - Lew moves to nab Bendon's knickers
18th - September 11 impact outstrips all in troubled domestic insurance market
18th - North has new role at Lion Nathan
18th - Southern Cross loses operations head in midst of payment crisis
18th - IT Media claims it's business as usual
18th - Signs of an interest rates hike if house building takes off
18th - Firms can learn from disarming honesty
18th - Danone gets at least 65%
18th - How the left eschewed logic to criticise transtasman currency
18th - Equities continue to savage UK funds
18th - Should the super fund invest in government-owned albatrosses?
18th - Air NZ puts up Tasman fares to stamp out five years of losses
18th - The week in review
18th - Infratil goes empire-building BIL-style
18th - Somers-Edgar clips the ticket on First Step
18th - Air NZ completes Crown share issue
18th - Farming provides economic safe harbour
18th - Goodman Fielder sells Southland subsidiary
18th - NZ retail sales rocket
18th - PRG makes Bendon takeover offer
18th - Frucor ownership heads offshore
21st - Monday 21st January 2002
21st - Put time on your side
21st - Bendon bid timetable unchanged
21st - Blue Star Print wraps up bond issue
21st - CommSoft targets US distribution
21st - Fonterra resignation spooks Shareholders' Council
22nd - December quarter gives Carter Holt some cheer
22nd - A boss is back at ITC
22nd - Real estate rebounds in December quarter
23rd - Reserve Bank keeps interest in check
23rd - Japan push for DishDrawer
23rd - What advice can you give a beginner?
23rd - How do I begin investing in the sharemarket?
23rd - Where can I get investment information or advice?
23rd - How do I research a company I may want to buy shares in?
23rd - What are share issues and placements?
23rd - How much money do I need to start buying shares?
23rd - How do I choose a broker?
23rd - Who do I talk to if I have a complaint about my broker?
23rd - What do you know about buying shares online?
23rd - What is a share portfolio?
23rd - What restrictions are there on share trading?
23rd - Can you recommend some good online broker sites?
23rd - How do I sell shares?
23rd - How much does it cost to buy and sell shares?
23rd - How are shares allocated in an IPO?
23rd - How do I invest in IPOs in other countries?
23rd - Can I find out who is buying and selling certain shares?
23rd - When do companies pay dividends?
23rd - How do I buy shares on the secondary market?
23rd - Can you give me advice on starting a shareclub?
23rd - How can companies pay dividends when they are losing money?
23rd - How much stock can I buy 'at market' price?
23rd - Can I put a share order in ahead of time?
23rd - Airline's credit outlook improves
23rd - What are imputation credits?
23rd - When is a company listed as CD (cum-dividend)?
23rd - Can I buy shares in my daughters' names?
23rd - What is an IPO?
23rd - What do bid/offer and buy/sell mean?
23rd - What does 'Div cps' stand for?
23rd - When do shares go ex-dividend?
23rd - What is a 'dividend yield'?
23rd - Do I have to sell my shares through the broker I bought them from?
23rd - What is 'franking'?
23rd - What are stops, puts and calls?
23rd - What are Passive and Active Funds?
23rd - How do the NZSE 40 and other indices work?
23rd - What is FASTER?
23rd - What is a Shareholder Number and a FIN?
23rd - Do my FIN and shareholder number always stay the same?
23rd - Is my FIN supposed to be secret?
23rd - What is the difference between last price and closing price?
24th - How should I invest $200,000?
24th - What should I do with my Brierley and IndraNet shares?
24th - How do I invest in the NZ sharemarket from overseas?
24th - Are there any NZ brokers that buy/sell on the Australian option market?
24th - Where can I get free, historical information on share prices?
24th - Is the NZ market a good place to try and make money quickly?
24th - What fees do financial advisors charge?
24th - How do I sell shares that are listed on the NYSE?
24th - How do I invest in the US stock market?
24th - What are the tax implications of investing in US shares?
24th - When are you classified a trader for tax purposes?
24th - If a person gets money from a settlement, is it taxable?
24th - What can you tell me about capital gains tax in NZ?
24th - What can you tell me about share trading software?
24th - What do you know about using software to help with investment decisions?
24th - Can I trade in New Zealand easily if I live in Australia?
24th - What are moving averages?
24th - Where do I find information on beta values?
24th - What education is needed to become a stockbroker?
24th - Where can I find historical market data?
24th - I have been offered a great share deal from someone in Bangkok - what should I do?
24th - Where can I find historical market data?
24th - How do I buy shares as a gift?
24th - How does one list a company?
24th - Woolworths still on Progressive's agenda
24th - Confidence better but still gloomy
24th - Frucor begins market exit
25th - Telstra bosses debate what to do with Clear
25th - Research companies declare war on wine fungi
25th - F&P Healthcare selloff 'overdone'
25th - Transport sale draws interest
25th - Electricity utilities see share price improvements
25th - The old 'I believe the recession is over - therefore it is' theory
25th - Rainfall no rescuer for Edison's Contact bid
25th - DB Group's cunning plan lifts returns on shareholders' funds
25th - The week in review
25th - Carter Holt's Liddell dusts off chainsaw
25th - New ITC bosses pump up the volume
25th - Air NZ discounts online fares
25th - Legal go-ahead for port recap
28th - Monday 28th January 2002
28th - Watch out for internet fraudsters
28th - Trust buys Christchurch property from retail giant
29th - CDMA hits 100,000
29th - Southern Capital wins township approval
29th - Red Bull zaps Aussie wannabe
29th - December trade surplus likely
29th - AMP Henderson looks north again
30th - Genesis loss tracks prospectus forecast
30th - Rural property on a roll
30th - First Jade Stadium, now Jade the company
30th - New Zealand's minimum wage rises
30th - NZ e-commerce worth over half a billion
30th - Kachingo! Strathmore puts all its eggs in one basket
31st - Smith leaves Wrightson board
31st - Final quarter lifts a lean year for fund managers
31st - Rights issue will test CommSoft support
31st - Reality check from SOE
31st - Powerco profit on target
31st - Brierley seat goes at Air NZ's table
31st - Rural optimism takes a dive
February 2002
1st - Telecom shuffles business structure
1st - The 20 best places to work
1st - Books
1st - Down on the farm
1st - No idea
1st - Medical buzz
1st - Salt, sea and taxes
1st - Big money for little science
1st - Rising damper
1st - UnitedNetworks optimistic on year ahead
1st - Wilson Neill directors face ban
1st - Elders defends disclosure of Watson 'family ties'
1st - Force extension allowed - on condition
1st - Confident Jade prepares to list on NZSE under a new name
1st - AMP bullish about equities
1st - Capital losses feature in dull year for overseas investment trusts
1st - Contact planned for bad weather year
1st - A cumbersome Japan suggests euro assets smart move for wary
1st - How companies can present their results in the best light
1st - Spin fails to spark for Genesis after $9.6 million loss
1st - End nears for Edison offer
1st - Brain implant bolsters Eldercare
1st - Introducing the UI Index
4th - Monday 4th February 2002
4th - Edison offer lapses
4th - Diversify not just over shares, but also over years
4th - New Aussie partner for Cedenco
4th - Power companies in customer swap
4th - Qantas threats 'nothing new' - Air NZ
4th - Contact outlook remains negative
5th - Expansion fuels Warehouse sales
5th - Brand focus remains key for DB
5th - Three-way race for Bendon confirmed
7th - Bond issue from Powerco
7th - Genesis signs Immunex joint venture
7th - GRD in China waste project
7th - Otter offer spurned by NOG
7th - Kirks counts retail boom cash
7th - Rail operating profit drops at half-year
7th - Price fixing costs Giltrap dearly
8th - Court asked to back insider-trading case
8th - Wilson Neill 'pillaged funds'
8th - CBA report spooks Telecom investors
8th - Sky makes software firms pay
8th - Five bid for Dairy Foods
8th - Oldtime miners would approve GRD's hunt for gold in Reefton
8th - Steady as she goes at Hallensteins
8th - Militarisation of US economy is sign of burst-bubble desperation
8th - Speculation flies over who will get Kiwi management contract
8th - Dynamic duo faces paradise funding problem
8th - Net migration raises employment figures
8th - Major shareholder sells Tranz Rail stake
8th - Designer Textiles doubles interim profit
8th - Southern port gains from strong trading
8th - One more week for Force issue
11th - Monday 11th February 2002
11th - Three pillars of financial success
11th - Telecom names new Aussie contract
11th - Sales improve for Foodland's NZ operations
11th - Carter Holt signs US marketing deal
12th - F&P Appliances out of retailing game
12th - Retail sales continue to climb
12th - Colonial Trust profit steady
12th - PRG makes Bendon offer official
13th - Slide in job ads resumes
13th - Sky cuts losses, lifts sales
13th - Sky consolidation boosts INL
13th - Fletcher Building bounces back
13th - Richmond MD, John Loughlin
13th - Banker takes to the air
13th - Contact declares final dividend
14th - Market slams Healthcare shares
14th - RMG delivers improved half-year
14th - Wet summer ramps up food prices
14th - SOE goes 3D
14th - Vehicle market drives ahead
14th - Interest rate rise tipped for May
15th - Annoyed market punishes Fisher & Paykel
15th - Hart blasts back as wealthiest man
15th - Money Managers passes up on industry scrutiny
15th - $20 million Wilson Neill loss?
