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February 2000
4th - Auckland-based fund managers set the pace
4th - What the top-20 Australian companies are up to
4th - Australia's blue-chip buys
18th - Mini e-boom makes whales of minnows
18th - The O'Brien Column: Performance reflects flexibility of small firms over large entities
18th - Price/earnings analysis suggests punters expect share price rises
18th - Stock Exchange claims efficiency and success
18th - Major US investor packs up toys and goes home
25th - Online co-op searches for a 'killer application'
25th - Retirement village owners pick leaping demand and profits
25th - Paynter Corp votes to become E-Force
25th - Watson charts Commsoft for listing
25th - Telstra deal upstages Telecom inquiry
March 2000
3rd - Worthless assets boost Warehouse's balance sheet
3rd - Asian markets bounce back but bubble is waiting to burst again
3rd - Value managers find it hard to compete with growth investors
3rd - Things investors need to know
3rd - Learn before you leap into swirling waters of exotic markets
3rd - Treasurer and NZSE chairman must face up to investor apathy
3rd - True test of job creation will be its effect on port companies
3rd - Strathmore looks offshore for investments
3rd - Dry well puts shareholders on the run
10th - The Shoeshine Column: Watch for extra DB takeover froth
10th - Publisher puts bad year behind it
10th - Frustrated GPG buys back stock
10th - Cosmetics e-tailer seeks $2.5 million
10th - Investor nerves calmed at Aquaria 21 meeting
10th - Symphony strikes an America's Cup chord
10th - Realtors bite their nails over coming statistics
10th - Westfield in the gun across Tasman
10th - Busy first six months for Southern tycoons
10th - Blue chips languish in the internet revolution
10th - Market barometer: Bargains may bring back foreign investors
10th - The O'Brien Column: Where does the money come from for the people's bank?
10th - Powercos take another look at the internet
10th - Southern hotel chain eyes the north
10th - Career survival will depend on versatility
10th - Big bank 'egos' under threat from upstarts
10th - South Eastern looks at two acquisitions
10th - Float funds National Mail expansion countrywide
10th - Clear joins access race with $120m rollout
17th - The Shoeshine Column: Heineken holds key to DB's future
17th - Stamp business sets sights on acquisitions
17th - Patience pays off for leftover chicken investors
17th - THL gears up for influx of independent tourists
17th - Mainfreight develops major logistics operation
17th - ElderCare expands to meet growing demand
17th - Canterbury farm offers Southcap mixed options
17th - Spencer breaks new ground
17th - PFI leases last available stock
17th - The O'Brien Column: Financial sector builds up its muscle for global markets
17th - Investors see land of hope and glory as rural sector recovers
17th - Market sniffs warily at 'bonus' Global-e Bonds
17th - Wellington Drive Tech motors on
17th - Hunter chooses olive oil and truffles over hands-off investing
17th - Strathmore called to task over Commsoft comparison
17th - Blue Star regrouping mooted as Whitcoulls battles
17th - Shareholders: 'Sacrifice Telecom to spice up market'
17th - Wireless internet players strengthen their position
17th - Share offer as US parent wastes away
17th - Airline's hardball negotiating strategy backfires
17th - Internet buying starts taking off
24th - The Shoeshine Column: Thorny issues for Telecom spin-off
24th - Health company deal a boost to Ebos turnover
24th - How to ease the tax burden
24th - How businesspeople can get around the 6c surtax
24th - Developers find intelligent life in growing junk bond market
24th - The O'Brien Column: Politicians should talk up solid business, talk down blue skiers
24th - Retailers watch as their share prices slip from boomtime
24th - Of Bulls & Bears
24th - Some No 8 and a pile of compost
24th - Is Power Beat's time up?
24th - UnitedNetworks 12th largest listed firm after $550m deal
24th - NZ Post trial leads to sluggish snail mail
24th - Flying Pig moves to increase book-buying traffic
24th - Rural upturn helps Pyne Gould Corp
24th - Free internet service providers fight for share in small market
24th - Reborn Ansett about to take off
24th - Investors put $20m into Private Capital
24th - Todd talks with Maui pipeline partners heat up
24th - Top companies turfed from ASX passive index
24th - Dividend paying corporates destroy shareholder value
24th - Last-chance tax move makes instant millions
24th - Maori bid for Taranaki oil
24th - Private Bin: Big sausage but where's the beef?
24th - Watson gets his float under way
31st - The Shoeshine Column: Strong's weak airline play
31st - Highbrook's high-brow concept takes shape
31st - Hartner 'J' rockets up
31st - Colonial First State earnings ahead
31st - Civil servants learned quickly in change to corporate 'suits'
31st - The O'Brien Column: Generational cycle offers latest threat to market bulls
31st - Waste Management offer seems fair but hardly a bargain
31st - Of Bulls & Bears
31st - First internet stock wave IPO launches on to stock market
31st - Appointments: Freightways focuses on faster deliveries
31st - Ready for Australian GST's effect on your business?
31st - How to ease company directors' liability burden
31st - THINK little
31st - 'Wake up to the knowledge economy'
31st - Forest heartland takes the big leap into B2B e-commerce
31st - Bell tolls for endangered travel agents
31st - Tasmanian mouse that roared still wants Lion's shares
31st - Lion reveals secret weapon in beer wars - the designer hops
31st - Richmond shareholders fight takeover
31st - Firms rush dividends to avoid tax
31st - Virtual Spectator finds life is good after the cup
31st - Voidable transaction law hits home in Cardinal case
31st - Clear changes tack as telco market hots up
31st - Carter Holt tips buyback to escape doldrums
31st - Stakeholder swoops on DB Group
31st - Loophole-closing tax move catches blue collar contractors instead
April 2000
7th - The e-gang rules - But should you trust them with your money?
7th - Getting their fair share
7th - Ihug and Force: why?
7th - The Shoeshine Column: Australia ahoy for liberated Waste Management
7th - E-Business Briefs
7th - Company Briefs
7th - Trade NZ fronts up over Global-e bonds
7th - Integrated programme shows product innovation
7th - Income protection policies boost insurers
7th - Cullen investment fund runs against global trends
7th - Private providers adapt to changing market
7th - Listed companies play snakes and ladders over first quarter
7th - The O'Brien Column: But should we put our trust in the new economy?
7th - Volatility signals investors' dilemma
7th - Commission's sharpened teeth to bite business
7th - Lithium firms merge
7th - Ezysurf to drive motor parts industry online
7th - New Meridian's close-to-home strategy is unveiled
7th - Exchange queries Eforce share surge before acquisitions
7th - Walker adds publishing weight
7th - Wilson Neill on road to listing after e-buys
7th - J B Were & Son roasts the competition in annual investment house survey
7th - Two new technology stocks list despite dramatic Nasdaq fall
7th - Vodafone makes float plans
7th - Tax-savvy Fletcher deal murky on asset transfer
14th - The Shoeshine Column: Merge or die for Infratil Australia
14th - Fund manager looks to shake up market
14th - Baycorp has technology to rebuild software better, faster
14th - Sir Robert Jones tips shares over ownership hassles
14th - Sunnyside Hospital for sale after Ngai Tahu disinterest
14th - Great western movies make comeback
14th - Spin doctors to flossy up Lyttelton
14th - The O'Brien Column: Fletcher Challenge, Lion Nathan head into past
14th - L&M readies Otago mine
14th - Of Bulls & Bears
14th - Forestry firms' shares on rise after earlier clearfelling
14th - Xenophobia holds back technology companies
14th - Soft Tech scores a $5 million investment
14th - Baycorp enters Asian online market
14th - Seek says yahoo to employment site investment
14th - South Canterbury sells off Grocorp
14th - Brewers hit big trouble in China but Lion decides to tough it out
14th - Economists brace for interest rate hike
14th - Domino's eyes slice of pizza market
14th - Trans Tasman and AMP close to building office tower blocks
14th - Qixel has Advantage as listing plans progress
14th - Fletcher pulp mill future paperthin
14th - Local bodies sting utility firms for network rates
14th - Franklin flip-flops
14th - Technology stocks quake in wake of Nasdaq slump
20th - The Shoeshine Column: TV3: where have all the profits gone?
20th - THE E-BUZZ
20th - Eagle Boys proves tasty meal in Restaurant Brands' acquisition
20th - Market barometer: Bloodbath in small companies index
20th - Technically Speaking: Media blamed for company failures but markets not fooled
20th - Hyped tech stock tremors are not the end of the world
20th - Of Bulls & Bears
20th - DDB buys rest of Van de Roer
20th - DB Group tries to find partner for its Corbans Wines division
20th - Advertisements are coming soon to auto teller machine near you
20th - Dead cat does its ritual BOUNCE
20th - Eforce goes ahead with subsidiary deals despite tremors
20th - AMP forecasts 'savage' short-term outlook
20th - Strategic set to move into wireless tangle
20th - Analysts slated for poor knowledge of e-this and dot-that companies
20th - Commission lets investors know New Capital Market is speculative territory
20th - Young entrepreneur raises funds to wake Europe's 'sleeping giant'
20th - Blame the bloke in the street, funds managers say
20th - eVentures float pushes ahead in wake of share slump
20th - Ihug risks landing in 'too hard' basket
20th - Fasten your seatbelts for bumpy ride on technology rollercoaster
20th - Clearview sees Asia-Pacific future after Zivo buyout
20th - Government anti-business reforms bring gloom
20th - Contact battles supply failure legal decision
20th - Commission findings due on FCL trading probe
20th - Business as usual for most as air escapes the e-bubble
20th - Front Page
25th - GDC listing - Flight to quality for investors?
