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13 Feb, 3:26pm

Catapulting ahead

Shares of Catapult Group International have enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past year, but the path of the share price has been far from unidirectional since listing in late 2014. We take a closer look at the investment case for this sports technology pl

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8 Sep, 12:40pm

Now is the time to reassess your investments

If you have listed NZX and ASX investments and you are in the process of reassessing your holdings or wish to do so, our advisers at Equity Investment Advisers Limited are willing to assist. As you are no doubt aware most markets are fully priced, and som

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3 Dec, 8:46am

3rd December 2021 Morning Report

After an initial decline, following the concerns over the first case of the Omicron Covid -19 variant on the West coast of the US, the US stock market rebound Thursday amid a week of volatility.

2 Dec, 9:45am

2nd December 2021 Morning Report

U.S. stocks prices rose Wednesday, recovering back some losses generated by worries over the Omicron variant and the unwinding of Federal Reserve stimulus. The three leading US indices were up overnight, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, rising 0.6%

1 Dec, 10:16am

1st December 2021 Morning Report

The Dow Jones Industrial average declined over 500 points or 1.69%%, while S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite each dropped 1.66% and 1.57% respectively, after the Federal Chairman admitted the Fed had got its view of inflation as "transitory" wrong.

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