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January 2003
13th - Monday 13th January 2003
20th - Monday 20th January 2003
24th - No threat to BNZ chief - right of reply
24th - Winners and losers from rising dollar
24th - Designer Textiles cuts its coat from a new cloth
24th - War has its winners
24th - Housing bubble holds the key
24th - Tower faces uphill battle
24th - Listed companies provide a bizarre start to the year
24th - Urbus grabs wine HQ
24th - Housing survey shows cautious optimism
24th - Hart's Goodman bid looks doomed to failure
24th - Backing for A2 Corporation puts pressure on Fonterra
24th - Brokers mull insider incident
24th - Meridian antagonises Opuha irrigators
24th - Richmond parties cash up
24th - Fonterra looks at growth rather than past
27th - Monday 27th January 2003
31st - Minorities bring PPCS 'to account'
31st - Super funds deliver worst return in 20 years
31st - Dollar stirs interventionists
31st - Contact balances differing assets
31st - Deficit addicts revive bond market
31st - War threat boosts oil, metals
31st - Long haul for ambitious Mainfreight
31st - Australasia expected to come off the boil
31st - BIL puts new angle on old tricks
31st - ROOM for excitement
31st - Occupancy down but confident hotel industry builds more beds
31st - Eldercare on track for profit
31st - Trouble at mill mars Carter's year
31st - AMP picks settled markets
31st - Steady-as-she-goes quarter for Telecom
31st - Tower questions adviser's role
31st - Troubled Tower - the strong silent type
February 2003
1st - What's in the stars?
1st - Design leading the blind
1st - Small business boom
1st - Towering expectations
1st - Flying high
3rd - Monday 3rd February 2003
7th - Moody's dampens Goodman bid
7th - Sky City's rise set to slow
7th - War isn't the only bearish factor
7th - One-offs dent GDC
7th - Spammers tell the future
7th - Short-term losses boost risk
7th - Exiting electricity business puts spark in NGC Holdings
7th - Richmond minorities dig in over PPCS offer
7th - Ports provide safe harbour
7th - Export website offers immediacy
7th - Harrah's leads gaming rally
7th - Third-generation takeover makes waves
7th - Outdoorwear pushes fine wool into new age
7th - Telecom: no more AAPT writeoffs
7th - Chief rides political turbulence
7th - Award started in 1992
7th - Goulter's skills inspire confidence
7th - Failed tourism venture launches DIY seminar
7th - Little debate on government's rotten rail deal
7th - Value of virtue
7th - Smooth operator
10th - Monday 10th February 2003
14th - Stock's stand right
14th - Entrepreneur gets his Sealegs at last
14th - National Property digests Eastgate
14th - Forget the Kiwi listed miners ­ go straight to Oz
14th - Asset prices and blue murder
14th - Gloomy outlook for coming year
14th - Keep an eye on price vs nta
14th - Software maker has yet to show its teeth
14th - War on Iraq good for commodities
14th - Time to look at Australia
14th - Sky City's centre will handle most events
14th - Fletcher gets a skinny return from first half
14th - Power customer growth boosts Contact
14th - Farmers hit hard
14th - The party's slowing down, Waters warns
14th - Cullen considers giving rail freight a helping hand
14th - Absurd touch to Digi-Tech case
14th - Star witness takes on taxman in court
14th - Virgin Blue needs Singapore Airlines' nod to fly here
14th - Digi-Tech four in the dock
14th - 'Tis not so sweet now as it was before
17th - Monday 17th February 2003
21st - Stability slows growth in options and futures
21st - Kiwi Air founder 'not bitter' at Air NZ
21st - Quay Tower gets big upgrade for tenants
21st - Minority TTP shareholder seeks buyout
21st - Reading between the lines
21st - Seek higher risk in commodities
21st - When bonds beat shares
21st - DB looks at cranking up dividends
21st - The NZSE miracle wealth emollient rubs wrong way
21st - Former sharemarket darling feels investors' wrath
21st - Cullen prepares to trumpet high surplus
21st - Firms attempt balancing act
21st - Former PDL chief executive's timber companies fail
21st - Stronger power sector faces gas-shortage problems
21st - Tower puts its worries behind new ad campaign
21st - Telecom to refocus marketing after Cup
21st - Sky Television finally goes cash-positive
21st - Wild weather hits Wrightson
21st - Cushing sells as Vertex weakens
21st - Minorities quit Richmond
21st - Orion spends up over the Tasman
21st - Work-shy watersiders get $3m bribe to be 'flexible'
21st - There's nothing shy about this Virgin
24th - Monday 24th February 2003
28th - In the name of God, go
28th - Currency hedging takes off
28th - ANZ makes money hand over fist
28th - Big Three still play God
28th - SK means a slim time for Cedenco minorities
28th - The helping hand business doesn't need
28th - Global markets - from bad to worse
28th - PrimePort sets cranes flying
28th - Smooth transition
28th - Costs shoot up for anti-terrorism security
28th - New chief executive lined up for Lyttelton Port Co
28th - Corporate tough love for miscreant 'five per centers'
28th - Air NZ: Don't give Virgin a monopoly
28th - Jail call for worst Kiwi colluders
28th - In need of a blast of financial wind
March 2003
1st - Hot house
1st - Northern lights
1st - Get well soon
1st - PR: a corporate guide
1st - Backing Boadicea
1st - Transparency rules
1st - Taking a punt
1st - People or pasture?