28th - The Shoeshine Column: Infratil Australia takeover bid stumbles
28th - CBA pushes for Colonial merger
28th - Looking Ahead
28th - Bayleys cracks $2 billion
28th - Harcourts' fantastic plastic
28th - Industry warned to get wired and do it fast
28th - Investors chuffed at PFI's good dividend
28th - Market barometer: Strange times in the markets bring even stranger comments from sharebrokers
28th - The O'Brien Column: Companies withdraw support in the light of dirty dealings
28th - Technically Speaking: New economy will survive its setbacks and by fits and starts
28th - CHH gets better credit report than parent
28th - Company Briefs
28th - Of Bulls & Bears
28th - More increases in official cash rate look likely for rest of year
28th - Appointments: Grand old trustee switches on to 'sexy' image
28th - Floats come off agenda in fast-changing free internet arena
28th - Business backing for Anzac dollar turns up the heat
28th - Richmond share battle lines up farmers
28th - Banks find new ways to get closer to customers
28th - Tax hikes prompt health software innovator to flee
28th - Australian technology king scouts for prospects
28th - What the country's biggest company thinks about wealth creation
28th - The apostle of economic value
28th - What is EVA?
28th - New Zealand's MISSING billions
28th - Contact's Canute act fails to stem tide
28th - Interest high in 'Howard special' mystery bio-tech
28th - Shareholders shortchanged
28th - Watson turns debt-collector in a bid for share of Baycorp 'action'
May 2000
2nd - Wireless upstarts
2nd - Kick off: The NCM gets off to a hiss
2nd - Don't do it, Don
5th - Looking Ahead
5th - The Shoeshine Column: EDISON'S TANGLED WEB
5th - Soros 'still involved'
5th - PFI adds a Collier
5th - Auckland airport area gripped by sonic warehousing boom
5th - Property Council attacks the local body consent monopoly
5th - Property, investment mergers in the offing
5th - Education needed to overcome formulas for failure
5th - Professional management reduces the risk
5th - Choice requires some homework - and don't forget the liquidity issue
5th - People's banks chafe under ancient restrictions
5th - Market barometer: Lion Nathan sucks out market strength
5th - Technically Speaking: Poor EVA showing may expose unfixable faults in the economy
5th - Appointments: Oil industry heads for acquisitions and closures
5th - Dairy Board looks for next merger
5th - Public Trust adds to new tech fund offerings
5th - Advantage looks to Hot Rod for growth
5th - Watson's Qixel gets the ball rolling
5th - Cable guy builds a billion dollar network plan
5th - Sorrowful Soros and hedge funds topiary
5th - Montana's cropping figure belies sauvignon blanc yield disaster
5th - Foreign sale moves closer as Sealord Group bids heat up
5th - Tranz Rail smashes record
5th - Carter Holt spurns goodwill dividend opportunity
5th - Economic-value loss on NZSE
5th - Cyber share chat lands pair in hot water
5th - Spectrum cash windfall looms
5th - Backdoor listings to face Stock Exchange scrutiny
12th - The Shoeshine Column: Sour smell rises from fish move
12th - Looking Ahead
12th - Boeing takes the office into the air
12th - Eva will not work for shareholders unless it is a behavioural tool too
12th - Who's inside and who's not is a confusing question
12th - New Capital Market at a glance
12th - Boring past left behind as capital market matures
12th - Sharemarket with training wheels is a top idea
12th - Crash boom on the rollercoaster ride from hell
12th - Seasonal factors hit online shopping
12th - Sophistication and refinement as Quality Direct moves up to 5.5
12th - IBM sharpens security offerings
12th - Investor gets green light in sensitive Parnell area
12th - Budget ends state taxes
12th - Landlords become kingmakers in the race to get wired
12th - Colliers campaign cashes in on the oversupply of office space
12th - Technically Speaking: Stock exchanges must move fast before the world leaves us behind
12th - Solid Energy reduces coal exports
12th - Market barometer: Sharemarket tone firms on weak currency and takeover talk
12th - The O'Brien Column: BIL case shows need for 'national asset' ruling
12th - Appointments: Kiely aims to create single body at cup village
12th - Snowfall perks up operators
12th - Fletcher Energy in the gun with regional council
12th - Markets brace for interest rate hikes as Brash review expected
12th - Credit unions seek higher cap
12th - Roller sells hotel for half what it paid four years ago
12th - Broking firm lists on New Capital Market
12th - Billion dollar orange roughy treasure found
12th - Argentinian venture fills hole in Sealord's net
12th - Dotcom whiz shows how to make beans out of Sausage
12th - Jumping the ditch is the focus of latest IT forum
12th - The country's top trainspotter reveals tips for rail's long-term survival
12th - What saved rail in New Zealand?
12th - Advantage targets government's $3 billion appetite for supplies
12th - EVA not for filing away
12th - Telco investor dodges the dotcom hype to list
12th - High and dry investors angry over drained Aquaria
12th - Plan B follows sale failure
12th - Telecom is poised to reveal its spinoff plans
12th - Airways Corporation defends $30m air traffic system deal
12th - Ansett's secret Qantas plan revealed
19th - Conservative Sanford suddenly offers fishy profit
19th - The Shoeshine Column: Beer giants' battle spills into wine
19th - Looking Ahead
19th - Auckland Airport sale tops foreign investment figures
19th - Clear's zfree internet strategy enters almost income-free zone
19th - AMP gets its tower off the mark first
19th - Orion portfolio slims down $26m
19th - Market barometer: Big economic and share downturn is shaping up to happen next year
19th - The O'Brien Column: Distinction between Sealord and Radioworks incomprehensible
19th - IT Capital to hold online Q&A session
19th - Technically Speaking: Go-ahead ASX makes the stuffy old NZSE seem much worse
19th - Of Bulls & Bears
19th - Hint of obsession in big three banks' drive for efficiency
19th - Appointments: Bartercard chief plans e-commerce expansion
19th - Sky City resort casino joint venture rethinks its figures
19th - BT launches Time technology fund in volatile global market
19th - Telecom says 'new tech' expectations overhyped
19th - Infratil's role in Airways Corp bid revealed
19th - Flawed SOE model to blame
19th - Airways deal renews privatisation call
19th - Boardroom split over media takeover
19th - Foster's finds alternative entry into wine industry
19th - Accounting firm to move to new digs
19th - FlyingPig takes off over Amazon
19th - Spectrum winners faced with squatters
19th - Brash dumps cold water on economy
19th - Stock Exchange confused as insider trading probe begins
21st - On the Watson trail: The case for Pacific Retail Group!
26th - The Shoeshine Column: Why Telecom bought into newspapers
26th - Looking Ahead
26th - Orion slices line charges by 8%
26th - Grocorp's stakeholders check apple industry for worms
26th - Capital Properties shines in tough times
26th - Company Briefs
26th - Antiquated regional tourism groups stifle the industry
26th - Dominion Funds adapts its ways in tough market
26th - FR Partners seeks alternatives after collapse of tower fund
26th - Bondholders bite nails over titles
26th - Market barometer: Caution rules as more share indices show patterns suggesting major trend changes
26th - Technically Speaking: Central banks around the world under attack for inflation target
26th - Skyline benefits from tourism lift to record visitor numbers
26th - Of Bulls & Bears
26th - Primary produce industries' restructures continue apace
26th - Conference Calendar
26th - Investors pick finance role for Pacific Retail
26th - Just-listed GDC in phone deal
26th - Millions for Morrison in sale price
26th - Vodafone slashes value amid doubts over float
26th - Whitcoulls sale raises more questions than it answers
26th - Meridian hit by $4 million power play
29th - The detail on e-tail
29th - The New Telecom I: Is Telecom finished?
29th - The New Telecom II: How Theresa Gattung's changing Telecom from within
29th - Will you be with the force?