15th - New Zealand Post deal makes Maltese cross
15th - New Air NZ CEO warns of two years to turn it around
15th - Tower gets over its annus horribilus
15th - Wide choice for investors who spot undervalued companies
15th - Teaching kids about the treaty won't pay the bills or build up export businesses
15th - Far too many listed companies resort to corporate balderdash
15th - Touches of the bizarre seen in banks and major corporates
15th - Tax issues mask a solid INL result
15th - The week in review
15th - Fletcher Building boss finds a handyman's dream come true and tightens the screws
15th - Analysts question handling of Bendon bid by directors
15th - Briscoe matches forecasts
15th - Blis lozenges on shelves for winter
15th - Profits jump at Steel & Tube
15th - No hidden surprises in WAM result
18th - Monday 18th February 2002
18th - What stopped the unstoppable?
18th - Sales ahead at F&P Appliances
18th - Slow start mars Cavalier's interim results
18th - Legal battle for Woolworths continues
18th - Air NZ cleared of compliance breach
18th - Lyttelton faces challenges
19th - Telecom halts interim profit slide
19th - Fletcher bows out of Aussie construction
19th - Auckland port unloads profit improvement
19th - House prices fall, volume rises
20th - Mainfreight reports 'inconsistent' quarter
20th - Advantage claims recovery underway
20th - Magazines boast readership strength
20th - Telecom defends accounts
20th - Hellaby lifts interim profit, dividend
20th - Visitor numbers up in 2001
20th - Bond issue won't deter takeover - Tower
20th - Venter raises Bendon bid
21st - What is the difference between a renouncable and non-renouncable rights issue?
21st - NGC resumes dividends, profits
21st - Force rights await underwriter
21st - Australia lifts Wrightson first half
21st - Global slowdown overshadows Qantas domestic boost
21st - PRG puts heat on Bendon directors
21st - Consolidation boosts Ebos
22nd - Government flies Qantas
22nd - Westfield loses grip on business group
22nd - Telecom reins in capital spending as it prepares for its 3G roll-out
22nd - Ports of Auckland mulls micro-ports
22nd - Company results in brief
22nd - Healthcare's webcast debut 'is disappointing'
22nd - Southern Capital go-ahead
22nd - Accountant kept Watson links separate from Elders' audit Intercompany debt, so what?
22nd - Michael Hill investigates Canadian expansion
22nd - Fewer people take a punt on Stock Exchange, poll shows
22nd - Rugby Union picks up Air NZ's ball and runs new website game
22nd - New role for varsity man at Botry-Zen
22nd - Richmond beefs up to near recovery
22nd - Company reporting trend defies professional pessimists' views
22nd - Lyttelton Port seeks labour flexibility to lure super ships
22nd - Investors eye credit derivatives market for clues to failing firms
22nd - Would that be the Australian set of accounts, the UK set or ... ?
22nd - Property: Aussie help for Colonised Kiwi
22nd - Property: PFI boots profit by sticking to its knitting
22nd - Investment properties: Great market outlook but check potential pitfalls
22nd - Investment properties: Industrial sector shows simple virtues and competitive returns
22nd - Investment properties: In a low-return world, the case for direct is potent
22nd - Creditors join forces over $24m-loss firm
22nd - The week in review
22nd - The Securities Markets Bill takes sharemarket law into cowboy country
22nd - Nuplex benefits from stronger Aussie market
22nd - ITC forecasts $20M loss
22nd - Tauranga continues port profit trend
25th - Monday 25th February 2002
25th - When opportunity costs
25th - PRG sticks by Bendon price, extends offer
25th - Fonterra reports $2.9B surplus
25th - Market website pulls the live plug
25th - Turners & Growers bears first-half fruit
25th - Greymouth Petroleum picks up Shell assets
25th - Pacific Retail offer has Bendon backing
25th - PGG reports good health
26th - Win some, lose some at Sky City
26th - Fletcher Forests posts $302M loss
26th - Acquisition lifts Taylors result
26th - Spectrum bullish on Kinetiq's future
26th - Meat companies hit procurement problems
26th - ZFree to finish
27th - THL full year 'break even at best'
27th - New faces for Air NZ boardroom
27th - Investment loss knocks AMP
27th - NZ revaluations hurt Trans Tasman Properties
28th - Fletcher Building CEO, Ralph Waters
28th - Airport lifts profit despite industry setbacks
28th - Rising confidence puts pressure on rates
28th - Trade deficit for January
28th - Axa happy with recent efforts
28th - Refinery profit 'in line with expectations'
28th - Steel sales raise Broadway result
March 2002
1st - Creditors in dark over Excell
1st - New Zealand holds the line as as AMP suffers worldwide fall
1st - Friends dominate Air NZ board
1st - Carrier enters accord
1st - Executives quit as Wilson Neill sinks further
1st - 'Wall of Wood' holds Fletcher Forests back
1st - Affco, Richmond warn of lower first-half profits
1st - Company results in brief
1st - Pyne Gould's Reid benefits
1st - No changes without big boys' backing but publicity aplenty
1st - Greymouth Petroleum picks up Shell oil and gas field
1st - Lion Nathan has to deliver on promise
1st - Markets not out of the woods yet
1st - Good recoveries hide in rush of reports
1st - Australia looks best overseas bet for Kiwi punters
1st - Stick to solid Aussie stocks unless you have deep pockets
1st - New Zealand listed companies foot it with the best in Australia
1st - TTP takes biggest hit yet but has it bottomed out?
1st - Edison's Contact cash-grab - fact or fantasy?
1st - PGG sells one business, buys another
1st - Blis moves on dental patent
1st - Business group supports waste initiative
1st - CommSoft cancels rights issue
1st - Air NZ sells travel agent subsidiary
1st - Organics firm now expects 2002 loss
1st - Renaissance reflects on difficult year
1st - Cloud 9
1st - The Fonterra Way
1st - Work and Zen
1st - The biotech guru
1st - Come in, God
1st - Waiting on the science
1st - Buying into biotech
4th - Monday 4th March 2002
4th - Share fund winners vs index funds
4th - Sky City tender in the ring
4th - Todd buys Shell fields
4th - Waipara aims for return to budget
4th - Tax talks accused of skirting main problem
5th - WDT changes tack, looks for capital
5th - Summer sales growth for Restaurant Brands
5th - Economic growth expected to slow
5th - ERG troubles may account for Utilico drop
6th - New contracts boost GDC sales
6th - Shotover Jet improves margins
6th - Baycorp Advantage interim 'extremely pleasing'
6th - Telstra beats flat forecast
6th - US steel tariffs a step backwards
6th - Tas Ag gains shine for southern investor
7th - Airline still faces uphill battle
7th - CHH secures A$500M loan
7th - Utilico provides ERG revaluation
7th - US visitor numbers leap 38% in January
8th - Wilson Neill lives on until April 4
8th - Air New Zealand cherry-picks its routes
8th - The week in review
8th - Lion Nathan shops for more wine producers
8th - Peak of dairying may have passed
8th - Buoyant Baycorp Advantage looks for Asian expansion
8th - Air New Zealand still in intensive care after $376 million loss
8th - Company results in brief
8th - TelstraClear has first go at lifting brand weight on TV
8th - INL avoids hype in reasonable result
8th - Air NZ board may surprise but will have to watch its managers
8th - The week in review
8th - How to get one over the Aussies by using cunning Canadian plan
8th - Port Gisborne parts with cash cow
8th - Rattle the sabre, Ralph, here comes Qantas
8th - Milford Sound sub venture to close
8th - Safety software firm seeks $10M
8th - GMF lifts first half, wins gelatin sale approval
8th - Blue Star on target for year
8th - Owens lowers profit outlook
8th - Tax income boosts Crown's budget
11th - Monday 11th March 2002
11th - Why deflation changes the rules
11th - BIL picks up quick A$5.8M
11th - Warehouse sales hit $1B in first half
11th - Contact follows forecasts
11th - Kiwibank sweetens franchisee offer
11th - No let up in retail boom
12th - Powerco wants industry transparency
12th - Terms of trade decline
12th - NZ least concerned about recession
12th - North Island power hikes under fire
12th - BIL happy with £600M Thistle sale
13th - Job ads rebound in February
13th - Cheaper eating in February
13th - Affco looks to cut 100 plus jobs
13th - NZ Oil & Gas has improved interim
13th - NZ hotels underpin higher CDL profit
13th - Colonial trucks out stronger result
14th - eBet pleased with 'excellent growth'
14th - Wineries claim screw top success
14th - Freedom Air lands in watchdog's bad books
14th - January trade deficit higher
14th - Takeovers Code boosts NZ's reputation
14th - Auckland Airport hotel mooted
14th - Foodland rings up record sales
14th - Tourism spend rises $469M
14th - Rights issue strengthens Metlifecare result
14th - Leather and aquarium losses knock Richina
15th - SFO puts Digi-Tech four in dock
15th - eVentures treads water
15th - Air NZ-Virgin talk
15th - Connell contract escapes receiver
15th - Plaintiffs claim moral victory over Hoggard
15th - Sydney sale plan boosts airport stake
15th - Baycorp Advantage plays hardball
15th - Philips looks to China for mobile phone revolution
15th - Enron's demise gives rise to issues over Telecom accounts
15th - Sky soups up its ad campaign as Digital service continues to suffer
15th - Sept 11 effect only a short-term knock on rising visitor arrivals
15th - Clearing fog from the secretive, dynamic hedge fund industry
15th - Investors will like a boring but safe BIL
15th - Warehouse opens the chequebook in Australia
15th - Newmarket Trust result dips
15th - Waltus sorts out its KPMG Centre
15th - NZ's biggest group toughs it out
15th - Compaq ready to forge ahead
15th - New chief executive seeks key to unlock Natural Gas Corporation's hidden value
15th - Why do NZ companies list offshore?