1st - Viewer pays
3rd - Monday 3rd March 2003
7th - Axa emerges bruised but in good shape
7th - Wrightson raid hints at biotech 'super-company'
7th - Tourism firms on a roll
7th - Energy companies get jolt in arm
7th - Managed funds to die for
7th - Digi-Tech witnesses in court
7th - The BLAME game
7th - Old King Coal waits for rebirth
7th - Ghost of Brierley Investments stalks Southern Capital
7th - Bouncing from one bubble to another
7th - History key to markets' future
7th - New Lyttelton CEO
7th - Christchurch high roller hits the skids
7th - London debut for fees case
7th - Blatant Vertex spin misleads the market
10th - Monday 10th March 2003
14th - Australian shares have their merits
14th - Investment air changes
14th - Cedenco wrestles with uncertainty
14th - Weldon walks a fine line
14th - Property For Industry takes a well-earned breather
14th - Terrorist threats should not affect investment activity
14th - Iraq fallout is all in the handling
14th - Goodman bid fraught with risk
14th - Shippers heavy ports
14th - Not for sale
14th - Richmond plotters hoist with their own petard
14th - Southern Cap's new direction
14th - Hart needs quick victories in Baghdad and Ballarat
17th - Monday 17th March 2003
21st - 'Invest offshore'
21st - Retirement village deal a step closer
21st - Aussie shares offer easy diversity
21st - Retailers will come again
21st - Genesis is race between burnout rate and reserves
21st - Time to unleash the Furies
21st - Pacific Retail's growth message falls on deaf ears
21st - 'Little' Kiwi investment proves stellar
21st - BIL investors should bail out
21st - Industry regulation not an easy nut to crack
21st - Securities sheriff needs more bullets
21st - Another perspective on analyst independence
21st - NZSE sees gold in them thar banks
21st - Telecom flogs dead horse
21st - The dead hand of regulation
21st - An embarassment of riches
21st - Waikato targets biotech
21st - Regulator brings back price control
21st - Sollitt gets boxed in
21st - Biotech investors 'had it coming'
21st - Board appointment rekindles interest in Apple Fields
21st - Promina tests Chinese walls and brokers' patience
24th - Monday 24th March 2003
28th - PPCS gains more shares
28th - Tower executives run the gauntlet at AGM
28th - Mall bidding war?
28th - TTP keeps mum on court case
28th - Offering for the jittery
28th - Ancient wisdom goes a long way
28th - Waste Management delivers
28th - Buffett shows Kiwis the way to go
28th - RepuTex has yet to rate
28th - Contact Energy investors hit paydirt ­ at last
28th - Forestry company shares languish
28th - Markets ride war rollercoaster
28th - Tower cuts its ties with NBR NZ Opera
28th - Regulator turns prospectus forecasts into dirty words
28th - Juice business moves beyond Fresh-Up
28th - Port of Gisborne battles for a place in the sun
28th - Westgate works overtime to create business
28th - Methanex threatens to quit if Crown turns off the gas
28th - Rubicon judgment appealed
28th - Director escape hatch
31st - Monday 31st March 2003
31st - Promina to woo retail investors
April 2003
1st - Psst ... wanna hear about the secret life of Brian
1st - Tough cheese
1st - Hip to be square
1st - Fast-track China
1st - Coping with China
1st - Forest grump
1st - The future for futures
1st - Supermanager
2nd - Fund managers luke warm on new index
2nd - Origin Pacific believes Air NZ-Qantas deal should be modified
3rd - Market Review: What is war good for?
4th - Air NZ to lose its Freedom
4th - Aussies buy Biolab from Tiongs
4th - Share buybacks boost mergers
4th - Economist condemns market disclosure rules
4th - Promina sheds light on problem child
4th - BCF guardians navigate eel traps
4th - Week in review
4th - On the slippery slope of a triple bottom line
4th - Hedge funds in the gun
4th - Stewarts return to plastics
4th - Heat goes on power retailers
4th - Venture punt turns sour
5th - Monday 5th May 2003
7th - Monday 7th April 2003
8th - Solid Energy expects returns to plummet
9th - New group managing director for Tower
11th - Ryman gets go-ahead
11th - INL shares suspended
11th - Long road to justice for Southern Petroleum litigants
11th - Almost all tech stocks fall
11th - Week In Review
11th - Colonial is all dressed up with no where to go
11th - Flight to quality intensifies
11th - F&P faces uphill battle in US with top-loading drier
11th - Air alliance could survive regulatory knock
11th - There's gold in them thar landfills
14th - Feltex Carpets Secured Bonds
14th - Monday 14th April 2003
15th - AMP sells loan book
15th - Property For Industry report positive
15th - Control of Richina challenged
16th - AMP to close Liquid
17th - Longer trading hours for NZSE
17th - For Restaurant Brands, it's ... fast food, but slow growth
17th - Well-intended rules stymie free market
17th - Banking contrary to unions' mutuality
17th - PPCS seeks more time
17th - Let the protected investor beware
17th - BIL ignores small holders
17th - Retirement firms degenerate
17th - Return to basics puts froth into DB Breweries
17th - Week In Review
17th - New blood for wine
17th - INL: better the Australian devil you know
17th - Diplock squares off with directors
17th - Fairfax's INL buy lines up as a goldplated earner
21st - Monday 21st April 2003
21st - Rate cut unlikely this week
24th - RBNZ cuts OCR
24th - Tranz Rail a case for public-private partnership
24th - Ryman aims for share price boost
24th - Auckland Airport alive with development
24th - AMP to break its investment mould
24th - Time for a Tranz Rail reality check
24th - These shares are hot property