June 2000
2nd - The Shoeshine Column: Don't carve up Fisher & Paykel
2nd - Looking Ahead
2nd - Shortland st tower perks up Trans Tasman
2nd - Sunnyside up in new Ngai Tahu deal
2nd - Council ponders becoming $20 million property developer
2nd - Sharemarkets run headlong into the end of time
2nd - Locked in super means investors are locked out
2nd - Sponsored schemes risk becoming thing of the past
2nd - Compulsory scheme has been tried and failed before
2nd - Politics remains unknown in super mix
2nd - Market barometer: Investors eye US inflation trigger closely
2nd - Technically Speaking
2nd - Finance and markets
2nd - Appointments: Banker carves personal service niche in market
2nd - Minister slams Contact Energy for opportunism
2nd - Trade hopes rise with oil prices
2nd - More than meat and butter on exporters' Middle East menu
2nd - Infratil founder joins Rich List
2nd - Strathmore scores deal with Microsoft founder
2nd - Shakeout in internet market as free service bites
2nd - Amazon marketer reveals secrets to Kiwi piglet
2nd - Investors picked off from property sector's best performing company
2nd - Fletcher Challenge Energy lobbies investors behind the scenes
2nd - Investors pour $8m into Aids drug punt
9th - The Shoeshine Column: Same events, different versions
9th - Spectrum acquires Wel
9th - Airways-Lockheed set to play key role in US, UK
9th - Property investors' new president
9th - Technically Speaking: Investors hold to wait-and-see pattern in game of nerves
9th - Market barometer: Local market bargains loom as investors wait for decision by Federal Reserve
9th - The O'Brien Column: Taking minority shareholdings is not always the best answer
9th - Advisers brace for fees hike on funds
9th - Tower looks for growth
9th - Australians boisterous at GPG London meetings
9th - Of Bulls & Bears
9th - Profit announcements hardly affect company share prices
9th - Appointments: New legal chief prepares for profound changes
9th - Spotless cleans up in P&O takeover deal
9th - Large Communicado stake up for grabs
9th - An Auckland touch in capital's $100m tower
9th - Ex PDL chiefs build empire free of 'inhibitive structures'
9th - Telstra Saturn hooks up with power company
9th - Stock Exchange listing still in Bridgecorp sights
9th - Litigation becomes Force theme
9th - Hoggard 'confronted' on career-killing share deals
9th - Shareholders worried about insider trading
9th - America's Cup hangover lands Hartner in court
16th - The Shoeshine Column: No bonanza for Fletcher Energy
16th - Standard for brands shot down in flames
16th - Camper-van rental company sews up all segments of market
16th - Market barometer: Time runs out for Alliance's motley crew
16th - The O'Brien Column: Stock Exchange washes up in even more of a backwater
16th - Technically Speaking: More than one way to skin insider traders
16th - Of Bulls & Bears
16th - Unpopular property sector offers investors good yields
16th - Television New Zealand soon to learn its fate in the digital world
16th - $US563m Tekapo plan on track says developer
16th - Merger of Village Force and Hoyts seems doomed
16th - Air deal takes off
16th - Foreign partner can't wait to be shot of FCL
16th - Shell eyes takeover of partner Fletcher Energy
16th - Tower's cap policy foils Fiji damage
16th - It's all Telecom's fault, beached stocks wail
16th - ERB claims first victims
23rd - The Shoeshine Column: Is Yan the man to save Richina Pacific?
23rd - Adaptec provides a solution to unreliability of Windows PCs
23rd - Airline's Olympic sponsorship focuses heavily on US market
23rd - Tower Trust examines back-up offer
23rd - Technically Speaking: Black hole opens up as state pension fund starts
23rd - Market barometer: Kiss goodbye to foreign investor support till the next election
23rd - Of Bulls & Bears
23rd - Global transport minnows still make a solid investment feed
23rd - Apple Fields faces $50m tax loss
23rd - Transpower defends national grid bottleneck claims
23rd - Christchurch 'better base' for R&D than Silicon Valley
23rd - Advantage seeks more cash for growth
23rd - Watson reshuffles his e-business deck
23rd - Government could be stung by Enza's rotten year
30th - The Shoeshine Column: For sale - one cinema group, slightly used
30th - Business confidence goes down the gurgler
30th - Dollar dips over talk of Telecom eyeing Optus
30th - Microsoft comes up with a new way of dominating the market
30th - Receivers, trustee fees mount for Ballantyne investors
30th - Technically Speaking: Twenty-four hour global trading dream moves giant step closer
30th - Debt collector debuts on ASX and NZSE
30th - The O'Brien Column: Corporate worthies voice their opinions as financial year ends
30th - First listed broker huge supporter of NCM
30th - Market barometer: Tracking patterns may precede changes
30th - Of Bulls & Bears
30th - Companies seek growth by diversifying in Australia
30th - Exchange merger under scrutiny
30th - Investment managers reduce NZ stocks and look to international equities
30th - Qantas to call New Zealand home in Ansett rebranding
30th - Hewlett-Packard gets behind garage start-ups
30th - Telecom move not in interests of justice
30th - PC Direct founders 'succeed for the second time'
30th - Frustrated Ports of Auckland questions workers' agenda
30th - Dairy battle heads into cyberspace
30th - Renshaw Edwards fallout continues
30th - Advantage comes to a halt in merger talks
30th - Transtasman Telecom turns Jekyll & Hyde on local loop
30th - Enza shareholders probe speedy sale
30th - Telecom's Kiwi Share endangered
30th - Chicken farmer's son turns 'hangover induced' idea into mega-million deal
July 2000
1st - Shanghai nightmare for Aquaria
1st - Fletcher Energy expects ups and downs in turbine investment
4th - Fletcher Paper ready to set sale
5th - Aussie companies get in behind internet B2B
5th - Spectrum reels in big US client
6th - AIA holds big tourism hopes for new China-NZ service
6th - NZ energy drink continues international push
6th - Wrightson stays in farmers' good books
7th - Air NZ boss folds wings
7th - FEG looks for fast bucks from new Canadian purchase
7th - Telecom bounces around bourse
7th - The Shoeshine Column: Metlifecare throws blanket over CEO walkout
7th - Conference Calendar: <FONT COLOR=#FFC683>Conference CALENDAR
7th - Waltus' swap scheme aims to perk up restless shareholders
7th - Share prices don't tell the story of the economy
7th - Tower hypes its new-type funds
7th - Government unable to redress Stock Exchange imbalance
7th - Key ministers grapple with the backbench rumpus
7th - How the government is affecting your money
7th - Technically Speaking: NZ Ltd cut out of financial loop
7th - Of Bulls & Bears
7th - The circle turns &#173; regulations proposed again for utilities
7th - Hide sight: Telco report puts our future at risk
7th - Spectrum likely to go at pennies in the pound
7th - Meridian 'extortion' claim to make Contact in court
7th - Champagne flows after Contact buy
7th - Empower's founder looks to Australia for next venture
7th - Aquaria 21 swims for dear life
7th - Fletcher Paper sacrificed for FCL's remnants
7th - Lack of skills sees high-tech company Talon look offshore
7th - Millions lost in fisheries claims
7th - Communicado sells down stake
7th - Hybrid option mooted for NZSE
7th - Tower victim of hoax
11th - Out of the woods: How Carter Holt Harvey's new boss thinks he can revive the deadwood company
11th - Tech Stocks: Time For Guts Not Glory
11th - Bidder beware: How B2B auctions may cripple your business
11th - Party on, dudes: Stock exchange merger parties
11th - Clueless in the Capital
11th - Fishing company hooks into e-commerce initiative
11th - Advantage prepares for growth with new appointment
12th - CHH lifts quarterly sales
12th - Shopping plans afoot for Spectrum
12th - CHH mothballs loss-making paper mill
12th - E-phone share rise questioned
12th - Aussie company finalises million dollar NZ investment
13th - Fletcher Energy turbine competitor wants in on the action
13th - Fletcher Forests not out of the woods yet
14th - Air NZ top job attracts suitors
14th - Restaurant Brands thirsty for beer market
14th - The Shoeshine Column: Fingers tightly crossed over Fletcher Forests
14th - Looking Ahead
14th - Company Briefs
14th - Market barometer: Federal Reserve may hike interest rates in August
14th - The Warehouse phone numbers don't add up
14th - Technically Speaking: Don't listen to vested interests &#173; Australasian market will work
14th - Submarine Adventures to look for more cash
14th - The O'Brien Column: Sharemarket darlings lose their attraction as tech stocks shine
14th - Lufthansa speculation benefits forex
14th - High Court ruling encourages buyers to low-ball figure
14th - Of Bulls & Bears
14th - Trust investors benefit from rise in Russian stockmarket
14th - 3G spectrum sale stalls as the competition dries up
14th - Export growth up 13% after a booming May month of 30%
14th - Boost for Fletcher Forests
14th - Airline takes off but record label flops
14th - Apple Fields chews over lost judgment
14th - Inflation nudges Reserve Bank limit
14th - J B Were & Son tops secret trading figures
14th - E-Phone spike sparks calls for insider trading inquiry
14th - Quickie marriage ends in divorce
14th - ASX fumes over NZSE's comments
14th - $180m ruling kills BNZ-Fay Richwhite conspiracy claim
14th - The Warehouse shows how to dial up a bigger profit
15th - Telecom looks to catalogues to boost mobile sales
17th - Telstra investors looking to Ziggy Switkowski to deliver
18th - Telecom dials up A$500 million contract
19th - FEG achieves "Aussie ambition" with Petroz deal
19th - Coffee the rising star at Restaurant Brands
20th - Ansett on standby for Virgin Blue onslaught
20th - Sky City bets on another Aussie venture
20th - RMG investment buys pharmaceutical marketer
20th - Sales spike for Harvey Norman
21st - PDL plugs into high-growth Australian market
21st - New purchase pumps RMG's projected revenues
21st - Telstra spends half a billion on e-commerce investment
21st - The Shoeshine Column: Too much bleating on Telecom spinoff
21st - Looking Ahead
21st - Company Briefs
21st - Watson and Sky City place bet
21st - Axis takes six from Trans Tasman
21st - Axis, St Laurence join forces
21st - Market barometer: Prices and volumes lift as sharemarkets show rising signs of life
21st - Technically Speaking: 1987 crash won't go away while Fletcher Challenge blunders on
21st - International fund for ethical investors
21st - The O'Brien Column: Interest rates will matter more than CPI in central bank view
21st - Deloittes says Waltus scheme fair to all
21st - Challenger pounces on investment market
21st - Of Bulls & Bears
21st - Listed companies unlikely to get foreign investors' blood rushing
21st - Recruitment gets a new player with new vision
21st - Viking sails into profit
21st - Boom sends Rocom on capital search
21st - Tranz Rail firing backed by landmark ruling
21st - Ports of Auckland makes recovery
21st - 'No wine' wine company wants punters' investment
21st - Massive government opportunity opens up for technology firms
24th - "V" for Victory in Britain?