15th - What is treasury stock?
15th - Can you explain the term "split factor adjustment"?
15th - How do I find what specific companies make up a sector index?
15th - Reserve Bank in spotlight next week
15th - Vodafone buys excess 3G spectrum
15th - Cadmus posts interim loss
15th - CommSoft expects profit next year
18th - Monday 18th March 2002
18th - Rentals can be risky
18th - Rings movie takes top slot
18th - DB takes Breweries name
18th - Pacific Retail plans $20M rights issue
18th - Steel & Tube snaps up pipeline distributor
18th - Bendon shareholders advised to take PRG offer
19th - 'Quality earnings' from rural firm
19th - HP confirms strong retail sales
19th - Business optimism on rise in Auckland
19th - Air NZ on ropes again over asset stripping
19th - BIL turns in interim profit
20th - Interest rate raised to 5%
20th - Aussie pizza prospects for Restaurant Brands
20th - Administrators clear the air over asset stripping
20th - Reserve Bank hike unpopular
20th - GPG bids for Enza
21st - NGC wants to generate more power
21st - CommSoft Group MD, Mark Lunt
21st - Better margins bounce Briscoe to higher profit
21st - Genesis Power cranks out bumper profit
21st - February visitor tally tops 200,000
21st - Wellington Drive raises $1.5 million
22nd - Air NZ fires predatory pricing shot at cut-price Qantas rival
22nd - Accounts leave punters in dark over airline's plight
22nd - Brokers predict half a dozen main listings over next year
22nd - Half of TNLGroup goes to Five Star
22nd - Rimu oil and gas expected to flow
22nd - Sharebroking and investments: A demutualised exchange will promote NZ Inc
22nd - Sharebroking and investments: Back to business for brokers as merger mania recedes
22nd - Sharebroking and investments: Independence goes not with a bang but a whimper
22nd - Sharebroking and investments: Sharebrokers become 'wealth managers' as boomers age
22nd - Sharebroking and investments: The analysts strike back on sell recommendations
22nd - Sharebroking and investments: What Cullen's wealth tax means for investors
22nd - Sharebroking and investments: Tower warns of fishhooks in proposed tax
22nd - New Zealand retailers' sales do not tell the whole story
22nd - Sanford fishes in perilous fiscal seas
22nd - Directors ignore lessons from Enron
22nd - The week in review
22nd - Goldman prepares to bail out - but don't mention Skellerup
22nd - Qantas poised to dominate region
22nd - Government addresses GST anomaly
22nd - Dairy permission denied
22nd - Scandinavian contract tempers MSL downgrade
25th - Monday 25th March 2002
25th - If in doubt, follow the cash
25th - Scott production at full strength
25th - Weed killer certification on track
25th - Lion chooses Telecom
25th - Carter Holt division target of new listing
26th - Newcall investigates restructuring
26th - AMP Henderson accepts PRG price
26th - Agreement bears fruit for Wellington Drive
26th - Building trend continues to climb
26th - Pacific Retail extends Bendon offer
28th - Bra business will lift PRG's profile
28th - Genesis hones US marketing edge
28th - Tourism drop-off hits balance of payments
28th - Imports continue upward trend
28th - Wakefield Hospital ads stir political row
28th - CHH announces major job cuts at Kinleith
28th - Shell wraps up Kupe sale
28th - Judge imposes media gag in NeuronZ case
28th - PRG borrows to buy Bendon
28th - Fonterra provides details of Nestle dairy partnership
28th - Security setup dogs Wilson Neill receiver
28th - DF Mainland happy to get out of bed for under $10m
28th - Mortgage company trades on as director faces sentence
28th - Food manufacturing outs the country's best
28th - Westland looks offshore
28th - Dull first quarter sees mixture of sharemarket rises and falls
28th - Waste Management sees the green light
28th - Easter break adds minor irritation to March 31 financial year calculation
28th - Air New Zealand lacks the grunt to catch up to its fleeter foes
28th - Sky TV changes gear as foes turn friends
28th - Fletcher Forests to buy NI assets
28th - GDP 'good' but below expectations
28th - Property trust spends $7.25M in Tauranga
28th - Rights issue to fund Reefton gold project
28th - Richmond launches new retail brand
28th - Concern over early release of GDP data
28th - TVNZ profit slashed
April 2002
1st - Monday 1st April 2002
1st - Bridging the risk gap
1st - Forecast 2002
1st - Crafting a stable business
1st - Opening the kimono
1st - Pride of the South
1st - Small shareholders fed crumbs
1st - Aloha BIL
1st - Clipping the ticket
2nd - Climbing the ladder to reduce fixed-interest risk
2nd - Talley's gets Affco advisor clearance
2nd - Cadmus cash for offshore growth
2nd - NZ investor relations ok but could do better
3rd - Australia leaves rate alone
3rd - Dental firm expects break-even
3rd - CommSoft tables new rights issue
3rd - Car registrations jump in March
3rd - AAPT valuation in question
4th - Better February for Air NZ
4th - POA on track for big ship visits
4th - No notes issue for Richmond
4th - Aussie costs weigh down Hallenstein Glassons
4th - Refined metals deal for Apple Fields
5th - Tranz Rail waits for D-Day
5th - Apple Fields puts ore before soil in latest investment deal
5th - Liquidators move on Wilson Neill Corp
5th - Business shrugs off September 11 and spends up
5th - Invensys trio goes to court
5th - Inland Revenue shows no mercy to investors in Digi-Tech scheme
5th - Boult buys Cobb & Co and Millbrook's neighbouring land
5th - Richmond bites at domestic market
5th - Port builds on log exports
5th - Volatile international markets left their mark on insurers
5th - Not out of the fiscal woods yet - and it could take several years
5th - Lurking bureaucrats can't defeat United Networks' optimism
5th - Mooring Systems draws up a blueprint for success on back of new contract
5th - Shareholders benefit from better capital control
5th - What happens when listed companies change their financial structures
5th - National Property Trust pushes the boundaries
5th - RMA needs a tune-up - start by banning lawyers
5th - Colonial pays $57.7m for Kiwi Prop management company
5th - Tranz Rail takes the market on a rollercoaster ride
5th - Graeme Hart in $119M Fonterra deal
5th - Government surplus strengthens
5th - Modest rate rises predicted
5th - NZOG sells part of Otter stake to Normandy
5th - Bank notes get top marks
8th - Monday 8th April 2002
8th - How to decide when to sell
8th - Tower bonds in demand
8th - Enza share offer recommended
8th - NZ escapes National Australia Bank job cuts
9th - Port's commercial paper gets A-1 rating
9th - Bumper retail figures for February
9th - Forests receiver has back up offer
9th - Credit Suisse to advise Auckland council
10th - Sensitive Air NZ details remain under wraps
10th - Preston takes over Bendon top job
10th - Capital reduction approved for POA
11th - Force closes Auckland Imax cinema
11th - Powerco delivers forecast result
11th - Rail deal approved for bus company
11th - Cabinet paper misinterpreted - Air NZ
11th - Slower start for Waste Management
11th - Figures confirm February trade surplus
11th - Business confidence jumps in first quarter
11th - Not us says Citic
12th - Trans-Tasman stock exchange rift deepens
12th - Contact Energy bucks ASX trend
12th - Treasured boatbuilder rejects talk he suffers from cash crisis
12th - NeuronZ brainchild prepares for listing on securities market
12th - Burns Philp drama was testing ground for Hart's move
12th - Forget the spin, show shareholders the money
12th - Hart faces battle royal over Dairy Foods deal
12th - IRD file skewers firm at centre of tax-scheme mess
12th - Businessmen press home attack in South Island liquor stoush