24th - Get real about really managing change
24th - A question of independence
24th - Interisland Line leases freight ship
24th - Rail's battle rekindles that shrinking feeling
24th - Norgate looks set for another term at Fonterra
24th - Tech company's share price under scrutiny after trades
24th - Goodman Fielder to make notes issue
28th - Monday 28th April 2003
28th - Investor confidence takes a big knock
29th - Botry-Zen expands base
29th - Fixed interest winner, but unlikely to continue
May 2003
1st - AMP plans capital raising
1st - AMP to divorce British business
1st - All sewn up
1st - Towering expectations
1st - Red alert
2nd - It's enough to drive a dingo to drink
2nd - No lemming rush as investors shuffle cards
2nd - Week in review
2nd - Dodging the terrible ten gives smoother ride
2nd - Bourse purge picked before SEC probe
2nd - Hart comes home for final Goodman debt slice
2nd - Rooting out the usual suspects
2nd - Possible potential for private equity investing
2nd - Investment banker needs more than fancy shoes
2nd - Smaller banks strike gold among SMEs
2nd - Deutsche bets on transtasman M&A
2nd - Just enough work to go around
2nd - Legislation puts Transfund under political control
2nd - Meridian gets the law on its side
2nd - 'Boom is coming'
2nd - Court reserves judgment in Bendon takeover row
2nd - Feltex puts bonds issue on the line
2nd - Cash-strapped Tranz Rail washes its hands of commuter rail mess
2nd - Sanford rejects 'laundering' claim
2nd - $3b writedowns as AMP splits
2nd - Turning red sheds into bread sheds
2nd - Sars tonic for F&P Healthcare
4th - Hart gives three reasons for buying his capital notes
5th - Qantas Airways shares higher after airline reassures on dividend
5th - March housing consents hit a 26-year high
6th - Banks chalk up more record profits
6th - NZSE to list and raise more capital
7th - Southern Capital wants all of Hirequip
9th - INL turns on Herald
9th - Stocks, files and audio tape
9th - Friends, Kiwis, countrymen, lend me your cash
9th - Big on hope but small on getting stuff out of the ground
9th - Market catches migraines
9th - Scott Technology sends out green shoots
9th - Week in review
9th - Strong demand
9th - Housing boom holds off recession
9th - Printout
9th - Voice recognition attempts call management takeover
9th - ACP takes NetGuide
9th - IBM set to start Office wars 2003
9th - Who's gone
9th - The tax gypsies
9th - Sales slump exposes Warehouse
9th - Feltex bonds get negative rating
9th - Marketers await the long knives
9th - Tait wins $10m contract
9th - Belt-tightening pulls Telecom through
9th - Exchange directors' rules find favour
9th - McConnell firm shortchanges creditors
9th - Stockmen square off for scrap in the High Court
11th - The world's biggest IPO this year is go
12th - Monday 12th May 2003
12th - Market Review: Markets at a cross-roads?
13th - ACC breaches its ethical investment guidelines
14th - AMP's credit rating cut
16th - Pacific Retail suffers a touch of the virus
16th - Tour giant battles double whammy
16th - Symphony reassures
16th - Meat processors go off
16th - Modest TrustPower proves a quiet achiever
16th - Supermarkets snipe away in own version of oil war
16th - NZSE's rules hardly OK
16th - Peter Masfen: Why I'm no tax exile
16th - How we keep the foreign fat cats away
16th - Government wins support for possible Tranz Rail buyback
16th - Meat men scorn Talley's move
16th - ING pulls funds after breach
16th - Title loophole stays for Fairfax takeover
16th - Foodstuffs expands into petrol retailing
16th - Cool Gould moves on from PGG to new ventures
16th - AMP encourages Kiwis' appetite for property
16th - Project Aqua all systems go
16th - ACP wins injunction on defecting manager
16th - New airline plan won't fly past regulators
16th - Lion ahead, dividend up
16th - TrustPower doubles wind farm
16th - Investors take to Promina float with enthusiasm
16th - Freight users mourn lost opportunity
16th - Regulators help kill share floats
16th - NZSE Trading & Settlement System Disruption
19th - Monday 19th May 2003
20th - Electricity Commission will deliver supply security
20th - Colonial First State Property Trust (CPT) release annual results
21st - Tower Limited profit warning
22nd - Richmond appoints ceo
22nd - S&P lifts Promina's rating
23rd - RailAmerica withdraws Tranz Rail bid
23rd - No price controls for airport
23rd - Rail Rivals
23rd - Strong result from Capital Properties
23rd - Kiwi Income raises $25 million
23rd - Meltdown remains on hold
23rd - Disgruntled investors offered claims service
23rd - Waste Management's unrecognised recovery
23rd - Week In Review
23rd - US poised to grow as Europe slides
23rd - Domestic air travel's big changes
23rd - Air NZ on a high wire
23rd - Collision course
23rd - Skyline lifts tourism act
23rd - State strips cash from generators
23rd - Auditor change drives Tower's huge writedown
23rd - Boeing hits turbulence
23rd - Restaurant Brands readies for rival
23rd - F&PH's temperature rises
23rd - TTP shareholders overthrow question gag
23rd - Air NZ braces for turbulence
26th - Monday 26th May 2003
27th - BHP Steel announces upgrade to metal coating plant in NZ
27th - Commerce Commission investigates milk
27th - Forysth Barr does a deal
28th - KIPT increases profit by 3.2%
28th - Ryman announces record annual net profit of $15.3 million
28th - NZSE Limited Announces Further Details of its Listing and Public Offer
28th - Tower capital raising confirmed
28th - Commission completes insider trading enquiry
29th - Blis signals more new products
29th - NBNZ on the block?