25th - Xtra subscribers for Telecom's ISP
26th - Texas sale for Telemedia
26th - Tower hungry for Aussie trustee business
26th - UnitedNetworks jumps into comms market
27th - Crash diet for overweight BHP pays off
27th - Contact boss heads to UK
27th - ITC wants increased Australian investment
27th - National Australia posts June profit jump
27th - Texas is trumps for Telemedia
28th - AXA tops up Advantage stake
28th - "V" sales in UK beat Frucor projections
28th - UNL's half-year surplus on target
28th - The Shoeshine Column: E-opportunities: pie in sky or ready for take-off?
28th - Mainfreight shareholders support employee scheme
28th - Sunny forecast for Blue Sky Meats
28th - Pint-sized company has big ideas
28th - Tech stock drop hits Arcus in quarterly funds result
28th - Mercer New Zealand managed fund survey
28th - Market barometer: Singapore reservations prove the treaty gravy train needs derailing
28th - Technically Speaking: Low kiwi may cheat export sector-exposed investors
28th - World Index NZ Fund performance trumpeted
28th - The O'Brien Column: What could go horribly wrong with Dr Cullen's Super Fund
28th - Tracking the Trends
28th - Punters can see pickings in high yield stocks
28th - Appointments: Oracle chief predicts surge in trading exchanges
28th - Roundtable criticises takeover approach
28th - Deloitte chief executive cool about accounting practice incorporation
28th - With the Incis debacle in the past, now it's all 'e' for new IBM head
28th - Creditors miss out on $4m
28th - Wilson Neill filings under scrutiny before listing
28th - Proteins boost Paterson's A2 shares
28th - Who's who cast as high-tech fairy godfathers
28th - Buyers in for taste of adventure
28th - Tourism Holdings boost
28th - Small growers join the tussle for Enza shares
28th - Oil firms swoop on Fletcher Energy
28th - Business gloom turns around in latest confidence survey
28th - Price gouging court action threatens $200m project
29th - New tech Listing on secondary market
31st - Strathmore "don't sell" notice falls on deaf ears
August 2000
2nd - PDP rakes in $145M profit from electrical sale
2nd - Telecom and Voicenet talk up a deal
2nd - Passengers down, freight up at Tranz Rail
3rd - AAPT wins new telco partnership
3rd - Baycorp gallops onwards and upwards
3rd - Carter Holt operating earnings hit 5-year high
3rd - "Rooms for rent" sign still out on Auckland's office tower
3rd - Wilson and Horton moves into travel biz
4th - The millionaire mind
4th - Incubate, don't hybernate
4th - Wired China
4th - Flight Centre sales take off
4th - Export recovery pushes growth at South Port
4th - Dividend jump for Steel & Tube investors
4th - Warehouse sales momentum slows
4th - Debt boy's standoff - RMG versus Watson
4th - The Shoeshine Column: Commission goes after unholy grail
4th - Incentive schemes overdone
4th - Looking Ahead
4th - Company Briefs
4th - Silver's volatility gives canny or lucky speculators a good ride
4th - Palladium shines brighter in the platinum market
4th - Heavy METAL
4th - Eventures pleased with online loan deals
4th - The O'Brien Column: All-time record profit for BHP, growth at NAB please investors
4th - Investors warned against over-the-phone schemes
4th - Technically Speaking: Insurer investors ogle UK court's orphan funds' distribution order
4th - Market barometer: Marketwatchers wait for US interest rate settings verdict
4th - Country's biggest energy retailer in the wind
4th - Of Bulls & Bears
4th - Fletcher Energy strikes a gold share price ahead of dull sector
4th - Appointments: Cup village chief focuses solely on property assets
4th - Tapping into more exports
4th - Investors pay dearly for lack of CEO succession planning
4th - PDL strengthens Australian presence
4th - Tide coming in, says Carter Holt Harvey
4th - Australia's Ten eyes TV3, TV4
4th - Stock Exchange cranks up controversial PR machine
4th - ASB bails out small investors in company it no longer owns
7th - SafetyNet and E-Phone join forces
7th - Westfield gets nod to wrap up St Lukes deal
8th - Kiwi IT sector gets new index
9th - Details released on Strathmore-CommSoft deal
9th - Market stifles yawn at Advantage profit hike
9th - RMG wins TransAlta collectibles business
9th - Carter Holt not ready to shout the next round
9th - Lion looks to boost Montana stake beyond 25%
10th - Brierley bids farewell to Air NZ 'B' shares
10th - Acting Contact CEO from Edison
10th - Qantas and Telstra think big with new alliance
10th - The flying kangaroo goes electronic
10th - Black back in fashion at Country Road
10th - Contact Energy loses again in gas payment battle
10th - Coca-Cola Amatil shares jump despite tepid result
11th - Coles Myer smiling over sales record
11th - Commsoft - a view from another perspective
11th - CEN falls on power station news
11th - US gambling market set for eBet launch
11th - Slight surplus lift for National Property
11th - Looking Ahead
11th - The Shoeshine Column: Mobile minnow Telecom no match for DoCoMo
11th - Company Briefs
11th - Market barometer: Smaller companies capital index success story despite doldrums
11th - Technically Speaking: We want some action, NZSE, not your PR pap
11th - Why The Warehouse's phone numbers still don't add up
11th - New economy firms add twist to rural-city economic divide
11th - Of Bulls & Bears
11th - Television Ad Spend
11th - Meridian left out in the cold by market watchdog
11th - Strathmore Group unveils details of plan for Commsoft
11th - DB ownership changing as Corbans sale proceeds
11th - Advantage of profit is share dip
11th - Zespri tasty while Enza is bruised
11th - Government U-turns in Sealord schmooze offensive
11th - Frontline seeks financier with deep pockets
11th - Forecasters pick Telecom profit slump on the back of expensive AAPT takeover
11th - Phantom deals haunt adviser
11th - Mystery company dazzles
11th - Surprise listing amid rigged market claims
14th - Sky ends year with $27M loss
14th - Contact sells Stratford assets
14th - Positive result in a tough market for CDL Hotels
14th - 'Near term profitability' claim from IT Capital
15th - Telecom mops up AAPT shareholders
15th - Telecom targets less dividends, more growth in annual result
16th - Market likes Sky City result
16th - Rocom IPO oversubscribed
16th - Restructuring bites into Mainfreight quarterly profit
16th - Improved credit rating for Carter Holt
16th - Telstra Saturn merger costs hit Aussie comms company
16th - Lucent wants in on Spectrum investment
17th - New businesses help NGC underlying profit
17th - Warehouse completes Aussie acquisitions
17th - CommSoft IPO launched
17th - Film flop pulls back News Corp profit
18th - More ads plus Aussie papers help INL
18th - $5M South Island purchase for Renaissance
18th - Montana drinks to future growth
18th - Advantage invests in Aussie web services market
18th - Australia sparkles for Michael Hill
18th - Forestry dispute rolls on amid FFS sale rumours
18th - The Shoeshine Column: Gate shut to swede-eating barbarians
18th - Looking Ahead
18th - Company Briefs
18th - Cost recovery regime boosts funding
18th - The O'Brien Column: Why sharemarket investors are unlikely to fight for local stock
18th - Technically Speaking: ASX gold stocks start to glisten as Asian listings lose their lustre
18th - BT appoints new Clear head
18th - Seeka expands amid the kiwifruit boom
18th - Of Bulls & Bears
18th - Three new floats brighten an otherwise dull sharemarket
18th - Country's largest exporter stung with UK butter dispute bill
18th - Blue Star breakaways set up new telco
18th - Dollar and digital service delay Sky profits
18th - Telecom: Tie me Aussie-subsidiary down, sport
18th - Company Results
18th - Sky City sets internet rules
18th - Hikes in earnings belie business doom, gloom
18th - New ratings system shakes up tellyland
18th - TVNZ and Sky: making up is not so hard to do
20th - Postal company begins Wellington deliveries
21st - Fletcher Energy's suitor makes a move
21st - Forex losses hit Wilson & Horton
22nd - Full steam ahead for Ports of Auckland
22nd - Profit hike but no dividend at Trans Tasman Properties
22nd - South Eastern Utilities poised to announce new investments
23rd - Frucor comes in ahead of prospectus promise
23rd - Plenty of punters for eBet
23rd - Ebos profit steady
23rd - ASX says merger with NZSE not top priority
24th - Baycorp meets expectations with 24% profit hike
24th - AMP boasts billion dollar turnaround
24th - Brierley's loss-making Aussie retailer sells off further stores
24th - AGL shines a light on NZ investments
25th - Acquisitions bump up Nuplex profit