12th - Watching trees grow as capital gain slows down
12th - Global observers pick fourth-quarter US economic recovery
12th - Renaissance's plain report spells out important things
12th - NZ Refining hangs on to lead in gross dividend yield rankings
12th - Metropolis apartments up on block after foreign investors' loan default
12th - Bendon boss hints his job might not last
12th - Preston runs risk that undies won't fit
12th - Fonterra seeks online savings
12th - Accommodation sector shows growth
15th - Monday 15th April 2002
15th - A rule you can count on
15th - Cost overruns cause red ink at Cabletalk
15th - National promises to lower corporate tax
15th - TV advertising claws back some lost ground
15th - Deep Video report boosts ITC
16th - Newmarket car park sold for $7.25M
16th - Airline settles retail sale
16th - ETT manoeuvres for smart card business
16th - First quarter inflation steady
16th - Fonterra credit ratings confirmed
16th - POA launches new economic activity indicator
17th - Brash raises rate to 5.25%
17th - Affco shareholders spurn Talley's proposal
17th - Trans Tasman sells down Wellington investments
17th - Profit jump for Allied Farmers
17th - Richmond seeks to resolve 'festering issues'
17th - Sanford nets higher revenue in first half
18th - Wrightson boosts third quarter profit
18th - ITC clears up speculation
18th - Enza offer unconditional
18th - Monteith's wins brewing 'Oscar'
19th - Elders' books reveal more related-party lending
19th - Developer buys Suharto lodge
19th - Qantas goes for Air New Zealand's jugular
19th - CanWest refuses to deny sale rumours
19th - Packer looks at Sky City takeover
19th - Working out what Genesis is worth
19th - Heathcare and retirement listed companies suffer growing pains
19th - Work stoppages double under new labour laws
19th - ASX dreams up new ideas to attract foreign listings
19th - Interest rates may not stay down much longer as prices move up
19th - Wrightson's profit improves in third quarter
19th - Airline complies with US security
19th - Richmond goes to court over 'warehousing'
19th - Gough Gough & Hamer lands $180m Macraes contract
19th - Tower's big boys man the guns in the high stakes game of predator control
19th - Carter Holt announces first quarter result, business sale
19th - Contact signs up gas supplies
19th - House values stabilise
19th - Businesses wary of winter power
19th - Visitor numbers jump in March
19th - March year migration strong
19th - Straightedge offer filled
22nd - Monday 22nd April 2002
22nd - The great mortgage conundrum
22nd - Tindall name at centre of dispute
22nd - New Middle East deal for SOE
22nd - Force revamps faded food star
22nd - Tower bond offer fully subscribed
22nd - Tranz Rail completes outsourcing round
23rd - Where can I find information about companies on the secondary board?
23rd - F&P Appliances teams up with Whirlpool
23rd - Auckland port gains dredging consents
23rd - Super fund in limelight
23rd - Warehouse financial head steps down
23rd - Former Olympian to run NZSE
23rd - GPG wants Trans Tasman liquidated
23rd - Property returns shine
24th - Fletcher Forests pulls asset bid
24th - Forestry future is double or nothing - Carter Holt
24th - Intaz misses capital target
24th - Fonterra takes increased NZ Dairy offer
26th - Brash resigns for chance as National MP
26th - Kirks boosts sales, cuts dividend
26th - Warehouse seeks full ASX listing
26th - INL's Aussie property sales total $16M
26th - SFO recruits heavy-hitting QC in Digi-Tech case
26th - Southern farmers carry huge risk in battle for Richmond
26th - Market trades blind as Fletcher forest bid fails
26th - GPG mum on Trans Tasman windup bid
26th - Retail is where the heart rules
26th - Restaurant Brands - no hype, looks good
26th - Healthy sector marches sturdily but bigger price rises elude it
26th - Double-dip recession floats just beyond the horizon, pundits say
26th - More Kiwi firms line up to get their Aussie exchange coat
26th - Park Tce bondholders corralled by a trio of forces against them
26th - Symphony's Newmarket takeover invites comparisons with earlier merger attempt
26th - Retirement village operator expands Tauranga facilities
26th - PFI delivers increased shareholder returns
26th - Has PPCS done its dough on its Richmond ram raid?
26th - Stern words for PM, Terry over Air NZ comments
26th - Fletcher Forests ran out of time for CNIFP bid
29th - Monday 29th April 2002
29th - Hindsight can be misleading
29th - Export strength shining through
29th - Dairy payout likely to fall
29th - Central bank begins replacement process
30th - Airline lifts trading performance
30th - Progressive wins Privy Council appeal
30th - Heritage - a great trading stock
May 2002
1st - Southern Capital sells Auckland high rise
1st - Watson offloads Advantage shares
1st - Sky City Entertainment MD, Evan Davies
1st - Diesel investment for Hellaby
1st - Property shareholder dismisses liquidation gambit
1st - Profitability continues to elude RMG
1st - Their man in Seattle
1st - Back the dogs
1st - Not a babe in the woods
1st - So you failed .... so what?
1st - Helping Kiwis fly
1st - Hell-bent on Kyoto
1st - Surfing surfeit
1st - The more-paper office
2nd - Retail growth gives Contact a positive jolt
2nd - Contact cautious of new investment
2nd - Westpac in the money
3rd - Air NZ axes local business class
3rd - Woolworths ruling shows legal flaws
3rd - Soft debut for the unlisted Intaz
3rd - Transtasman financial services reshaped after major mergers
3rd - European deal edges Fisher & Paykel closer to dream of taking on the world
3rd - Improvements needed at New Zealand Refining
3rd - Natural Gas terminates AGL money line
3rd - Investor prudence reflected in managers' lacklustre quarter
3rd - Brash could keep Cullen honest
3rd - Telstra provides blueprint for how Air NZ should be run
3rd - Mergers and acquisitions activity drops after frenzy
3rd - Buffalo hunters burgeon as the big banks go
3rd - Companies use cash issues, distributions and buybacks for financial efficiency
3rd - Rapid growth in capital bonds
3rd - Simulation improves the odds in M&A game
3rd - Private equity market enters its troubled teens
3rd - Private equity proves attractive for raising $10m-plus
3rd - Management buyouts stand good chance of success
3rd - Business class a casualty of new strategy by Air New Zealand
3rd - Watson's second PRG takeover bid set to fail
3rd - Contact caned
3rd - The week in review
3rd - PM's cowboy-chaser fails to nail her woman
3rd - Bouncy ride ahead for BHP Steel shareholders
3rd - RMG chief resigns
3rd - No word yet on discount Air NZ
3rd - Powerco bonds get green light
3rd - Qantas engineering deal for Air NZ
3rd - GPG extends Enza offer
6th - Monday 6th May 2002
6th - The good, the bad and the mean
6th - Nuplex bids for Aussie company
6th - AMP sells down fast food stake
6th - April vehicle registrations rise 17%
7th - Warehouse reports 'solid' third quarter
7th - Freightways heads for positive full-year result
7th - AMP reports negative first quarter cash flow
7th - Vending Technologies declines legal battle
8th - Australia increases interest rates
8th - Cadmus Technology MD, Ian Bailey
8th - Majority supports Mr Chips issue
8th - Fonterra debt issue in demand
9th - Restructuring hurts Tranz Rail third quarter
9th - Air NZ completes $27M skifield deal
9th - March figures show positive employment market
9th - NZ sales boost Foodland's third quarter
10th - September 11 set insurer challenges
10th - Remaining miners plug on but industry's day will come again
10th - New bidder at Otago Power
10th - How does New Zealand match China's cheaper labour costs?
