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Morning Reports


We will update you every moring on what is going on in the market to keep you up to date.

February 23rd Morning Report
23 Feb, 9:25am
NZ dollar follows Wall Street, commodities higher as investors reassess US rate track... More »

February 22nd Morning Report
22 Feb, 9:16am
NZ dollar gains vs greenback on Fed's 'gradual hikes' view, at 6-month high vs Aussie... More »

February 21st Morning Report
21 Feb, 9:15am
NZ dollar falls against resurgent greenback as dairy prices decline, RBNZ governor to speak... More »

February 19th Morning Report
19 Feb, 9:11am
NZ dollar retreats on stronger US data, fails to break key resistance level... More »

February 16th Morning Report
16 Feb, 9:25am
NZ dollar gains as evidence of emerging US inflation fails to arrest greenback's slide... More »

February 15th Morning Report
15 Feb, 9:14am
NZ dollar gains as US delivers stronger inflation data, weaker retail sales... More »

February 14th Morning Report
14 Feb, 9:19am
NZ dollar gains as inflation comes into focus, greenback falls... More »

February 13th Morning Report
13 Feb, 9:27am
NZ dollar falls as inflation indicators awaited, volatility measure ebbs... More »

February 12th Morning Report
12 Feb, 9:15am
NZ dollar little changed after gaining on Friday in NY as volatility spikes... More »

February 9th Morning Report
9 Feb, 9:19am
NZ dollar gains from 4-week low spurred by 'dovish' RBNZ as US stocks drop, volatility increases... More »

February 8th Morning Report
8 Feb, 9:16am
NZ dollar drops below 73 US cts ahead of RBNZ as global volatility subsides... More »

February 2nd Morning Report
2 Feb, 9:12am
NZ dollar gains as Fed's hiking plans, US manufacturing data fail to underpin greenback... More »

February 1st Morning Report
1 Feb, 9:12am
NZ dollar gives up gain as Fed's Yellen plays straight bat in final review... More »

January 31st Morning Report
31 Jan, 9:22am
NZ dollar edges up as Trump address, Australian CPI awaited... More »

January 30th Morning Report
30 Jan, 9:13am
NZ dollar falls as greenback, bond yields rise, Americans spend more... More »

January 26th Morning Report
26 Jan, 9:18am
NZ dollar drops as Trump says he wants a 'strong' greenback... More »

January 25th Morning Report
25 Jan, 9:14am
NZ dollar jumps above 74 US cts as US Treasury secretary jawbones greenback... More »

January 24th Morning Report
24 Jan, 9:16am
NZ dollar hits 4-month high as Trump announces US tariffs, raising spectre of protectionism... More »

January 23rd Morning Report
23 Jan, 9:11am
NZ dollar gains as US Senate cuts deal to end govt shutdown, stoking risk appetite... More »

January 22nd Morning Report
22 Jan, 9:12am
NZ dollar hold below 73 US cts as investors shrug off US govt shutdown... More »

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