25th - LibertyOne hoists warning flag
25th - China smiles on Richina Pacific as interim profit surges
25th - Diversification key to Port of Tauranga record result
25th - Warehouse unfazed by low kiwi dollar
25th - The Shoeshine Column: Trans Tasman Properties: high-rise debt, low-rise profits and no new brainwaves
25th - Looking Ahead
25th - Company Briefs
25th - Infratil founder backs teen site
25th - Market barometer: Telecom corporate plays could enliven stronger sharemarket
25th - The O'Brien Column: PR man converts on the road to NZSE
25th - Technically Speaking: Nightmare for power utilities - miniature home power plants
25th - Sky City's Canbet gamble misfires
25th - Of Bulls & Bears
25th - Healthcare corporates catch the hiccups in share prices
25th - Capital PLIGHT
25th - Tranz Rail moves to lift its value
25th - Ports of Auckland leader steps down
25th - Company Results
25th - AMP moves back on track with 80% lift in half-year profit
25th - Wilson Neill is to divest 'eatery' arm
25th - Private Bin: Sharebroker aims her rock at the Stock Exchange's glass ceiling
25th - Naive exporters boob as dollar dives lower
26th - Evergreen boosts harvest - and profit
26th - Carpet is king at Cavalier
28th - CBA takes a bite of Telecom Corp Australia
28th - Postal competition heats up
28th - Rural recovery bolsters Reid Farmers
29th - Tales of woe at Shotover Jet
29th - ITC formalises alliance with Singapore tech company
29th - Goodman Fielder gets A$100M for starch business
29th - Accounting changes mean $600M loss for Air NZ
29th - Profit turnaround for Wrightson
30th - Energy drives Fletcher profit
30th - Competitive telco market hurts Newcall
30th - Telstra profits from growing mobile, data and internet business
30th - No pot of bold at Rainbow's End
30th - No insider trading over Force-Ihug merger
30th - Health sector growth helps Taylors clean up
30th - Taking on the wireless world - Jump Capital and Wilson Neill
31st - Sovereign fattens ASB's bottom line
31st - Steel and Tube profit leaps 324%
31st - Tower buys 25% of Aussie financial services company
31st - Nufarm sees potential in Barrier Reef research
31st - Wine export boom predicted
September 2000
1st - AIA rakes in record profit
1st - LibertyOne trading suspended
1st - NZ supermarket deal goes unconditional
1st - Higher dividend likely from Horizon
1st - Cedenco looks for new owner
1st - The Shoeshine Column: Southern Cross keeps rivals underfoot
1st - Looking Ahead
1st - Company Briefs
1st - Go for the niches instead of taking on big chains
1st - Compliance places a heavy burden on businesses
1st - An appropriate way to become your own boss
1st - The O'Brien Column: Dr Cullen reads comics as English lights them
1st - Market barometer
1st - Technically Speaking
1st - Of Bulls & Bears
1st - Ports upbeat over trade fluctuations
1st - Bottom line ebitda bumf misleads investors
1st - Sacred cows in Enza sights
1st - Waitangi chairman seeks pakeha business model
1st - Brokers go to battle over who owns the New Zealand Stock Exchange
1st - Reporting season at a glance
1st - Warehouse to become mall rat?
1st - Boredom brings benefits for nondescript listed resinmaker
1st - IT Capital shareholders get the pip over options
1st - Shell bid for FCL Energy 'masks hidden agenda'
1st - Airport faces claims of monopolistic behaviour
1st - Broker battle looms over proposed NZSE merger
1st - Ebitda, schmebitda: flattering accounting standards under fire
1st - Say aaah: sore throat cure will be financial true Blis
4th - NZ bio-tech discovery promises big returns
4th - Plenty of black ink for big red barn
4th - Motorhomes clock up profits for Tourism Holdings
4th - Retail downturn depresses Designer Textiles result
4th - E-commerce lures cash from Contact E-nergy
5th - E-Loan -- NZ yes, Australia no?
5th - Credit union link-up in latest Tower purchase
5th - TasAg dairy farms sell at premium
6th - Optimists incorporated
6th - Up, up and sideways
6th - Roadblocks to the knowledge economy
6th - Wired Wellington
6th - Cedenco profit on target
6th - Michael Hill fined for web ad
6th - Trans Alta takeover moves forward
6th - Gold producer improves but still loses $6.9M
7th - Wrightson looks to bio-tech field for growth
7th - No loose lips in Montana-Corbans deal
7th - Cinema JV called off
7th - Retail newcomer lists
7th - Computershare registers big profit hike
7th - Insider trading under scrutiny
7th - Contact pays for flood protection in Central Otago
7th - Origin Energy to share in FEG Taranaki prospect
7th - Brierley says "watch this space" after US$162M loss
8th - South Port back in black
8th - Restructuring pays off for Goodman Fielder
8th - Baycorp buys into Australian partner
8th - Hellaby profit drops
8th - Looking Ahead
8th - The Shoeshine Column: Transtasman milk move may sour dairy merger
8th - Company Briefs
8th - The O'Brien Column: Contrarians should look at ailing tourism sector
8th - Market barometer: Thailand offers 'finger of God' example
8th - Technically Speaking: Property stocks show volatility
8th - Of Bulls & Bears
8th - FCL's ebit comparisons disguise poor returns on shareholders' investments
8th - Air New Zealand nets accounting red herring over aircraft leasing payments
8th - Holt promises last bid to pay creditors
8th - Lid lifted on Tainui cash shambles
8th - Unisys' local arm is a testbed for global giant
8th - Village system forces its way into heart of Bollywood
8th - Movie merger break-up to cost investors
8th - Apple Fields pacifies bond investors
8th - New Enza shareholders battle to shore up monopoly against independents
8th - Blis Technologies debuts with share trading frenzy
8th - Companies take their own action on embargo rules
8th - Brokers to investors: Buy NZ not bye NZ
8th - Union v Qantas off to court
8th - Not everyone's getting a bargain as kiwi dollar sinks to new low
8th - It's the $1 club
11th - Good start to pizza and beer concept
12th - 'Rebuilt' Spectrum posts loss
12th - Colonial Motors feeling retail pinch
12th - Drilling costs drag down NZOG
12th - Talk is cheaper outside the court for ELD and FEG
12th - Newcall spreads wings with HK tech company
12th - eVentures' loss within budget
13th - Air NZ chooses Qantas executive
13th - Force result not a pretty picture
13th - Green light for new Marsden Point port
13th - Year of consolidation for Calan Healthcare
14th - RMG records half-year loss
14th - Abnormal losses drag down LibertyOne
14th - R&D award pushes Deep Video Imaging in US
14th - Promising gold results for Zedex
14th - Metlifecare sees profit ahead despite $1.3M loss
14th - Genesis float well supported
15th - AQL result confirms big loss
15th - RMG purchase on hold
15th - TasAg gets $18 million for dairy farms
15th - The Shoeshine Column: The biotech heavyweights awake
15th - NCR deviates into warehousing to be more than hole in wall gang
15th - Printout
15th - Market barometer: New round of rate increases loom
15th - Technically Speaking: Cullen's words boomerang back, threatening to hit him in the seat
15th - Tracking the Economy
15th - Investing Money
15th - BIL annual meeting in Bermuda allows shareholders minimal say
15th - Company Briefs
15th - How to pick winners among high-tech stocks
15th - THL shares rated 'buy'
15th - Domainz chief steps down but not out
15th - Advantage tests its online marketplace
15th - New NZSE chair balances principles with pragmatism
15th - Force retreats to movies after poor year
15th - Foreign bondholders jump ship
16th - It May Be Too Late to Send Money Offshore
18th - Olympics take wind out of market's sail
18th - Cullen takes full stake in Blue Star's tech group
19th - Southern Capital on track for future profits
19th - For sale to the owner - your credit history
19th - CommSoft celebrates listing with distribution deal
19th - Advantage launches first 'Air Cash' initiative with E-phone
20th - New online B2B venture for Lion Nathan
20th - Montana to take Corbans for $151M
20th - Air NZ leaps ahead of flying kangaroo
21st - NZ exports lift 13%
21st - Cash return mooted for Utilico shareholders
22nd - Genesis lists with a bang
22nd - Hutt Mana gives NGC the go-ahead
22nd - Australian tech fund buys into ITC
22nd - eBet pays A$3M for sports betting company
22nd - Genesis follows market in downward spiral
22nd - Air NZ investors eligible for 1-for-3 rights issue
22nd - Shanghai Aquarium sale extended yet again
22nd - Company Briefs
22nd - Sales inspire Tasman Agriculture investors
22nd - Impressive debut for Commsoft
22nd - Integrated transport company uses foreign vessels to cut costs
22nd - PFI finetunes portfolio
