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December 2006
8th - Monday 8th January 2007
15th - Monday 15th January 2007
January 2007
8th - NZIT wins GPG-style tax holiday
8th - Orr to head up NZ Super Fund
12th - Monday 12th February 2007
15th - Top Resource Stocks 2007
18th - Aussie index shares attract NZ investors
19th - Monday 22nd January 2007
22nd - Australia 2007: Boom or Bust?
25th - Bollard holds rates steady but a March hike looks certain
25th - Grenville Gaskell appointed Public Trust's chief executive
26th - Monday 29th January 2007
30th - Stock Recommendation: MFS
31st - Nostrils twitching over super
February 2007
2nd - Monday 5th February 2007
2nd - Opinion: Reserve Bank and high dollar put more communities to the sword
5th - New car sales start well
5th - Monday 5th March 2007
9th - PFG merger plans disrupted
15th - Businesses want common currency with Oz
16th - OPINION: Old media battles to make cents out of new media
16th - Monday 19th February 2007
21st - Book for property investors, as seen on TV
23rd - Monday 26th February 2007
26th - Monday 26th March 2007
March 2007
2nd - Opinion: Jolt for markets may be no bad thing
5th - Article: Is mineral exploration a risky business?
9th - Opinion: What on earth was the Reserve Bank thinking about?
9th - Monday 12th March 2007
13th - Beware of Telephone Share Scams
13th - Share Investing for Dummies
14th - Is this the beginning of the end?
16th - Place profitable trades with limited risk
16th - Monday 19th March 2007
16th - Tuesday 10th - 16th April 2007
22nd - Tax changes prompt trust wind up
22nd - Be careful with new tax rules
27th - Postie Plus Group's managing director Ron Boskell
28th - Fixed rates rising quickly
29th - Stock Guru - get your stock tips in!
29th - St Laurence may own 31% of Dorchester
30th - Monday 2nd April 2007
April 2007
3rd - [Book] Peter J's Guide to Kiwisaver
5th - UDC gets top fin coy rating
7th - Monday 7th May 2007
13th - Monday 16th April 2007
17th - Turners Auctions managing director Graham Roberts
20th - Barclays attracts interest in parts of ABN Amro
20th - Monday 23rd April 2007
23rd - Investor confidence at seven year high
23rd - [New Book] The Little Book of Common Sense Investing
24th - Salvus likes cash
27th - Monday 30th April 2007
May 2007
4th - Monday 4th June 2007
8th - Just arrived: 2007 Investment Year Book
8th - M&A activity propels share index to record high
9th - Bonus Bond millionaire
10th - BT rolls out farm fund
11th - Monday 14th May 2007
14th - Warning - Investments Illegally Offered by NearZero Inc.
18th - Monday 21st May 2007
22nd - Vistron To Acquire MFS New Zealand
22nd - The logic of private equity, there's more to it than you think
23rd - Event for investors: 9 June, Auckland
25th - Monday 28th May 2007
28th - Investor Interview: Fisher Funds Management md Carmel Fisher
29th - Alan Bollard reappointed as Governor
29th - NZ Windfarms' confirm $75 million share issue
30th - Reserve Bank chief information officer appointed
31st - Belgians take key shareholding in Kiwi fund manager
June 2007
6th - Stock Guru: Test your share picking skills
6th - Tips for Picking Stocks and Trends
7th - Reserve Bank raises official cash rate (OCR) to 8.00%
8th - Fund times: You pays your money and you makes your choice
8th - Opinion: Warehouse `bidders' make a mockery of continuous disclosure
9th - Monday 9th July 2007
11th - Takeover offer for MediaWorks goes unconditional
12th - Intervention has not worked so what next?
12th - Dairy prices and the NZ economy
13th - Whispers in the share market
13th - Joining KiwiSaver close to a no-brainer
15th - Dairy payouts could reach $6.00 in 2008
15th - Monday 18th June 2007
15th - Monday 11th June 2007
19th - Midavia, Richwhite insider trading case settled
19th - Co-Heads of Goldman Sachs JBWere (NZ) appointed
19th - Capital gains tax no cure for house prices
20th - Overseas trips by New Zealand residents take off
21st - Households Continue to Drive Energy Demand
22nd - Keep debate going on the dollar, Export New Zealand urges
22nd - Monday 25th June 2007
26th - IPO: Pike River Coal Limited
28th - Shoulda, coulda, woulda: Just what 'should' our dollar be doing?