30th - Less to the Fairfax tax deal than meets the eye
30th - Paramount meets forecasts
30th - Appliances delivers
30th - National Property shows off success
30th - Revaluations buoy steady Kiwi
30th - Cruise market ready for expansion
30th - Scenic Circle on the move
30th - Bigger payout for dairy suppliers despite gloom
30th - PPCS turns up heat on Richmond minorities
30th - Family keeps out Aussies
30th - AMP nets $39m from management sale
30th - Property helps Ryman
30th - Struggling Tower faces more large writedowns
30th - US$10.4 million Richina rights issue closes
30th - Infratil Ltd year end results announcement
30th - Muir checks out of the Warehouse
30th - The good, the bad and the downright crazy
June 2003
1st - Getting a growling
1st - Broad band
1st - Paying for paradise
1st - Bottom feeders
1st - Georgetown 101
1st - Silver lining
1st - The two billion dollar lamb
1st - Disconnecting flights
1st - John Goulter's business class
2nd - Vector bondholders have another two-month to wait
3rd - Tuesday 3rd June 2003
5th - RB cuts rates
5th - Moves to make Newcall more attractive
6th - GPG: Buying a bargain or a black hole?
6th - Challenge too far
6th - Richmond minorities boosted
6th - Homebuilders takes on Carters Fix It franchise
6th - The Warehouse rolls out biggest distribution store
6th - Southern Capital evolves into Hirequip
6th - Froth hides tasty investment
6th - Owens steps into the unknown
6th - Signal to expansionists in Warehouse dilemma
6th - Week in review
6th - Risk-appetite grows as markets rally
6th - Westgate cuts costs
6th - F&P's healthcare recipe: stick to knitting and control brand
6th - Jordan sells 40% of Virtual Spectator
6th - 'Just the facts ma'am' approach wins in Bendon case
6th - Share price soars on Privy Council case
6th - INL windfall for staff
6th - Strong NZX start nets CEO $3m
6th - Kiwi companies fall to Australian jinx
9th - Monday 9th June 2003
9th - Kiwi Income Property Trust gives shopping centre $10 million face lift
10th - Commission sets thresholds for power lines coys
11th - National Acquires 90% of Newmarket Property Trust
11th - Public benefits of Air NZ/Qantas deal less
13th - Tangled tracks
13th - New man at helm of Calan
13th - Roadshow signs up for new PFI development
13th - Lobby groups muddle the thinking
13th - A mixed investment bag
13th - Market misses Eldercare pulse
13th - Week in review
13th - Low yields prove an investor's challenge in deflationary times
13th - Smart driver
13th - Public-private partnership
13th - A railway line to nowhere
13th - 'Broader' wool futures contract makes comeback
13th - PPCS prepares to celebrate victory
13th - Watson looks to appeal $1 million loss
13th - Toll mulls higher Tranz Rail offer after knockback
13th - Fairfax counts cost as staff walk
13th - Southern Capital morphs
13th - INVESTOR INTERVIEW: Southern Capital morphs
15th - One less fund in Govt's venture capital programme
17th - Fairfax INL bid fair: report
17th - GPG bid fair: report
17th - Hanover reveals Tower stake
18th - Commission tries out new powers
19th - National Median House Price eclipses itself again
19th - Ross Securities warned over BIL offer
19th - Don't they know it's winter?
20th - Companies forget cashflow is king
20th - Whether to put your money where your head or heart is
20th - Skellmax shrugs off weak markets
20th - Mainfreight, Owens look good bets while Tranz Rail's on branch line
20th - Global Position
20th - Dissident Tower group wants GPG aboard
20th - TelstraClear says network no bluff
21st - Can the joint rally in shares and bonds continue?
23rd - Monday 23rd June 2003
25th - Commission bans General Mortgage
25th - Richina trims profit forecast
27th - The amazing shrinking Telecom
27th - Apple Fields waits on Privy Council
27th - TTP granted waiver on asset sale
27th - TRA takes a harder line
27th - Fund managers look on brighter side of things
27th - It could be time for a cold shower
27th - Finding commodities' crystal ball
27th - Best of shares, worst of shares
27th - Venture fund seeks baby tech investments
27th - Week in review
27th - US in denial over deflation trend
27th - Telecom warns Kiwi Share 'unrealistic'
27th - Bad old days of telco scraps back again
27th - GPG deal under threat
27th - Where's Air NZ's plan B? asks Virgin Blue
27th - Fund managers forced to come clean
30th - Monday 30th June 2003
30th - Bank report card
30th - Urbus announces listing date
July 2003
1st - In the minority
1st - Open wide
1st - The radio times
1st - Market power
1st - Diary of an entrepreneur
1st - Analyse this
1st - Calculated risks
1st - New deal for Tower shareholders
2nd - Rail group pressures Toll
4th - NBNZ tops new Morningstar ratings
4th - Options mount for National Bank
4th - IT Capital battles on
4th - Montana puts barrel-loads of know-how on intranet
4th - Blackmore takes a walk on other side
4th - Montana buys more land
4th - Pragmatism rules New Zealand too
4th - Auckland leads ports' rev-up
4th - Shares surge as BIL grasps Thistle
4th - Time to surrender life policies?
4th - How bear market spreads misery
4th - On the pulse
4th - Minnow toughens up
4th - Cottage-industry firm grows with a relish
4th - Small company sails along on
4th - Honey of a business
4th - An entrepreneur who liked to take a helicopter view
4th - Man with Midas touch closes his final deal
4th - Prominent family buys into Thode
4th - Takeover creates South Island-wide chain
4th - Ferrier's problem ­ which way to go?
