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Gold Reports


Have an interest in precious metals? Read our weekly Gold Report. The Gold Report provides a briefing on the status of the precious metals markets. It includes prices and charts for gold and silver, as well as select ETFs & Mining Equities. It also includes select pieces regarding interesting news from and about the industry.

Gold Report 24th September 2018
24 Sep, 5:25pm
Gold prices rise as easing trade tension weighs on dollar... More »

Gold Report 17th September 2018
17 Sep, 5:40pm
As Lira Crisis Raged, Turkish Banks Were Cashing In Their Gold... More »

Gold Report 3rd September 2018
3 Sep, 5:05pm
Gold Prices Gain as Trump Considers Imposing Tariffs on $200B in Chinese Goods... More »

Gold Report 27th August 2018
27 Aug, 5:19pm
Gold Prices Snap Six-Week Losing Streak as US Dollar Slides... More »

Gold Report 21st August 2018
21 Aug, 5:14pm
UAE’s gold buyers find much comfort at current prices... More »

Gold Report 13th August 2018
13 Aug, 5:46pm
Venezuela Told to Give Shares of Citgo’s Parent to Gold Miner... More »

Gold Report 6th August 2018
6 Aug, 5:33pm
Gold convention at Kochi focusses on streamlining bullion industry... More »

Gold Report 30th July 2018
30 Jul, 5:28pm
China’s Gold Mystery: Slowly Increasing Gold Reserves?... More »

Gold Report 23rd July 2018
23 Jul, 5:42pm
Gold Rises Further As U.S. Dollar Eases ... More »

Gold Report 17th July 2018
17 Jul, 5:35pm
Is Gold the Answer to the Next Global Financial Crisis?... More »

Gold Report 9th July 2018
9 Jul, 4:58pm
Gold is ‘Invaluable’ to Tech Sector, Higher Metal Demand is Inevitable... More »

Gold Report 3rd July 2018
3 Jul, 5:39pm
Gold ETFs can Bounce Back if U.S. Dollar Slips... More »

Gold Report 25th June 2018
25 Jun, 5:01pm
The Political Dynamic in Italy could be good for Gold... More »

Gold Report 19th June 2018
19 Jun, 5:20pm
Gold price climbed as UK inflation failed to drop... More »

Gold Report 11th June 2018
11 Jun, 5:25pm
Gold Hangs on USD1300 as G7 Beefs... More »

Gold Report 5th June 2018
5 Jun, 5:04pm
South Korea asks India to relax gold and silver import norms... More »

Gold Report 28th May 2018
28 May, 5:25pm
Gold steadies as Trump teases idea of North Korea summit being back on... More »

Gold Report 21st May 2018
21 May, 5:17pm
International Demand Bullish for Gold... More »

Gold Report 14th May 2018
14 May, 5:40pm
Gold maintains uptrend on jewellers’ buying, global cues... More »

Gold Report 7th May 2018
7 May, 5:38pm
Gold On Path to $1,450 despite higher US Dollar, says Bank of America Merrill Lynch... More »

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