22nd - Rural Property in bid as values rise on Tasman sales
22nd - Aesthetic lobby group the victor in first round of AMP Tower court battle
22nd - Disgruntled Waltus investors head to court
22nd - Pacifica fleet gains new container ship
22nd - Firestone Firehawk paves road to future
22nd - Dividends boost fund
22nd - Southern Capital seeks easier deals after patchy year
22nd - The O'Brien Column: Infrastructure hitch but foresters still happy
22nd - Of Bulls & Bears
22nd - Montana to add brand muscle to Corbans
22nd - Consumers' penny pinching picked to hit retailers' results
22nd - Enza small growers fear GPG's secret agenda
22nd - Fletcher Challenge
22nd - The end of the Fletcher Dynasty
22nd - S&P report finds extra debts rising
22nd - Tasman tax geometry not symmetrical
22nd - Gloves off in $3b tender
22nd - One-stop-shop utility plan left high and dry with water access barred
22nd - Telecom cuts office costs as it relocates staff
25th - Monday 25th September 2000
25th - The Best 'Investment'
25th - Market starts guessing as Fletcher defers dividends
25th - Advantage looks overseas for growth
25th - UnitedNetworks gets leaner as it changes focus
25th - Williams and Kettle doubles net profit
25th - NZ Post buys stake in eVentures' business
25th - Beer boss heads to Malaysia
26th - Shortland Street proves good address for Capital Properties
26th - TransAlta takeover offer goes unconditional
26th - Contact strengthens Australian power holding
27th - Customer growth for TrustPower
27th - Aussie telco considers future
28th - GPG offer for Staveley now unconditional
28th - Downer wins more NZ road contracts
28th - Smorgon fronts up with A$3.00 for Email shares
28th - Nufarm profit up, share buyback announced
28th - Telstra gets credit downgrade
28th - There could be gold in them stocks - A look at INL, SEU, CED & CAH
29th - AQL confirms aquarium sale
29th - Credit rating stable for C&W Optus
29th - GDC pushes data, video and voice concept
29th - Kiwi Share must be overhauled - Telecom
29th - Approach of takeovers code has brokers keen
29th - Technically Speaking: ASX and NZSE need to keep eye out on Singapore stock exchange
29th - Solid old-economy firms return with a vengeance to record rises
29th - Infratil arm considers quitting
29th - Of Bulls & Bears
29th - Axa returns to core business
29th - The BREAKUP
29th - Payback time alarm as $5 billion debt matures
30th - HLG increases profit but economic outlook 'soft'
30th - Share Clubs Are a Hidden Asset
October 2000
2nd - FEG takes up Petroz options ahead of Thursday meeting
2nd - Beauty Direct prepares for growth
2nd - Frucor makes NZSE40
2nd - Pacific Retail picks up homeware chain
2nd - Monday 2nd October 2000
3rd - KIP turns down options for Auckland office tower
3rd - ADV eyes Latin American growth
3rd - Telecom and Clear kiss and make up
4th - Genesis announces major licensing deal
4th - Telecom blasts 'heavy-handed' inquiry
4th - CHH moves to December balance date
4th - Low dollar, high fuel prices help NZ Refining
5th - Baycorp confirms Aussie share placement
5th - Northland Port sells half of Sea-Tow
5th - Petroz to Fletcher Energy - 'Thanks but no thanks'
5th - Pracom snaps up phonecard company
5th - GPG's Apple Raid
5th - Will Sky Deliver?
5th - Why CEOs Are Paid Badly
5th - Talent Crisis
6th - AMP sells Wellington Parkroyal
6th - Contact buyback two-thirds complete
6th - Coal volumes may rise 50% at Lyttelton Port
6th - Dairy Brands predicts big profit hike
6th - FEG wants answers after Petroz rejection
6th - Telecom happier as government clarifies possible regulation
6th - Genesis pipped by US firms in psoriasis race
6th - The Shoeshine Column: Carter Holt's log price gamble may hit a jam
6th - Apple Fields prepares case for appeal over Styx deal
6th - Top Trades: Tracking directors' interests in their companies
6th - Industry counters CHH log price leadership bid
6th - The week in review
6th - Offshore products hit local expertise
6th - A lower-risk alternative to trading in futures markets
6th - Fluctuations in commodities produce winners and losers
6th - The O'Brien Column: Property companies among those in a rut
6th - AMP and Axa Pacific improving but Tower sees modest gains
6th - TrustPower sees bigger savings in online billing
6th - Online credit rating system offers early business warning
6th - The cuckoo's egg
6th - Customer focus key to assisting business growth
6th - Small-business neglect denied by the bankers
6th - Call for business breathing space
6th - Vela Fishing gets off $2m tax bill
6th - US investment giants spend up in telco share flip-flop
6th - Airways Corp ally muddies the waters
6th - Capital flight aborted but foreigners go short term
6th - Macquarie positions itself ahead of merger
6th - Coasters get gold and jobs proposal
9th - Monday 9th October 2000
9th - Vending Machine company launches IPO
9th - Keeping It Simple
9th - Nothing new from Fletcher as Forests stock drops again
10th - D-Day for Fletcher Challenge - market slams Building & Forests
10th - Tasman Agriculture sells more properties
10th - FFS investors promised value - but when?
10th - Fletcher Building re-focuses on New Zealand
10th - Profit warning from Tranz Rail amid structure shake-up
10th - Port of Tauranga in new alliance
11th - Sovereign name ousts Colonial
11th - Clear launches new Z service
11th - Rocom Wireless to pay $5.75M for key transaction
12th - Special Report: Best Broker Awards 2000 Results
12th - Telecom extends AAPT takeover date
12th - Blue-chip exposure for WDT in new deal
12th - Foster's wants more North American growth
12th - Axa sells trustee business
12th - Coles-Myer has record pre-abnormal profit
12th - DB shareholders to get Corbans' cash
12th - "Nope" says Commerce Commission to Shell
13th - Fletcher hopeful FEG sale still on
13th - AMV plans new diamond drilling program
13th - Southern Cross purchase of Aetna approved
13th - It's Best to be Wary of Stagflation
13th - Telstra $1B better off in new PCCW deal
13th - Profit lift for Arthur Barnett
13th - CommSoft and WDT help Strathmore to profit
13th - The Shoeshine Column: GPG trashes FCL Energy's Petroz rescue plan
13th - The O'Brien Column: Retro 1970s stagflation only a possibility - not a prediction
13th - Telecom overreacts to inquiry as utilities relax about their's
13th - Old economy legacy disguises new kid Rubicon's worth
13th - Forests shareholders vent their anger after being denied a breakup vote
13th - Capstone key to unlocking the Fletcher empire
13th - More stores seen as the key to new Farmers era
13th - Telecom tries to rescue battered share price
13th - Forests shares plunge as angry investors vote with their feet
13th - Sky City dirt refuses to go away
16th - Monday 16th October 2000
16th - WEL Tech's software proves a winner
16th - Lion profit jumps but China still in the red
16th - eBet trials card system in lucrative NSW market
17th - Shell wants to work it out
17th - Tower cuts costs in trustee business
17th - LibertyOne shares put on halt
18th - Carter Holt Harvey invests in B2B freight website
18th - Half-year positive for Carter Holt but outlook mixed
18th - Scott Technology faces 'constrained market' as profit jumps
18th - Telecom offer for AAPT now unconditional
19th - Good response to insider trading review
19th - Strong start to year for POA
19th - Petroz valuation key to Novus takeover
19th - NZ lags in advertising growth
19th - PDL quits plastics business
19th - War of words continues in FFS-Citic dispute
20th - Meridian and Contact resolve Manapouri dispute
20th - INL has 'satisfactory' start to year
20th - Capital notes issue for Montana
20th - Air NZ withholds higher airport charges
20th - Fletcher sells NZR stake for $34 million
20th - Shell applies for Fletcher Energy again
20th - The Shoeshine Column: Little time left for Fletcher Challenge's Plan B
20th - Market ho hum over CHH's top result
20th - The O'Brien Column: Expect Shell to re-try Fletcher bid despite the doom-mongers
20th - Don Brash worth his increase if he can handle conflicting issues
20th - Fuel bill to shunt Tranz Rail profit into red
20th - Southern Cross buys company for its computer system
20th - Plastic beer bottles could be fantastic for brewer profits
20th - Genesis Power expands its services in push for profit
20th - Power company profits line government coffers
20th - Entrepreneur keen to crack other sporting codes
20th - Watson upbeat despite his fortune halving
20th - Strong year for AMP Henderson
20th - Tower signals its Australian focus
20th - Contact caves in on price spike scrap
20th - Axa tipped for merger with Alliance