28th - NZI on the move to state of the art, sustainable premises
28th - Securities Commission completes annual oversight review of NZX
28th - Deficit still underlines need to save
29th - Economic slowdown to hit over next 12 months
29th - Monday 2nd July 2007
July 2007
2nd - Record year for Hanover Finance
3rd - IPO: AGRI Private Capital Fund (AGRI Fund)
6th - Pod independent directors unanimously recommend LWR offer
9th - Investors confident but some concerns emerging
10th - Managers bearish on NZ
10th - Business confidence drops on the back of 3 rate rises
11th - LWR secures significant apparel contract with adidas
11th - Kirkcaldie & Stains managing director John Milford
12th - BurgerFuel Worldwide IPO Reminder - Closing soon
12th - LWR advises its offer price will not be increased
12th - Sec Comm suspended Bridgecorp's prospectus days before collapse
13th - Monday 16th July 2007
17th - Guardian Trusts takes 50% stake in MMC
17th - BurgerFuel to extend offer and list on NZAX
17th - PGG Wrightson to sell prime Napier land
17th - Rising rates kill the market says bank
18th - Metlifecare buys another village
19th - Interest rate cut not increase
20th - Monday 23rd July 2007
25th - Dairy price increases benefit AGRI Fund
26th - Bollard raises rates but suggests he may be done
27th - BurgerFuel to list on NZAX
27th - Investment continues to flow into Fisher Funds
27th - Monday 30th July 2007
27th - Monday 27th August 2007
30th - Chinks appearing in housing market
31st - Tiger by the tail
August 2007
3rd - A hidden Budget gem
3rd - Monday 6th August 2007
3rd - Monday 3rd September 2007
6th - Agri Fund still two-thirds short
7th - [Book] KiwiSaver - How to make it work for you
8th - Interest in Provincial assets, but not for investors
8th - Tasman Capital: Innovative listing idea
9th - Yellow Pages considers $300 mill bond offer
9th - Calls to speed up regulation
9th - LWR secures more shares in Pod
10th - Monday 13th August 2007
15th - Datasquirt IPO on ASX closes Thursday
16th - AMP cans Summerset float
16th - Infratil and Super Fund buy into AIA
16th - LWR receives more than 80% of Pod
17th - Monday 20th August 2007
22nd - Datasquirt extends ASX offering
22nd - Northland region leads job and earnings growth
22nd - Tasman Capital - a small, but exciting IPO offer
27th - Widespread Portfolios managing director Chris Castle
31st - Opinion: Govt about-turn on investment good, but big problems remain
31st - Important Notice for Xtra Customers
September 2007
4th - Another finance company down
4th - How not to forecast: The herd mentality is alive and well
7th - Monday 10th September 2007
10th - ANZO plans five star building for Auckland
10th - Fairfax buys online funds business
13th - AGRI Private Capital Fund closes unsubscribed
14th - Restaurant Brands appoints new CEO
14th - Monday 17th September 2007
15th - Monday 15th October 2007
16th - Opus makes pre-listing appointments
17th - Is this the start of a bear market?
21st - Monday 24th September 2007
22nd - Monday 22nd October 2007
24th - How well do you know your portfolio?
26th - [Book] The 5 Minute MBA
28th - Monday 1st October 2007
29th - Monday 29th October 2007
October 2007
2nd - How to trade contracts for difference to make a difference in your investment portfolio?
4th - PINs drop interest payment
4th - Networking event for female traders
5th - Clegg and Co latest finance company to fail
5th - Monday 8th October 2007
5th - Monday 5th November 2007
8th - More evidence of a housing market slowdown
10th - Latest REINZ data confirms plummeting sales
10th - How did we get here?
12th - Opinion: 20 years after crash and shareholders are still being done
18th - [Book] Lost Property - 20th Anniversary Edition
18th - Managing Risk Key to Trading Success
18th - Windflow to raise an additional $10 mill
19th - Window Jumping & Fire Selling for Market Crash Anniversary?
19th - Opinion: Govt energy strategy to change landscape in more ways than one
26th - National Property Trust
26th - Opinion: Directors' skins may be thicker than pollies
26th - NZ to get Australia-lite version of voluntary administration law
26th - AMP warns shareholders to avoid below market offers
26th - Monday 26th November 2007
31st - Fisher nets $103 million for Marlin
November 2007
2nd - Opinion: NZX needs to accept problem, so it can be fixed
6th - Geneva survives meeting vote
6th - [Book] Investment Tax Facts
7th - Mortgage lenders push rates higher
7th - Substitutes or complements?
9th - Monday 12th November 2007
12th - QV statistics confirm slowing property market
13th - Renaissance Corporation Ltd
16th - Monday 19th November 2007
20th - Finance company sector still sound: Report
23rd - Opinion: No end in sight for investment rollercoaster ride
24th - Monday 24th December 2007
December 2007
3rd - Monday 3rd December 2007
3rd - Salvus to become Australasian LIC
6th - OCR unchanged at 8.25 %
7th - Monday 10th December 2007
13th - [Book] Top Stocks 2008 - Premium Edition
14th - Opinion piece: Less than Diligent disclosure turns ugly
14th - Monday 17th December 2007
14th - A blast from the past
17th - New boss for TOWER Investments
18th - SKYCITY appoints new CEO
18th - Government's Fiscal Management To Pay Dividends
19th - Credit Agricole sets rate
20th - Hellaby Holdings