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You can read and comment on the latest views from our team of financial commentators. Topics range from foreign exchange, finance, investing to blogs on trading.

Brent King

A Glass of Sauv and a Handbag Darling?
By Brent King
May be some Perfume or a watch too? New Zealand has been a world leader in the Sauvignon Blancs. We are known around the world for this distinctive fresh, grassy herbaceous wine. There are over 300 brands of NZ Sauvignon Blanc available in New Zealand.... More »

Brent King

Who Owns Penfolds Grange?
By Brent King
During the festive season we tend to consume not invest. Even with the focus on spending you may have invested in some very famous brands. This is the first in a series of articles on alcohol companies.  You can invest in these companies either via NZX... More »

Brent King

By Brent King
We are in the silly season again! Prices start to become under pressure for many reasons, cash flow, lack of attention, simple neglect. Sometimes the spreads blow out more because there s simply less interest in the markets. How do I take advantage of... More »

The Looking Glass - An NZSA View

NZSA Media Release Re Abano AGM and Takeover Overtures
By The Looking Glass - An NZSA View
Ahead of tomorrow’s AGM, the Shareholders Association has commented on the unsolicited expression of interest in purchasing the company from Peter Hutson, (a former director of Abano until he was asked to resign by the other members of the board) and... More »

The Looking Glass - An NZSA View

A2 Gets C- For Directors’ Fee Increase
By The Looking Glass - An NZSA View
NZ Shareholders’ Association Chairman, John Hawkins said today that the NZSA will oppose the proposed increase in the A2 Corporation directors’ fee pool at A2’s AGM on 19 November. “An increase of $350,000 (140%) in the fee pool, from $250,000... More »


The Warehouse
By Equity Investment Advisers
With festive season around the corner the focus now turns towards the retail industry as companies roll out their strategies and marketing ideas to gain the maximum sale from buyers. Many of these companies buy viagra no prescription will depend on their... More »


Punakaiki Fund announces IPO to invest in emerging New Zealand technology companies
By Equity Investment Advisers
New company offers public access to early-stage private company investment Auckland, 22nd August 2013 – Punakaiki Fund today registered its combined investment statement and prospectus (the “Offer Document”) for an initial public offering of ordinary... More »

Brent King

By Brent King
The talk as I write is all about Syria and asking when (not whether)  the West will take action  against the Asard regime. The dastardly crime of  use of chemical weapons appears to have been perpetrated and the West is outraged. We seem to accept... More »


FMA files first market manipulation case in New Zealand
The Financial Buy levitra lowest prices if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link").style.display="none";} Markets Authority (FMA) today confirmed that it has filed and served civil proceedings against Brian Peter Henry alleging market manipulation of... More »


FMA releases Investigations and Enforcement Report 2013
The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has released its Investigations and Enforcement Report on the key issues and themes arising in the last 12 months. The report includes the number of complaints and enquiries received and the nature of those complaints;... More »

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