20th - Airline boys ready to take off with new telco repair venture
20th - Writ lands at airport
20th - Irate FCL investors plot court revenge
20th - Kiwi consul nabbed on fraud charges
20th - Profits to reap in selling yourself short
23rd - Monday 23rd October 2000
23rd - It's Back to School Time, Uniforms and All
23rd - Profit warning from Solution 6
24th - Cavalier closes Auckland wool scour
24th - Record quarter sales for gold company
24th - Novus talks up Petroz offer
25th - New boss for merged NGC-TransAlta
25th - GMF to close more mills in efficiency drive
25th - Telstra snares ANZ business
25th - Fuel costs knock Tranz Rail first quarter
26th - 'Reinvigorated' ANZ banks record profit
26th - Telstra-Keycorp deal moves ahead
26th - No fast Adelaide payout for Sky City
26th - Japanese telco takes Telemedia stake
26th - Smiles at farm gate for TasAg
27th - Port of Tauranga keen for further growth
27th - Wrightson rolls up its sleeves
27th - Marketing focus for WDT as it records further loss
27th - Commerce Commission enters Alliance
27th - Vending machine float fully subscribed
27th - The Shoeshine Column: The Warehouse shrugs off its dollar doldrums but tricky bit still to come
27th - Office art collection helps add to Auckland tower
27th - The O'Brien Column: Melbourne Cup and US election will bring NZ to a standstill too
27th - Capstone sale could net $69m for Rubicon
27th - Listing close for 'smart' vending machine seller
27th - Axa ads muscle to funds management strategy with Australasian joint venture
27th - Of Bulls & Bears
27th - Charting the changing fortunes of Lion Nathan and DB Group
27th - The sleeping beauty within Fisher & Paykel
27th - PDL move puzzling
27th - Southern Cap's Surgical buyup
27th - Ebos chairman shrugs off a share price slide
27th - Loss-making Tranz Rail may shunt its transtasman stake
27th - NZ Post-backed Infolink aims to grab a slice of US energy billing
27th - BIL gets $1.3 million for buying Air New Zealand shares
27th - Clear serious about its fashionably late mobile bid
27th - Former Tranz Rail boss fires broadside at Fay Richwhite while plotting board coup
30th - Monday 30th October 2000
30th - Making Money Quickly Can Be Expensive
30th - Warehouse pays more for Aussie acquisition
30th - Air NZ subsidiary fined $4,000 for breaching Act
31st - Otter rights unpopular - GPG picks up the tab
31st - Making more than a dime out of machines - Vending Technologies Limited
31st - More time please says Commerce Commission
31st - Interim profit of $10M for Infratil NZ
November 2000
1st - Deutsche Securities orders 15% of RBD shares
1st - Air NZ earnings under pressure
1st - Movie theme park troubles for Lend Lease
1st - RBD market stand completed
1st - Tranz Rail rejigs strait service
1st - Citic says FFS negotiations have broken down
2nd - AMP wants more RBD stock
2nd - Foreign growth lags for Frucor
2nd - Profitable Richmond to seek full listing
2nd - NAB boosts operating profit by 20%
2nd - Coup for Wellington tech company
2nd - Deane rallies the troops at Fletcher AGM
3rd - WestpacTrust profit up strongly
3rd - Exports help Mr Chips
3rd - Air NZ defends rights issue
3rd - The Shoeshine Column: All coming apart nicely at WestpacTrust
3rd - Changing face of the Viaduct Harbour empire
3rd - AMP sews up Manukau retail in year's biggest transaction
3rd - PFI expands Cardinal Freight holding
3rd - Market puts money in listing slot of Vending Technologies
3rd - FCL Energy only sparkler in lacklustre miners
3rd - Wilson Neill investors may get Radionet reward
3rd - South Eastern and Cedenco shares rise
3rd - Caci Clinics reveals plans to grow riches from wrinkles
3rd - Cabletalk swells the first wave of fledgling listings
3rd - Fletcher shareholders have their say
6th - Monday 6th November 2000
6th - Returns Aren't Always Happy
6th - More bad news for Air NZ - Ansett trading at loss
6th - Share offer in aggressive investment fund
6th - More dollars for Deep Video
6th - New major shareholder for Designer Textiles
7th - Warehouse reports first quarter sales figures
7th - Air NZ rights issue outcome not all bad
7th - Online Beauty looks offline for growth
7th - FlyingPig moves to new sty
8th - FAP gets tough with Whiteware as half-year profit drops
8th - Novus grumpy at Petroz rejection
9th - Commission wants acquisition advice
9th - Bankrupt Savoy director resigns
9th - Future shock
9th - Investors are revolting
9th - The Great Internet Shakeout, Part 2
9th - Postman's spat
9th - Remote control pizza launched in Australia
9th - Pyjamas a web winner for Just Jeans
9th - Greener pastures for Alliance
9th - Restaurant Brands CEO, Jim Collier
10th - Economy dampens Dorchester outlook
10th - China proves expensive beer for Lion
10th - Sydney base for new Nuplex boss
10th - Capital Properties improves interim profit
10th - Telecom spindoctor floats 'high-risk' investment firm
10th - Asset sales allow Southern Capital to pay off debt
10th - Bold Symphony readies to launch new office mini-tower
10th - Submissions on acquisitions
10th - The O'Brien Column: Fletcher Challenge keeps fingers firmly crossed on Forests issue
10th - Colonial First State scores highest return
10th - Australian banks' high profits augur well for people's bank
10th - Takeovers code won't stop raider premiums
10th - Whiteware's draining profits drag down F&P
10th - TVNZ hooks up with Telstra Saturn in digital turnaround
10th - Tourism firm hatches submarine export plan
13th - Monday 13th November 2000
13th - Can Share Software Predict Prices?
13th - Excess of interest in Montana capital notes
13th - Kiwi Income has steady six months
13th - Telecom first quarter in spotlight
13th - THL confident despite profit downgrade
13th - Colonial Property beats prospectus target
14th - Telecom Q1 profit falls 23%
14th - Limit on Montana capital notes
14th - Air NZ reschedules for efficiency
14th - US forestry fund takes up FFS rights
15th - Pacific Retail CEO steps down
15th - Shell sweetens Commerce application for FEG
15th - IT Capital books half-year profit
15th - DB doubles profit
15th - Setting-up costs hurt RMG first quarter
16th - Steel and Tube faces tighter building market
16th - Improved occupancy and profit for Ryman
16th - AMP denies sale rumour
16th - Petroz recommends Italian takeover bid
16th - Brierley lifts stake in DB's Singapore investor
16th - Take-over offer for South Eastern Utilities
17th - Shell cleared for Energy purchase
17th - Dairy Brands considers farm sell-off
17th - Dull listing for Cadmus
17th - Savoy sells out of Hyatt and owner looks abroad
17th - The O'Brien Column: Industries rate currency woes differently
17th - Technically Speaking: Merger won't help property firms
17th - Marketing remains the key to Vodafone's continued growth
17th - Compass points in new direction
17th - Telecom could have muted mobile disappointment
17th - Fletcher plays chicken as bank deadline looms
17th - Tasman mill's future uncertain
20th - Monday 20th November 2000
20th - When Soaring and Plunging Returns Are Good
20th - Hellaby raises fashion stake
20th - Turbulence continues at Air NZ
20th - Nuhaka announces first payout
21st - Australia and US drag down Mainfreight half-year
21st - AIA picks 10% profit growth
21st - Lion wants all of Montana
21st - Tower buys Axa Health
22nd - Nufarm bids for Aussie agri-business
22nd - C&W Optus sale heats up
22nd - Taylors considers new growth options
23rd - Warm winter troubles Contact
23rd - Colonial Motors under pressure
23rd - Asian Mineral Resources raises cash
23rd - E-Phone sells distribution business
24th - Patience needed for Aussie Warehouse acquisitions
24th - PDL interim profit steady
24th - ElderCare signals change in direction
24th - The Shoeshine Column: TVNZ joins the big boys in the battle to box in set-top boxes
24th - Aetna in Tower Group's sights
24th - Port profits from joint venture
24th - Apple Fields clinches big deal
24th - Newmarket chief has planners in the gun over sustainability
24th - Warm weather chills profit
24th - Westpac fights global banking invasion
24th - The O'Brien Column: Long-term effects of Fletcher Energy sale yet to be weighed
24th - Of Bulls & Bears
24th - Earnings performance varies for property companies, trusts
24th - Urgent action is needed on a corporate retention scheme
24th - Pyne Gould Clayton's takeover bid not a backdoor listing plan
24th - Ryman's diverse income streams paying
24th - Eldercare takes 'elder' out to focus on care
24th - Solid Energy goes looking for fresh deposits of coal
24th - Shell is unlikely to have difficulty selling its Fletcher Energy fields