10th - Vending Technologies settles Soche backoff case
10th - The corporate culture messiahs don't always deliver miracles
10th - Suits 1, singlets 0 as Enza falls to GPG
10th - Allied Farmers treads Stock Exchange board
10th - Baycorp relaxed on rival
10th - Foodland: no store closures
10th - Who let the cat out of RMG's bag?
10th - Telecom emphasises cost savings
10th - Airport considers capital return
10th - Slight lift in DB operating profit
10th - Retail sales falter in March
10th - Mortgage scheme ban for Money Managers
13th - Monday 13th May 2002
13th - Buy, don't sell, in down markets
13th - Plastics IPO announced
13th - Food prices steady
13th - Trans Tasman settles Wellington sales
14th - Takeover offer for Newmarket Trust
14th - Improvement in Northland Port profit
15th - Rate raised to 5.5%, more hikes expected
15th - Air NZ insider trading request denied
15th - Goulter picks up airport options
15th - Steel & Tube completes acquisition
15th - New takeover bid for Pacific Retail
16th - IT Capital looks for funds at a discount
16th - Lion Nathan half-year profit at A$100M
16th - Nuplex notes in demand
16th - Restaurant Brands plots future
17th - Briscoe Group MD, Rod Duke
17th - Quarterly sales lift for Briscoe Group
17th - Heatley makes money-back offer, liquidation proposal
17th - Tourism Holdings questioned over 20% fall in price
17th - Cullen's wealth tax puts damper on Kiwi investment overseas
17th - Biotech plans get state go-ahead
17th - AGC buy puts GE's big footprint on Kiwi market
17th - Kiwi company offers Breath of Life to world's heart victims
17th - Writing the reality cheque
17th - Secret new format irons out glitches in Botry-Zen spray
17th - Aussie banks want to cut costs but customers just want good service
17th - Why not just merge CDL Hotels with its two subsidiaries
17th - Fonterra picks an early recovery from its $1.3 billion price plunge
17th - Global housing boom about to bust may affect Kiwi elections
17th - Focus shift boosts Lion Nathan profit
17th - Hard tasks ahead for bright new Stock Exchange chief executive
17th - IRD seeking winding-up order for Harts
17th - Around the traps
17th - Calan exits aged care, focuses on new hospital
17th - The Warehouse builds $18m mega distribution store
17th - Trans Tasman sells buildings to free up $80m for development
17th - Meridian dangles an irrigation sweetener
17th - Takeovers Panel enters the Otago Power fray
17th - St John the Diviner calls airport sale decision
20th - Monday 20th May 2002
20th - FCF woos Citic and Rubicon for CNIFP deal
20th - Focus goes on govt borrowing
20th - Air NZ increases flights
20th - Why it's time to invest at home
20th - Big chance for Kiwi IT
20th - SOE awarded new contracts
21st - Investors jump at Powerco bonds
21st - Record interest in tourism show
21st - Survey shows NZ too fast on Kyoto
21st - Tourism faces capacity problems
21st - Rubicon profits from realignment
21st - Gisborne well shows oil traces
22nd - Investors keen on Wireless
22nd - Commodity price index slips
22nd - New Kiwi numbers slowing
22nd - Yield lures foreign investment
22nd - Hodgson rubbishes business survey
23rd - Home loans head higher
23rd - Govt coffers fuller than expected
23rd - Kiwis' wealth boosted by homes
24th - Budget 2002 - Fiscal Strategy: Abolition of fiscal cap should give room for flexible spend
24th - Report card: When CEOs dream in annual reports
24th - Brewers make unspectacular gains for defensive investors
24th - On the money: Socially responsible investing could be ideal niche for NZSE
24th - The week in review
24th - Cullen's new tack rattles economists
24th - The O'Brien Column: How does yesterday's Budget stack up against Cullen's first?
24th - Irrational investors are overconfident and they hear what they want to hear
24th - Horizon Energy shares split
24th - Double act for top Kiwi businessmen
24th - Bottom feeders gather as THL's big holders bail
24th - Contact enters Maui mining row
27th - Monday 27th May 2002
27th - Over-eating a free lunch?
27th - Nuplex Industries MD, John Hirst
27th - BIL lifts on response to exchange
27th - Kinleith plan stays largely same
28th - Cedenco confident of result
28th - Production costs up but farmers get less
28th - Botry-Zen decides to stay home
28th - Air NZ takes frills from short routes
31st - Hesketh Henry's young brigade aims for entrepreneurs
31st - Qantas prepares for a killing at Air NZ's expense
31st - Government's Air New Zealand stake becomes Budget-booster
31st - Judge close to NeuronZ stays on
31st - Ngai Tahu plans $25m Queenstown project
31st - Advisers' shortcomings found in Securities Commission probe
31st - Report card: Watch the leases at Property For Industry
31st - Rural boom over as declining export returns hit listed firms
31st - Plastics maker takes new listings to three
31st - The O'Brien Column: Rubicon plans move beyond tidy up to new opportunities
31st - Fee-free Taranaki bank boosts its profit
31st - On the money: Only sycophants need apply for Reserve Bank governor's job
31st - Investor Urbus finds building street credibility is slow going
31st - Back to the future as Air NZ returns to NAC style services
31st - Around the traps
31st - Governance of projects under spotlight
31st - Lion roars back into Wellington
31st - Much ado about Maui
31st - Earnings reflect portfolio
31st - Vodafone says wireless threatens fixed lines Vodafone says wireless threatens fixed lines
31st - Symphony undercut on offer
June 2002
1st - The big sleep
1st - Norgate responds
1st - Family Ties
1st - An extra incentive
1st - Scragged, beaten and bitter
1st - Emerging from the merger
1st - Pigs might fly
3rd - Monday 3rd June 2002
6th - Unit trusts have their disadvantages
7th - S&P denies Cullen election-year ratings bonus
7th - Airline war on charges
7th - Report Card: Harvey Norman snubs investors
7th - Tough half year for meatworks as they scrabble for livestock
7th - Retrospective deal settles telecomms dispute
7th - On the money: Central planner Asian states show New Zealand how not to do it
7th - KPMG moves to the Viaduct ending months of speculation
7th - Around the Traps
7th - Bulls and bears on property outlook
7th - Wrightson restarts farm finance products three years after selloff
7th - Wool industry sees new reform option
7th - Tools of growing TQ3 offer many management services
7th - Rivals nip at Botry-Zen's heels
7th - Listing tops NZSE head's 'to-do' list
7th - 'NAUGHTY BOYS - don't do it again'
10th - Monday 10th June 2002
11th - Don't do the dollar dance
14th - Details left out of CEO's resume
14th - Analysts attack 'misleading' Vertex Group prospectus
14th - Baycorp shares buckle in 'war'
14th - Kiwi Income goes for $70m rights issue
14th - Siemens rides on coat-tails of Singapore's city state success
14th - Report Card: GPG oversimplifies and doesn't tell investors enough
14th - Listed investment firms rate well among best-performed equities
14th - On the Money: China applies effective if chilling solution to rising software piracy
14th - Stock Exchange won't change overnight
14th - The O'Brien Column: Feverpitch revises focus after NCM funds prove insufficient
14th - Around the Traps
14th - Investors expected to hold off buying Auckland apartments
14th - Air Pacific makes short work of coup in effecting big turnaround
14th - Kiwis get world's first backpacker chain
14th - Election? What election, investors ask?
14th - Foodstuffs seeks a judicial review
14th - Aussie doer-uppers fudge Vertex financials
17th - Monday 17th June 2002
17th - Look for exits when investing in contributory mortgages
21st - Chosen words turn pill-pushers into biotechnology partners
21st - Ski season off to good strong start
21st - Foodstuffs could still stop the sale of Woolworths
21st - London banker predicts flood of foreign capital
21st - Northport logs Asia-bound
21st - Lyttelton eyes up Timaru with Solid Energy deal
21st - Residential sales hold
21st - Winery seeks $3.5m to cash in on US market
21st - Paykel helped create country's largest whiteware manufacturer
21st - Southern Cross cash crisis turns people off insurance
21st - Rayglass Boats tops Manukau awards
21st - US big boy GE Capital prepares for onslaught after buying AGC
21st - Tech wreck continues though some companies coming right
21st - Report Card: Of Richina Pacific's excuses and a load of old cobblers
21st - Bleak house on Wall Street as 11-week fall reflected on world equities markets
21st - On the Money: Heading for a spell of Rob's mob before Rogernomics has to return
21st - Jade Software names UBS Warburg as manager of float planned for next year
21st - The O'Brien Column: Accounting differences can make profit results comparisons hard
21st - Court ruling clears the way for PPCS to raise its shareholding in Richmond
21st - Ausdoc deal attracts scrutiny
21st - Airport logistics up land prices
21st - Around the Traps
21st - Dominion on target for Microsoft House bid
21st - Ryman dip just blip says Hickman
21st - Restructure folds niche wholesaler Aspac into Go Holidays stablemate
21st - Christchurch city fathers move into investments
21st - Telecom shrugs off rating downgrade
21st - Right of reply: Paddy Boyle, Vertex Group
21st - Paranoia among the pine trees: What's wrong with Fletcher's Kaingaroa deal?