4th - Two honoured while Norgate shown the door
4th - Guano hits Wrightson's fan
4th - Toll has upper hand in Tranz Rail saga
4th - Double blow for A2 Corporation
4th - PRG or MBO for Farmers?
4th - Warehouse veteran pressured to take top job
4th - Watchdog probes Tranz Rail 'discretionary' share trading
4th - GPG outgunned over Tower deal
4th - GPG to underwrite Tower issue
5th - A bear market rally or the start of the next bull market?
7th - Monday 7th July 2003
7th - NZX IPO Closes After Heavy Retail Interest
7th - Govt does deal with Toll on tracks
8th - NEXT Investor Interview - Infratil
10th - Housing market is abnormal: expert
11th - Aussie punters flock to Telecom
11th - Anderton's banking probe: Breakthrough or beatup?
11th - Law lords criticise Apple Fields for 'contrived' appeal
11th - Four heavyweights all on the go
11th - Beyond the equity market
11th - Investors endure long wait for China profits
11th - Counter-cyclicalists can do well
11th - Week in review
11th - Passing the test
11th - Numeria goes it alone
11th - Commission eyes Farmers
11th - Tower steadies
11th - Toll deal sidelines rival freight firms
11th - Trustees weigh up Paterson's investments
11th - Too-close-for-comfort judge turfed in Actonz tax case
12th - Investor Interview: Infratil boss Lloyd Morrison
12th - Infratil boss Lloyd Morrison
14th - Monday 14th July 2003
14th - Tower sells trust business
14th - Hanover increases Tower stake and ante
15th - St Laurence introduces performance fees
15th - GPG gets exemption notice - with conditions
16th - The Insiders Guide to Investing in Aust. Mining & Resources Stocks
16th - KIPT adds new property
18th - Confirmation of Air NZ and Qantas conferences
18th - Neville leaves
18th - Going public extracts dividends for SOE
18th - Whitcoulls sells in Wellington, Christchurch
18th - AMP in Aussie asset scramble
18th - Urbus looks to boost image
18th - Extraordinary sleight of hand on rail
18th - Nikkei rise hides deeper crisis
18th - Westpac NZ shares catch up their big brothers
18th - Investment trusts surprise
18th - Zespri earns its stripes
18th - Heavyweights' spending
18th - Urbus prepares to list
18th - Hedging to rescue at CHH
18th - Property saves the day
18th - International banker takes on A2
18th - Hanover puts heat on Tower
18th - National house prices resilient
20th - Rate cut picked for Thursday
21st - Monday 21st July 2003
21st - Managed funds unpopular
22nd - Best investment returns since 1998
23rd - June quarter returns a cracker
23rd - Tower sells out of financial planning business
25th - Tougher securities trading laws coming
25th - Who would buy a wall of wood?
25th - Arcus leads managed fund revival
25th - No wonder private investors shun the market
25th - Cabletalk's clean slate wins approval
25th - Week in review
25th - Who controls General Mortgage companies?
25th - Market dogs bark but few deliver
25th - Cloudy outlook for co-op's growth
25th - Fonterra rides out storm
25th - Actonz brings in the corporate big guns
25th - Virgin speeds up transtasman plans
25th - Seabed claim turns spotlight on Sanford
25th - Pacific Retail Group no longer involved in Farmers sales process
28th - Adviser laws to be toughened
28th - RB governor gives local bodies a rates warning
29th - Fund recovery firm formed
30th - BNZIM resolving tax values in investment funds
August 2003
1st - Cullen wealth tax creeps back on to menu
1st - Air NZ's fleet replacement programme 'will be rapid'
1st - Signs for turbulence for buoyant Capital Properties
1st - Fisher complains about Money Managers
1st - Week in review
1st - Bond market turns treacherous
1st - Kiwi hedge fund cooks up tasty profits
1st - Revaluing skews Contact result
1st - Powell assumes Hirepool reins
1st - Turners Auctions looks at setting up finance arm
1st - NZX dips after result
1st - Meridian freezes development while it consults
1st - Hart takeover gets Goodman family blessing
1st - Nuplex case could spark further plant closures
1st - Mainfreight, Owens set to fight Toll
1st - Richmond demands all shares be forfeited
1st - Venture forth
1st - Spam spawns success
1st - Food for thought
1st - Beyond the fancy talk
1st - What the world thinks
1st - Fisheries Commission considering its options
1st - Consents likely to stay strong
1st - Club Life looking for more capital to grow
1st - Monday 1st September 2003
4th - Monday 4th August 2003
4th - Next Investor Interview: Telecom
4th - Certified Organics half year result on track
5th - Briscoes sales up 10%
5th - Genesis appoints new ceo
6th - Telecom's Theresa Gattung
6th - GPG's underwriting court case cancelled
7th - Govt to close down managed fund tax loophole
7th - Toll's deal with Govt exclusive
8th - Watchdog's expedition seeks elusive prey
8th - Two more directors for PPCS
8th - Company entitled to earn a profit ­
8th - Dominion Funds plans second merger
8th - Cheque snag hits Waitaki Valley viticulture plans
8th - When mistakes are forgivable
8th - Miners see solid results