24th - Tranz Rail under fire for fourth price hike
24th - Insider 'EF' unmasked
27th - Monday 27th November 2000
27th - Watch Out For Dodgy Directors
27th - Otter consolidates in 'disinterested' market
27th - Telecom unveils trans-Tasman structure
27th - Time extension for Lion-Montana decision
27th - First quarter beats budget at W&K
27th - Qixel listing cancelled in tough tech market
28th - Lion Nathan reveals initial Montana price
28th - Frucor rejigs to cope with growth
28th - Legal action still possible in Fletcher Challenge insider case
28th - NZOG looking flush
28th - Newly listed Selector seeks more cash
29th - New listings fail to spark market
29th - Ansett continues Hazelton purchase
29th - Bigger proves better for TrustPower
30th - Air NZ increases transparency
30th - Richmond seeks development cash
30th - Special Report: The Looming Battle For The Digital Dollar
30th - Slowing sales trend for Bendon
30th - Frucor fast-tracks Aussie distribution network
30th - RBD acquisition time extended
30th - Baycorp and AIA shine in Merrill Lynch study
30th - Horizon sales ahead at half-year
December 2000
1st - Advantage lowers full year forecast
1st - Affco upbeat on profit jump
1st - $20M price tag for POA dredging
1st - Cedenco bidder revealed by year end
1st - Vending Technologies dispenses sweet result
1st - The Shoeshine Column: No Telecom turkey talk on intriguing Optus mobile bid
1st - Waltus limps on to secondary board but completes big deal
1st - Messy US election makes crystal ball gazing tricky
1st - Fletcher Energy sale should boost kiwi dollar
1st - All bubbles have burst in turbulent year
1st - The O'Brien Column: NZ retailers in Australia could be heading for a tough month
1st - Joint venture forestry partners continue heated war of words
1st - Of Bulls & Bears
1st - Rural-based shares show little chance of continuing their rise
1st - Dud programmes cause red ink to flow at TV3
1st - Bluebird targets brand growth and efficiency
1st - Big red's a winner
1st - Wilson Neill deal to go ahead in spite of insider trading scandal
1st - Vending machines rule the new-listings roost
1st - Christmas 'window-dressing' theory rejected in stock slump
1st - Bathtime looms for Bell noteholders
4th - Monday 4th December 2000
4th - Masfen jumps into Montana market
4th - Infratil keeps finger in Powerco pie
4th - Mooring design company to list
5th - Drip-Feeding Makes the Difference
5th - Air NZ reveals new Hazelton bid
5th - Advantage on course with Air NZ deal
5th - Tower result exceeds estimates
5th - RMG powers up NZ business
5th - Rocom revises key transaction offer
6th - Frucor buys into Aussie distribution
6th - Sanford plans Auckland tourism development
6th - ElecTech upbeat on NZ web prospects
6th - Sanford picks busy second half
6th - Nuplex expands waste business
6th - TasAg farm sales top $100M
7th - Sweet deal for Natural Gas
7th - Research bullish on tourism industry
8th - Special Report: Electricity - Worth A Flutter?
8th - TEL mobile knocked by software glitch
8th - Awards for Baycorp keep pouring in
8th - Lion allowed to feast on Montana - but other diners are around
8th - The Shoeshine Column: Plenty of iron in Affco's new cut
8th - The E-Buzz
8th - Paynter, Somers-Edgar behind latest Ballantyne 'rescue' deal
8th - Top Performer Profiles
8th - Top 40 New Zealand Companies
8th - Top 100 Australian Companies
8th - The Main Listings
8th - What becomes of the revolution?
8th - L.E.K. Consulting
8th - What is 'Shareholder Rate Of Return'?
8th - Shareholder value the only true measure of success
8th - Market barometer: US markets sneeze - we catch a cold
8th - The O'Brien Column: NCM boosts listings by 19 on NZSE
8th - Technically Speaking: Law is no remedy when Kiwis choose to follow pied pipers
8th - Of Bulls & Bears
8th - Dinosaur meat industry puts on speed to adapt to new era
8th - Appointments: Retailing chief plans to expand appliance stores
8th - New $112 million investment bank
8th - Strathmore going 'Kachingo' with Global Online
8th - Greenstone looks at keeping going
8th - New shareholders to get tiny slice of IndraNet
8th - Stock Exchange campaigns to win over merger naysayers
8th - Forget Australia and choose US
8th - Red tape keeps getting in the way, brokers say
8th - Tower ready to invade Australia
11th - Monday 11th December 2000
11th - Adjust Your Investments for Rising Interest Rates
11th - Vodaphone cleared for spectrum purchase
11th - Retail market rewards AMP
11th - Thomas Cook sells retail travel biz
11th - Forests' rights have 61% uptake
11th - National Mail quits distribution
11th - E-Force pulls the plug on portal
12th - RBD delivers pizza and coffee growth
12th - Australia eludes Beauty Direct
12th - Sky City antes up for more of Canbet
12th - Qantas to revise Hazelton bid
12th - Report values Montana upwards
13th - Montana valuation ambitious - Lion
13th - RadioWorks takeover possible
13th - Half-year profit hike for Pacific Retail
13th - Report confirms TEL interest in C&W Optus
14th - Acting MD at Independent Newspapers
14th - Health helps Axa profit
14th - Nufarm says share price a major concern
14th - Heritage profits at half-year
15th - Lion sticks with original Montana price
15th - Seafresh sinks into the red
15th - Special Report: Rumble In The Mobile Jungle - Telecom vs Vodafone
15th - E-Phone loses $3M in six months
15th - The Shoeshine Column: THE ENVELOPE PLEASE ... Shoeshine hands over the gongs
15th - The Week in Review
15th - Viking rises despite dollar
15th - Tracking the Trends
15th - Technically Speaking: Queasy investors stay guarded as tech wreck keeps on going
15th - The O'Brien Column: Would the last Kiwi firm to leave for Oz please turn out the lights
15th - Of Bulls & Bears
15th - Market barometer: Watch for substantially weaker US dollar
15th - Fletcher Forests not basket case despite woes
15th - Brands
15th - The bizarre love triangle over digital television
15th - Hold those McCahons
15th - Top five developers
15th - The year of taking on the big guys
15th - The end of the road
15th - New listings navigate Nasdaq tech wrecks
15th - Bottoms up for South Island
15th - Focus shifts to the top line
15th - For some it was the year of the big OE
15th - It's been a boomer of a year for the inquiry industry
15th - Government wields big stick to deal to power but treads softly on phones
15th - US economic miracle dominated ups and downs of global markets
15th - Labour commits to free trade with Singapore deal
15th - Labour battles to keep business on side
15th - Prominent New Zealanders commemorated
15th - What the courts have been thinking about
15th - Some Maori get a grip - but not all
15th - Controversial comings and goings
15th - IT pioneer lived life with passion
15th - Rubicon will rule on major Forests stake
15th - (John) Michael Robson
15th - INL replaces long-time leader
15th - No. 8 takes 'ocoloco' software stake
15th - Tower Trust under attack from angry bondholders
18th - Monday 18th December 2000
18th - The real Dot Com
18th - Out of the mouths of babes
18th - Annus horribilis
18th - Index Funds Keep Their Tax Break
18th - End to orcharding in sight for Apple Fields
18th - On a wing and a prayer
18th - Debtors take shine off CommSoft result
18th - GDC expands Telecom contracts
19th - Fisher & Paykel to split
19th - Hamilton casino back on track
19th - W&K grows fuel distribution base
19th - Lion focused on Australia and NZ for growth
20th - Special Report: A Tale Of Two Exchanges
20th - Telecom OK with new regulations
20th - DB begins $60M brewery redevelopment
20th - Smooth acquisition for dental software company
20th - F&P put on credit watch
20th - The Warehouse takes stake in eVentures service
21st - Tower tackles health leader
21st - Carter Holt packages profits in Iran
21st - Ansett still keen on Hazelton
21st - Telecom reviews AAPT's new mobile service
22nd - National Mail reveals extent of red ink
22nd - Savoy facing loss as it exits tech sector
22nd - eVentures upbeat despite E-Loan troubles
22nd - Special Report: Greener Pastures For Rural Stocks
22nd - Plan For Investment Success
22nd - ElderCare repositions into loss
25th - Monday 25th December 2000
27th - E-Force facing financial woes
27th - Offer for Advantage's Strathmore shares
27th - Qantas extends Hazelton offer period
27th - RMG makes Asian move
27th - Special Report: The Y2K Performance Of NZSE Companies
27th - Tech stocks slump in annual line-up
28th - Montana price keeps bidders at bay
28th - Out with the old at E-Phone
28th - Finzsoft has steady debut
28th - eBet finalises City Index purchase