24th - Monday 24th June 2002
24th - Do-it-yourself insurance
28th - McDonald's slips post-fast-food eatery into Sydney
28th - Somers-Edgar pushes up bond repayment by 1c
28th - IT Capital wanders lonely as a cloud ...
28th - Eastgate shapes up for NAP
28th - Symphony hunts fund management contract
28th - Exit raises queries over Waltus' investment
28th - Macquarie CountyWide Trust eyes supermarket opportunities
28th - On the Money: US catches a serious cold and global markets sneeze in tune
28th - Tower gives up on 'desaparecido' shareholders
28th - Report Card: Zespri Group mostly delivers what growers really need to know
28th - Transport sector trucks along though Tranz Rail slows down
28th - Monteith's to launch beer with a punch
28th - Wilson Neill failure tops $15m
28th - Anderton 'saved' Solid Energy from privatisation
28th - Unglamorous but profitable commercial cleaning franchise looks for investors
28th - Warehouse rummages in Australia's bargain bin
28th - Holt is now Form in high-tech development
28th - McLaughlin paints bright future as Baycorp's share price falls
28th - Medical clinics regroup after chain fails
28th - Symphony listing?
28th - Worldcom scandal haunts Kiwi markets
July 2002
1st - Monday 1st July 2002
1st - Don't get sunk on new floats
1st - Growing smarter
1st - Do you need an MBA?
1st - When green means stop
1st - Wicked brew
1st - The gospel according to McKinsey
1st - Time out
1st - Drilling for profits
1st - Fiddling the books
5th - Air NZ announces radical restructure
5th - Market sends Tranz Rail sliding
5th - Stock Exchange eyes Rubicon share raid
5th - Aids drug company clinches a new deal
5th - Utu wreaks revenge on investors
5th - Zespri under fire over board election bullying claims
5th - Biotech firm delays float to court others
5th - Lyttelton Port fronts up after market dive
5th - Hollow victory for watchdog
5th - NZ's own Enron scandal nears end
5th - New development in Berryman bridge case
5th - New man at top of Oracle NZ is longest-serving Kiwi employee
5th - Qantas chief says a partnership with Air NZ would be equal
5th - Good sound year for five ports
5th - Report Card: Powerco weathers sector changes well
5th - On the Money: Analysts bob precariously in a sea of dodgy books
5th - Young Nick's Head sale shows up foreign ownership tensions
5th - Telecom takes valuations to task
5th - Symphony is silent on market-listing rumours
5th - Builder of leisure and military craft is a treble award winner
5th - Fools rush in where bankers fear to tread
8th - Are you happy with your asset spread?
12th - Fund managers fume as Tranz Rail sinks
12th - Kiwi dollar poised to fly as US investors go for safe-haven gap
12th - Christchurch Citizen folds, Wilson & Horton extends its southern grip
12th - Report Card: Poor growth follows share price fall at F&P Healthcare
12th - BHP Billiton's back to basics is good example for Kiwi firms
12th - Cashed-up Orion looks further afield
12th - On the Money: Too many chief financial officers with MBAs, too few accountants
12th - Stockbroker charged over Rubicon raid
12th - The O'Brien Column: Utility reverses cost-freeze policy amid market's midwinter blues
12th - 'Fear factor' hits US markets first
12th - The week in review
12th - INL says 'no thanks' to tempting Canwest offer
12th - Aquila the Hun lines up Kiwi conquests
15th - Monday 15th July 2002
15th - Taking stock of good returns
19th - Takeover dirty laundry heads to court
19th - OK given for Dunedin Casinos to acquire US interests
19th - Law lords find for Paterson in Clearwater Resort land row
19th - Vela Fisheries takes the big cold-water plunge
19th - Market dip wipes millions from community trusts
19th - Big Fresh passes its use-by date
19th - Air NZ gains fleet bargain after suppliers fight out fierce battle
19th - Call centre perfection remains elusive but Genesys tries hard
19th - Printout
19th - Report Card: Infratil kicks up its heels and its values
19th - How Kiwis are directly hit by global equity market collapse
19th - On the Money: Labour meddling puts sharemarket at more risk than dodgy accounting
19th - Carter Holt Harvey picks weaker second-half result
19th - Telstra wins giant NAB telecoms contract
19th - The O'Brien Column: Get those guardians guarding - the bear market has arrived
19th - Little-known expert committee finds the recession is rolling on relentlessly
19th - Baycorp pips RMG for Telstra
19th - AmTrust wrestles Andersen over 18-month lease 'agreement' deal
19th - Movie theatre developer looks next at Auckland
19th - US watchdog bites giant PWC for breaking rules on auditing
19th - Expert says CEOs should serve time
19th - The week in review
19th - Are IT Capital holders exchanging treasure for trash?
22nd - Monday 22nd July 2002
22nd - How to buy low-ish and sell high-ish
26th - Kiwis in King Arthur's court?
26th - Qantas prepares to grab a 25% holding in embattled Air NZ
26th - Ex-CEO's fine covered by insurance
26th - Senior TVNZ management in limbo after Fraser's changes
26th - Seaworks joins the wannabe navy boat building club
26th - Fonterra fairytale ends as milk payouts tumble
26th - Westland Milk trumps
26th - Truth, wisdom, the constellations and the Cyclops
26th - Tranz Rail is on the wrong track
26th - Noel Leeming furniture move
26th - Coca-Cola pays $40m for Rio
26th - NZ holds its top-20 rank in two lists
26th - Sharemarket minnow investors trudge toward promised land
26th - Report Card: Ryman spins but leaves out detail
26th - On the Money: No point hanging about if the recovery proves to be a mirage
26th - Australian giant sets its sights on Auckland industrial land
26th - Wellington CBD loses its shine after hitting bottom
26th - Western markets' correction heads toward a slump
26th - New Zealand lags US in accountancy standards and safeguard legislation
26th - Right on deadline
26th - Fletcher Forests shareholders struggle to see wood for trees
29th - Monday 29th July 2002
29th - Don't mess with Mister Market
August 2002
1st - Plastic fantastic
1st - Is Helen Clark Jerry Seinfeld?