8th - Diversification pays big dividends for Hellaby
8th - Week in review
8th - Great advantages for the better-off investor
8th - US bonds clip euro's high
8th - Making legal history
8th - Mobile income tipped to slow
8th - Dividend hike forecast after Telecom's major cost-cutting
8th - Jade pulls share float as cashflow dries up
8th - AMP quits Australian property
8th - Masfen becomes a South Island corporate farmer
8th - Tiny National Bank bidder takes on giants
8th - Vertex papers do the rounds
8th - Watchdog targets listed companies
8th - Further growth for Ryman after record year
11th - Monday 11th August 2003
11th - Back to business for Tower
11th - AMP says H1 underlying group earnings in line with guidance
13th - Cairns Lockie pulls out of contributory mortgages
13th - Super stuff up
13th - Ugly year for Richina
14th - NZX releases final corporate governance submission
14th - NZ Super Fund announces asset allocations
14th - Background Q&A
15th - Plastic Fantastic - the invasion that never was
15th - The Warehouse to anchor capital airport retailers
15th - Country's biggest property portfolio sale launched
15th - Sizeable gap looms with AMP's share price
15th - Fletcher slims
15th - Week in review
15th - A Renaissance of sorts but there's still a way to go
15th - Kiwi fund managers rescued by Super Fund
15th - Investors do better than expected
15th - Fund managers under fire
15th - Lyttelton Port carries baggage of militancy
15th - Media company buys into forestry
15th - Montana exports strictly Kiwi
15th - PPCS says its accounts are OK
15th - Air NZ oils regulators' palms with new Tasman Express
15th - ANZ name could go in National takeover
15th - Tribunal imposes gag to protect PPCS
15th - Guardians defend their allocation
18th - Monday 18th August 2003
18th - Fund manager takes over Paramount trust
18th - NZX argument debunked
20th - Auckland leads residential property in booming July sales
20th - ASB boosts its profit by more than 20% - again
20th - NZX defends its closure decision
20th - AMP Office builds surplus
22nd - Plea bargain time: how US managers rort investors
22nd - POT cooks up great recipe for shareholders
22nd - Week in review
22nd - Elders Finance to launch bond issue
22nd - Exchange turns stuffy watchdog
22nd - Power Pack
22nd - Software company drops staff
22nd - More millions needed to get laws online
22nd - NGC finishes housekeeping and looks for growth
22nd - Profits start flowing at Sky TV
22nd - PPCS breaches media gag it first sought
22nd - Kiwi Income Property Trust says it's full steam ahead
22nd - Hunt on in earnest for Warehouse chief executive
22nd - Deloitte under fire for Axa accounting blunder
25th - Monday 25th August 2003
26th - Govt helps landlords
26th - AXA's repositioning more than doubles profit
29th - How high can the Wrightson rocket fly?
29th - Companies reveal CEO contract details
29th - Aussie firms have good year
29th - Wrightson investors keep the faith despite profit fall
29th - Westland council's governance slammed
29th - Yen sweetens as euro sours
29th - Sky makes MTS an offer to avoid costly set-top retune
29th - Trading on the founders' well-tested template
29th - HP challenges the big guns
29th - Air New Zealand goes low-cost international
29th - MasterCard moves on cyber thieves with Maestro system
29th - Company Results
29th - Coal import deal
29th - Local traffic helps Sky City come up trumps
29th - AX makes listing easier for smaller companies
29th - Investors not keen on Skyline listing
29th - Skellmax Industries escapes China syndrome
29th - Ownership changes spell end of cut-price premiums
29th - Inland Revenue attacked over pointless penalties
29th - Court delivers final blow to Russell tax-dodge schemes
29th - NAB raid casts shadow over AMP NZ's future
September 2003
1st - Export education - blip or bust?
1st - Delayed reaction
1st - Great Scott
1st - Home is where the dosh is
1st - Look down first
4th - OCR unchanged
4th - Future rate cuts unlikely
5th - Briscoes prodcues satisfactory profit
5th - NAB's AMP move raises the Tower stakes
5th - Capital Properties boss lured north
5th - Unit Titles Act unsophisticated
5th - Reading between the lines
5th - Tourism set for bumpy ride
5th - Ratings reduce hidden risks for investors
5th - Tauranga tries new strategies
5th - Merger brings better service
5th - Vero emerges after a costly, nerve-wracking rebranding
5th - INL individual contractors fared better
5th - Sky UHF subscribers lose in Maori TV plan
5th - Freightways warns of spies
5th - PRG acquires UK retailer
5th - 42 Below float looks set to sex up stock exchange
5th - Blunder costs Edinburgh $16 million
5th - National Bank customers walk in face of ANZ bid
8th - Monday 8th September 2003
8th - New Zealand hit by decline in foreign direct investment
9th - Bollard: further real estate warning
9th - Dependence on foreign capital limits income growth - report
11th - Sky Network TV - John Fellet
11th - Mainfreight - Don Braid
12th - Equity accounting: fair value or fairy tales?
12th - Art investments better than equities over 12 years
12th - Individual retailers undergo a mixed bag of changes
12th - Week in review
12th - Baycorp battles to win back market confidence
12th - Smiths City leads a First 15 set to launch
12th - Strugglers fail to rouse from torpor
12th - Fraudsters aim at ATM and Eftpos transactions
12th - Airline gets on with the job
12th - Norris warns against rights issue as regulator sets rules
12th - Freightways 'not highly geared'
12th - Heineken stung over NZ's dumping as Cup subhost
15th - Monday 15th September 2003
16th - PFI to issue shares at discount
17th - NZX does deal with SFE
19th - Red face time again as Fletcher jumps the gun
19th - Marketing sweetener attracts Virgin to Chch
19th - Farrant leads charge over Project Aqua
19th - Golden handshakes merely suck profits from suckers
19th - Week in review
19th - Provenco could do much better
19th - Add a TEP to your fixed-interest portfolio
19th - Nickel, lead outshine gold, silver
19th - Fiddles from the mutuals
19th - Forestry fortunes fall, plantings tail off
19th - Johannink's PX2 rises from Phoenix's ashes
19th - Tax change could snare homes in family trusts
22nd - Monday 22nd September 2003
22nd - Guardians appoint intl manager
22nd - House sales remain strong
23rd - NZX market opening delay - an explanation
25th - Urbus makes $15 million share placement
25th - ANZ gets clearance to buy NBNZ
26th - Dead money complicates Forests sale
26th - Trustees Executers back from dead
26th - Thinking outside the square
26th - Week in review
26th - Auckland Airport shares on the sup and up
26th - A2 milk hits the American market
26th - Iraq could yet affect US stocks
26th - Fonterra R&D revamp spawns businesses
26th - Air NZ moves to upgrade fleet
26th - Investors give PRG board first degree
26th - Timber faces China syndrome
29th - Monday 29th September 2003
29th - NZX accredits nine sponsors
29th - Housing consents hit 28 year high
29th - Kiwi Income sets conversion rate
October 2003
1st - Buy, sell, hold: Ryman Corp
1st - Crazy Kiwi savers
1st - Giving the boot
1st - Going, going live
1st - House holder
2nd - GSF winds back intl share exposure
3rd - Not all bad news for ANZ's customer love drive
3rd - Williams & Kettle restructures
3rd - Corporate governance rules
3rd - Week in review
3rd - Turners Auctions on the block
3rd - Confidence returns unexpectedly in third quarter
3rd - Three financial buys or holds
3rd - Toll offer heading to the wire as deadline looms
3rd - PPCS claims victory
3rd - Freightways float delivers the goods
3rd - Fallout follows PPCS 'win'
6th - Monday 6th October 2003
7th - Profit reported by Public Trust
9th - Young generations increasingly society's biggest worriers
10th - Trans Tasman Props comes back from dead
10th - PrimePort Timaru prospers
10th - AMP Office and National improve leasing portfolios
10th - NZX drops
10th - When stocks cop their share of sporting highs and lows
10th - Week in review
10th - Restaurant Brands continues its slow downward slide
10th - Watchdog credibility depends on more money
10th - Tech stocks gain in past half-year
10th - Is Whitcoulls on the block?
10th - Companies Office urged to use surplus to sue directors
13th - Monday 13th October 2003
13th - 42 Below fully subscribed
15th - Guardian Trust Funds Management To Hold Tranz Rail Shares
16th - Indices to move to free float
17th - Week in review
17th - Windfall saves Vector trustees' bacon
17th - Biggest property deal of year pending
17th - Meridian sells for $26.7m
17th - Business weathers weirdness
17th - Nufarm provides potent recipe for Australian growth
17th - Meridian demands action on Project Aqua
17th - Temperatures rise in health sector
17th - Farmers lifts F&P Appliances
17th - Entertainment group aims for AX
17th - AMP sounds gloom on 2004 economy
17th - Watson's Excell Corp bounces back in style
17th - AMP dismisses Mainfreight offer as too light
17th - Airline survival 'dependent on staff cuts'
17th - Excell looking to grow after returning to profit
17th - Richina lowers profit forecast
20th - Monday 20th October 2003
22nd - NBNZ gets into sharebroking
23rd - Air New Zealand and Qantas: Commerce Commission media release
24th - Port of Tauranga has solid opening quarter
24th - Monday 24th November 2003
27th - Monday 27th October 2003
27th - Banks make hay while the sun shines - S&P
28th - Investor confidence jumps in September quarter
28th - Richina gets into leather
29th - Skellmax puts on its best dressed
31st - No ave for EVA from Sky City duo
31st - Sprinkler saves NZI building
31st - Hirequip markets Pegasus Bay
31st - Government needs Air NZ rethink
31st - Pause defies upward trend
31st - Hospital targets baby boomers for growth
31st - INL takeover offer gets the bum's rush
31st - OCR could snag property investors
31st - Paterson estate sells key Queenstown asset
31st - Evergreen: more writedowns coming
31st - Harvard eyes more forests downunder
November 2003
1st - Buy, Sell, Hold: Industrial strength
1st - Fast 50
1st - History repeats
1st - Sky High
1st - Paper boy
1st - Opportunity knocks
3rd - Monday 3rd November 2003
4th - Money Managers comments damage industry: ASCB
5th - NZRPT's tax problems far from solved
5th - Govt sets savings example
6th - Wrightson - Allan Freeth
7th - Briscoe Group third quarter sales increase 6.22%
7th - NZX Operating Metrics - October 2003
7th - Appeal court unravels Rubicon
7th - Sky City's convention centre grows apace
7th - Scandal rocks US savings market
7th - Company annual reports discover corporate virtue
7th - Week in review
7th - Investors eye steady plodder carefully
7th - ING says it exceeded its prospectus forecast
7th - Miners polish shares ahead of gems
7th - Westpac wasn't banking on this
7th - Yes bank changes its tune
7th - NZ buy changes Fairfax mix