1st - A change in the air
1st - High heelers
1st - Rising dollar, falling profits
1st - A model pharma
1st - Tourist troubles
2nd - Rocky road to airlines' transtasman marriage
2nd - Tower tops June quarter managed fund performances
2nd - Farmers benefit from fertiliser boom
2nd - Report Card: Mainfreight stakes audacious claim to conquer the world
2nd - Corporate operators lead medical market of 1.37 million Kiwis
2nd - Demands on public health drive insurance rises
2nd - The O'Brien Column: Greens would be foolish to push their luck on revolutionary policy
2nd - Investors may welcome higher power prices
2nd - HP takes to downhill skiing in wake of merger with Compaq
2nd - Energy software trailblazer takes second run at entrepreneur prize
2nd - Stockmarket bottom-feeders keep opportunistic eye out for recovery
2nd - Investors in CBD take a beating
2nd - Elders Finance 'tidies' the books
2nd - Sour grapes prompts Xylem outburst
5th - Monday 5th August 2002
5th - Then then and now of world index funds
9th - AMP Henderson chief hints the time to buy is nigh
9th - Baycorp competitor 'no threat'
9th - Franchising: ANZ to transform branch network into 'franchises'
9th - Franchising: World first for law franchise
9th - Franchising: Award winner on a roll
9th - Franchising: Big increase in start-ups - survey
9th - Franchising: Cleaning firm chasing expansion
9th - Franchising: Kiwi firm is world's biggest
9th - Franchising: Cowboys in industry on decline due to ethics code
9th - Two ticks for Noel Leeming retail website
9th - Report Card: F&P Appliances sees growth on horizon
9th - Offshore options better as few gems found in mining sector
9th - On the Money: Storm clouds gather as punters pick US double dip recession
9th - Wellington considers airport share sale
9th - The O'Brien Column: Blis chief is a breath of fresh air in jaded corporate-speak world
9th - NZ Wine Co profit rises
9th - Developers mull reserve levy
9th - Around the Traps
9th - Compulsory super drives Aussie interest in NZ
9th - Dow plunge threatens double dip as US slides further into a recession
9th - Right on deadline
9th - Shareholder frost blights QPod's fresh food vision
9th - Monday 9th September 2002
12th - Monday 12th August 2002
12th - Why the worst may be over
16th - Fisher & Paykel Appliances Managing Director, John Bongard
16th - Richmond caught on the ropes in sharemarket warehousing case
16th - Annual report suggests weaker financial position for Fonterra
16th - Meridian prepares for giant hydro
16th - Company seeks $4.5m for electronic bus timetabler
16th - Virtual franchise plan brings powerful change to U-Bix
16th - Amalgamated Dairies' trade finance operation expands
16th - Wolf-whistle for pet food
16th - The O'Brien Column: Balancing debt, cashflows and the ability to repay
16th - Arthur Barnett takeover offer shows the importance of nta
16th - Report Card: Fonterra sees the honeymoon end
16th - On the Money: Investors lose patience with US shares but it's a good time to buy
16th - Arthur Barnett bid falls short of company's latest asset backing
16th - Media Watch: Both of CanWest's rival bidders would close TV4
16th - Reconditioned Fletcher Building delivers profit
16th - GPG leads in forests battle
16th - Ryman expects good result
16th - The week in review
16th - Bubble, bubble as market grasps at Tranz Rail's trouble
16th - Monday 16th September 2002
19th - Monday 19th August 2002
19th - Good savers not necessarily rich
23rd - Pacific Retail faces legal stoush over soured deals
23rd - Indignant PPCS tells court there was no 'tangled web of deceit'
23rd - Air NZ gains from cutting fares to bone but Qantas won't
23rd - Farming interests set up consortium to study ways to reduce methane output
23rd - Commercial imperatives dictate Maori fishing deal
23rd - Rugby boosts Sky viewers
23rd - RMG finance hot seat proves too hot for most
23rd - Company briefs
23rd - Ports of Auckland expects container handling to grow
23rd - AMP suffers fallout of London's losses
23rd - Companies returning to solid profits feature in latest round
23rd - Report Card - Ex market darling grits its teeth
23rd - Housing boom boosts household net wealth
23rd - On the Money - The virtues of Vice, a socially irresponsible fund for investors
23rd - Southern Capital shares ease on Hirequip purchase news
23rd - Dairy Foods goes trim
23rd - The O'Brien Column - Hire accountants before they get too big for their boots
23rd - Petone firm launches integrated dealing and settlement system for sharebrokers
23rd - Mobil-on-the-Park sells for $66 million
23rd - This is not a commercial movie, commission says
23rd - Week in review
23rd - Fonterra and Lotto heads step down
23rd - Shoeshine - Friendless Trans Tasman board gets a dog
23rd - Monday 23rd September 2002
26th - High dividends deserve attention
26th - Monday 26th August 2002
30th - Connexionz hits the road
30th - Liquidator's fat big-city fees questioned in High Court
30th - Embattled Tranz Rail plans rights issue
30th - Tower sounds caution over the near future for global equities
30th - Trustee investigates trust deed 'breach'
30th - Air NZ changes its airpoints accounting in Enron's wake
30th - Telecommunications companies carve out promising niches
30th - SPARKS of sheer brilliance
30th - Aussie firms' guarded approach gives local investors useful guide
30th - Report Card: Growth spurt puts Vending Technology under scrutiny
30th - Meritec joins US giant to achieve global reach
30th - Solid Energy comes to Lyttelton's party
30th - On the Money: Canny investors will follow NZ Super managers' market lead
30th - Free-float NZSE40 model rewards widely held shares
30th - Port of Tauranga seeks more liquidity
30th - The O'Brien Column: International monitor specialists will guard the super guardians
30th - National carrier bounces back
30th - Sinclair for CEO?
30th - When is the best time to buy up on stocks again?
30th - Warning: the economy is 'misleadingly strong'
30th - Financier raises 'boom' doubts
30th - Jubilant Sky City predicts growth
30th - BT new weapon in WestpacTrust's silent offensive
30th - INL challenges NZPA's longtime business news stake
30th - Monday 30th September 2002
September 2002
1st - Retire rich in 2022
1st - Designs on furniture
1st - Homeward bound
1st - Lush life
1st - Management behaving badly
1st - The dream deal
1st - The hatchet job
1st - Cellphone revival
2nd - Monday 2nd September 2002
6th - Richmond demands punitive penalty for PPCS
6th - Ports of Auckland looks to inland ports
6th - Big firms' mistakes cloud small companies' sun
6th - Baycorp tips rise in earnings
6th - Company briefs
6th - Report Card: Pacific Retail's faith in Bendon needs some good results
6th - Leading tourism operators give investors good value for money
6th - Tracking the economy
6th - Outwitting 'galah' banks and antiquated rules
6th - Ports of Auckland moves closer to welcoming superfreighters
6th - A vineyard too far for Lion?
6th - Shoeshine: Boardroom horses blame media cart
6th - INL mum on CEO
16th - Court skewers 'arrogant' meat barons
16th - INL goes it alone on advertising
16th - November 4 for PPCS hearing
16th - Meat co-op digs itself a giant hole
16th - Report Card: Pacific Retail's faith in Bendon needs some good results
16th - Leading tourism operators give investors good value for money
16th - Blip for Blis
20th - Share information merger
20th - Directors' pay 'pathetic' says EVA crusader
20th - Report Card: In age of credibility, Lyttelton Port scores highly
20th - Cash registers ring up good sales for listed retailers
20th - The O'Brien column: Pity the poor optionholders at Tranz Rail
20th - On the Money: Listing is too much of a hassle
20th - Vector deal still not sealed
20th - Week in Review
20th - Share of the Week: Grow your own
20th - Investors push for halt to options gravy train
20th - Investors reward Fletcher Building
20th - Fonterra defends $72m spent on consultants
20th - Watson to sell tax losses
20th - Shoeshine: Fast-track float puts Vertex directors in gun
27th - Investors turn tail on float
27th - Vector keeps its powder dry
27th - Lyttelton gears up for a fight
27th - Elders free from IT Media mess
27th - Pacific Retail Group starts to build property interests
27th - Japan sends sell message
27th - The O'Brien column : Iraq holds financial wild card
27th - On the money: Prince Michael wins battle ­ it's a pity about inflation
27th - Tower Trust braces for new owner
27th - Week in review
27th - Takeover talk
27th - World falters as the US weakens
27th - Insurers face global struggle
27th - Australian to head INL
27th - Shoeshine: Fletcher Building gets itself an Australian benchtop bargain
27th - UK deal bolsters AMP's prospects
October 2002
1st - Avoiding the glib and the ethnic
1st - Fashion victim
1st - Paradise postponed
1st - A pressing need
1st - Let them work late
1st - Lifting the VC logjam
1st - Weldon's wish list
1st - Mr Fix-it Man
1st - Shocking rip-off
4th - Right on deadline
4th - Freedom spreads its wings
4th - Property trust joins retailing surge
4th - Corporate largesse ­ expensive cars to $2900 coathangers
4th - Greens stir storm in tea cup
4th - How a financial adviser would rate Cullen fund
4th - Gold regains its precious lustre
4th - Nickel and dime traders beat the odds
4th - Port goes through growth phase
4th - The O'Brien column: Companies that persist in corporate-speak drivel
4th - Sky suffers triple whammy
4th - Tech wreck spawns white-collar crime
4th - Stock pickers eye Cullen fund
4th - History set to repeat itself
4th - Court finds Eric Watson breached fiduciary duty
4th - Fonterra could be forced to float NZ Milk
4th - Cautious entree for new index
4th - Deloitte defends discounting value of minority shares
4th - Council takes $23m hit as port gets thumbs-down
4th - Shoeshine: A dangerous game
7th - Monday 7th October 2002
11th - Catching crooks will hurt investors
11th - Tech wasteland continues
11th - INL gets the equation right
11th - Corporate chiefs spurn the spin
11th - Week in review
11th - Reconditioned Wrightson lifts off
11th - Waving flag for offshore managed funds
11th - Bonds appeal as shares fall
11th - TelstraClear offers more pie in the sky
11th - Port chairman won't go
11th - Companies Office shrinks as files go to Disc
11th - Tougher sham trust test ahead
11th - Gibbs chucks rocks at Rubicon
11th - Ebos plans evolutionary growth in margin-stretched industry
14th - Monday 14th October 2002
18th - Chairman and mayor trade blows over port
18th - Wrightson bears glad tidings in rural sector
18th - Independents hold out
18th - Indices change needs rethink
18th - Japan signals wrong recovery route
18th - Calling Dr Casey
18th - Week in review
18th - Less is more for Cavalier
18th - Transparency paper lacks insight
18th - Well-heeled find protection
18th - Devil is in the detail of GST
18th - Tracking the economy
18th - Tauranga looks beyond timber trade
18th - Telecom struts its stuff
18th - Punters question notes deal by DF Mainland
18th - Dynamic duo in ever-shrinking ITC deal
18th - Tranz Rail was overpaid for rail corridor
21st - Monday 21st October 2002
25th - Dubai lures big spenders
25th - Unhappy Urbus investors may find opposition to Waltus buy too hard
25th - Southern Capital ponders its property development future
25th - Watch out for disharmony
25th - Auckland International Airport continues to soar
25th - Euro gamble hits transtasman currency union
25th - Small-firm reports next to go?