7th - Hirequip investors told to stand tall and proud
7th - Market reality triumphs in Perry appeal ruling
7th - Telecom cautious
7th - Cavalier toasts founder
7th - New rules for PPCS board
7th - Decision time for airline appeal
7th - Brewers compete for brownie pointers with healthy results
7th - Paramount to soak up MFL and SIL funds
8th - Monday 8th December 2003
10th - Monday 10th November 2003
10th - Zintel confirms listing
13th - Who's who in the NZAX team
13th - INGPT to become $232 million NZX fund
13th - ING to be number three property fund
14th - Sky TV holders swap more for less
14th - Fencemaker's testing time
14th - Hotere works sweep market
14th - St Laurence offers exit for syndicates, seeks $25m
14th - Liquidated construction firm in row with Fletchers
14th - ING deal paves the way for expanded, more liquid trust
14th - Interim profit tumble
14th - Appliances disappoints market
14th - Hues of Blis less brightly glow
14th - New NZX capital overwhelms AX hype
14th - Fund manager looks for gems
14th - PPCS vague on meat war cost
14th - Air NZ backs down over its $1500 sandwich
14th - Tru-Test answers 'naive' critics
14th - BT stays with Putnam despite fraud charge
14th - GPG appeals Perry judgement
14th - AAPT targets Telstra's mainstream business
17th - Monday 17th November 2003
17th - Indo Pacific plans IPO
20th - Housing market back on the boil
21st - Time right for gas: Report
21st - Reconstructed Fletcher Building faces stress test
21st - Airlines see the light
21st - Industrial developments on drawing board at AIA
21st - Kiwis splurge on cuckoos' eggs
21st - Undervalued banks look attractive
21st - Bonds go grizzly
21st - Macraes has another go
21st - Air NZ and Qantas appeal decision
21st - Actonz promoter says investors will appeal tax decision
21st - Carter Holt opens Pandora's tissue box
21st - NGC eyes Indo gas prospects
24th - Increased rural sales helps bolster median price
24th - Tax an issue behind Richina move
26th - Super Fund appoints Australia's Vangurard as bonds manager
26th - Fletcher Building - Ralph Waters
26th - Calan says dividends will be restricted
28th - Penny-pinching farmers dent rural rivals
28th - Tenth year for tiny fare flier
28th - Success for AX-listed companies may mean their removal
28th - Gold rally likely to continue
28th - Wellington drive puts foot on the pedal
28th - Tower crawls back but problems remain
28th - Rural firms iron out the profit hills
28th - TelstraClear makes move toward digital TV
28th - High returns with less risk
28th - Fonterra lease brings relief for Waltus
28th - Fonterra rides on back of China's consumer growth
28th - Competition dents insurance profits
28th - AMI captures market share
28th - Repco fights back as competition revs up
28th - Chinese papers go kung fu fighting
28th - Gold offers no bonanza for producers
28th - Forbar raises $100m from notes issue
December 2003
1st - Experts divided on this week's OCR announcement
1st - Monday 1st December 2003
1st - Substantial improvement in sentiment toward AMP: Mohl
1st - Good genes
1st - De-stress the workplace
1st - Call waiting
1st - Celentis launches seed subsidiary
1st - Coming in 2004
1st - Goodbye to all that!
2nd - Skycity announces Adelaide plans
4th - Taranaki basin still under-explored: Bennett
4th - RBNZ leaves cash rate unchanged
4th - Reserve Bank leaves rates unchanged
5th - Rings coins lose their sparkle
5th - Hanover lifts Tower stake
5th - Very clever, Mr Bond
5th - Your wealth Investors reap rich harvest
5th - Brander laments telco's 'lost chance'
5th - ANZO snares five Auckland leases
5th - Making shareholders happy
5th - Ngai Tahu struggles to mop up Shotover Jet
5th - Ryman rides high on health sector wave
5th - The ARC and Vero's excellent adventure
5th - Hanover Group at centre of property seminar collapse
9th - Banks start to hike floating rates
10th - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare - Mike Daniell
10th - Indo Pacific to change name
10th - Dominion takeover to be investigated
11th - Some investors miss out on Global Credit Notes
11th - Macraes gold due back on the exchange
12th - Stingy Ngai Tahu triggers takeover trap
12th - Promina investors reap big rewards
12th - AMP braces for rights shortfall
12th - Forests sway in buoyant market
12th - New management team at Air NZ
12th - Eat the Rich
12th - Bell group clings to final option
12th - Fonterra's $200m top-up buoys regions
15th - Monday 15th December 2003
15th - Share trading alternative now live
16th - ING buys Club Life for $15 million
16th - Proposed tax changes for offshore investments
17th - House prices rise 20.5% for the year
17th - New Zealand wine industry well placed for big challenges
17th - Commercial property powers on
18th - AMP Office Trust faces big changes
18th - Tower appoints new director
18th - Panel declines Ngai Tahu exemption
18th - CEO appointed to Restaurant Brands
19th - Report card on superannuation released
19th - Report card on superannuation released
19th - Can we have a drum roll please ...
19th - AMP's Xmas spree
19th - Richmond shareholder to seek Privy Council reversal
19th - Tax net widens for investors
19th - Bizarre year for markets
19th - Week in Review
19th - It's a tough road ahead for Vending Technologies
19th - Revamp for ANZO
19th - Deals on wheels and other games
19th - Rising tide of optimism banishes the bears
19th - Kiwi shares set for reasonable year again
19th - High-stakes game played at Casinos
19th - Goodman family drives Macquarie plan
19th - Zen merger seeks synergy
19th - Edison overhaul sees Contact love-in
19th - Top price tipped for North Island forests
19th - Monday 22nd December 2003
19th - Minister still considering status of Unlisted
21st - NBNZ sale may reduce competitive pressures: Moodys
22nd - Wellington Drive Technologies': Ross Green
29th - NZX closes again
29th - NZX reopens