25th - Week in review
25th - Bears head for a bath in NZ market
25th - Deflation hits services sector
25th - Bendon deal stripped bare
25th - Airlines adopt low-cost strategies
25th - Chinese walls need a leak test
28th - Monday 28th October 2002
November 2002
1st - Meridian close to dam deal
1st - AMI reels as markets dip and claims grow
1st - Branch office status keeps chief executives on move
1st - Government reviews FBT
1st - Jeweller succeeds where many fail
1st - Confidence rises over threats
1st - Of sheep and dead cats
1st - Week in review
1st - Market muddle boosts Kiwi Income
1st - High-yield shares put NZ in front
1st - Reality check drives co-op's office move
1st - Scientist stakes all on A2 cause
1st - Co-op rejects 'cause-and-effect'
1st - Evidence points to A1 link to diabetes
1st - Secret memo reveals Fonterra alarm
1st - Watson's company 'no schoolboy'
1st - Qantas becomes Kiwi kid
1st - Plan B where are you?
1st - A2 accuses dairy giant of suppressing milk defects
1st - Fast 50
1st - State of the art
1st - White elephant
1st - Kiwibank - success or something less
1st - Branding? That's not my department
1st - Nobody loves us, everybody hates us
1st - Slow-grown success
1st - A partridge in a pear tree
4th - Monday 4th November 2002
8th - Commissionless model 'must not be allowed to succeed'
8th - New equipment, capacity aimed at Air New Zealand growth
8th - Sky City grabs more of Auckland leisure, entertainment market
8th - Who would be in managed funds?
8th - Credit bubble pop looms
8th - Go to Oz for mining investment
8th - Telecom's lack of explanation fuels slump
8th - Week in review
8th - Dorchester on the up
8th - Watercare shames most listed companies
8th - Beware US index funds
8th - Misleading Mercury fined
8th - Whitcoulls denies that it's about to lose its identity
8th - F&P Healthcare aims for $US100m sales
8th - Analysts puzzle over DB share sale
8th - Vodafone: no outsource plan
8th - Tower board told to walk plank
8th - F&P holders pop the corks
11th - Monday 11th November 2002
15th - Directors should never sleep
15th - Scott Technology shareholders score bonus
15th - Investors pay heavy price for excessive regulation
15th - Brewers hold their own
15th - Briscoe still a buy for betters
15th - Forester loses faith in trees
15th - Baycorp joins blowout
15th - Meat companies struggle after takeover stoush
15th - Lyttelton Port still in storm
15th - Vodafone celebrates usage rise
15th - Progressive hits back at Foodstuffs' 'bank'
15th - Telecom turns spin to gain
15th - Chairman: Gattung's job safe
15th - The great $100m debenture battle
15th - Gattung takes axe to costs as Telecom's revenues shrink
18th - Monday 18th November 2002
22nd - Quiet listing
22nd - Judgment against Parkinson company
22nd - Legal battle no bar to AmTrust
22nd - Westfield dresses up St Lukes
22nd - Developers eye Britomart
22nd - Warehouse moves upmarket
22nd - Cash issue puts heat on Tranz Rail
22nd - Accounting scandals end in farce
22nd - Lowe waives conditions for Blue Sky bid
22nd - Week in review
22nd - Forestry scares investors
22nd - Oracle's world boils down to a case of us and them
22nd - Qualmark pushes world-class image
22nd - Embattled insurers make their clients pay
22nd - Foodstuffs pays high costs in merger row
22nd - Tranz Rail's banks play chicken
22nd - Digi-Tech promoter asks investors to cough up
22nd - Breakthrough for port
22nd - BIL puts squeeze on Krukziener
22nd - Hobsonville jobs plan dies
22nd - Farewell Feeble 40, all hail Futile 50
25th - Monday 25th November 2002
29th - El Nino buffets rural stocks
29th - Book reveals how Kiwi wealth evaporates
29th - Baycorp-buster RMG falls flat
29th - Burns Philp report reveals Hart's Midas touch
29th - BT turns optimistic after a poor quarter
29th - Funds monitor turns up heat
29th - Housing, income boosts net worth of households
29th - Tougher securities law won't stem investor losses
29th - Annual reports reveal fools' gold
29th - The trials and tribulations of family businesses
29th - Business incubator grows like wildfire
29th - Entrepreneurial activity drops off
29th - Cost-cutting gets the nod
29th - A profit without honour
29th - Air NZ rules out waiver
29th - Anzac dollar dies
29th - Drug giant takes up A2 milk questions
29th - Fonterra promises profit boost
29th - Elders' owners liquidate in parent's restructuring
29th - Cartel plays 'national-interest' card
29th - Air NZ hopes for third-time lucky
29th - Pyrrhic victory for Richmond shareholders
December 2002
1st - Lifestyle entrepreneurs
1st - All you can eat
1st - The Warriors' make-over
1st - Diaspora
1st - Absolutely positively in decline
1st - Bloody (good) foreigners
1st - Buying your place in heaven
1st - Hark the angels
1st - Rousing times
2nd - Monday 2nd December 2002
6th - Airlines in maze to daze
6th - Lion Nathan directors earn themselves a beer
6th - Health spend-up
6th - NZ set to profit from misfortune
6th - Human nature is ... human
6th - Steady plodder becomes a market darling
6th - AMP uses axe to staunch bleeding
6th - Sky City's buyback makes sense
6th - Ice cream maker gears up for tip top time
6th - New Affco director
6th - Judas flies Air New Zealand duopoly
6th - Kiwi firm wins investment backing
6th - Telco pioneer gagged
6th - No easy road for Telecom Mobile
6th - Owens Group selloff - just plain dumb
6th - GPG's Rubicon action carries sting in tail
6th - Richmond lawyer keeps job
9th - Monday 9th December 2002
13th - Hellaby shines among listed investment companies
13th - Hallenstein stays consistently profitable
13th - How to best use 'family jewels'
13th - The one-egg Kiwi basket
13th - Kiwi banks defy global trend
13th - Week in review
13th - Growers welcome Turners' move on Enza
13th - Reid battles NSW setback
13th - No 8 Ventures fund tops $30m
13th - Fund buys Viking Pacific
13th - INL confuses tax-loss swap and growth
13th - Biotechnology regulations threaten new economy
13th - Good fiscal news but where's the growth?
13th - Signing up for a bigger share ...
13th - Insurer restores leisure travel cover
13th - New phase tipped in apartment investment
13th - Hotel chain widening its horizons
16th - Monday 16th December 2002
20th - It's what you do on the farm ­ not what you wear
20th - Rural fraudster gets five years
20th - Record costs award against ratepayers
20th - When advice needs licence
20th - Investors pay heavily
20th - GDC goes on a search for margins
20th - Mystery surrounds GTQ
20th - Firms may benefit in writing off good will
20th - Soft market sinks new listings
20th - Walker nails colours to another foreign mast
20th - It's 'a great place to invest'
20th - Telecom Mobile is in front
20th - Hart adds yeast to Goodman Fielder mix
20th - UK woos Kiwi business
20th - All Blacks score Adidas super deal
20th - ACC success provides model for cutting invalids' costs
20th - Transend's big spending knew no bounds
20th - Goodfellows lose share case
20th - Maori radicals threaten BNZ chief at his home
20th - Time for Tower board to accept some blame
20th - Step up here, folks...
23rd - Monday 23rd December 2002