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January 2006
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January 2006
4th - Sharemarket tips for 2006
4th - 2005 Review: NZX lucks out in year of the takeover
4th - Oil to remain near record highs in 2006
5th - The home-grown virtual company
9th - Monday 9th January 2006
16th - Monday 16th January 2006
16th - House prices up again in December
17th - Turn of the tide
17th - Fixed home loan rates start the year falling
17th - Magazine business loses momentum
18th - GE cleared to buy Pacific Retail
23rd - Monday 23rd January 2006
23rd - Investors confident in the face of a slowdown
23rd - Calan Healthcare Properties Trust: Miles Wentworth
24th - Competition and more competition
26th - OCR unchanged at 7.25%
26th - Bollard leaves rates unchanged and rules out an easing
30th - Monday 30th January 2006
31st - Lenders continue to ease rates
February 2006
3rd - Sharemarket game launched to assist investors
3rd - The cable guys
3rd - Market review: So far so good - but will it continue?
6th - Monday 6th February 2006
8th - Attractive rates name of game
9th - New Zealanders too relaxed about retirement
13th - Monday 13th February 2006
13th - Hirequip appoints Ray Polson to its board
14th - Rabobank offers managed funds online
14th - The rate war continues
16th - Keeping the faith
17th - Bursting bubbles
20th - Monday 20th February 2006
20th - Monday 20th March 2006
21st - More short-term rate falls
21st - Best of golden weather over
22nd - Useful resources for investors in the Australian sharemarket
25th - Hellaby Holdings: David Houldsworth
27th - Monday 27th February 2006
28th - Battle for borrowers business continues
28th - Rotten apples
March 2006
1st - Budget date announced
3rd - Market review: How hard will the landing be?
3rd - Opinion: "Tunnel to China" trade philosophy threatens NZ economy
6th - Monday 6th March 2006
6th - Fairfax buys TradeMe
7th - Home loan changes muted in past week
8th - Invitation to join the March Stock Guru game
9th - OCR unchanged at 7.25%
9th - Reserve Bank leaves OCR unchanged and rules out any easing this year
10th - The gambler
10th - Opinion: Trade Me a site for Fairfax eyes
13th - Monday 13th March 2006
14th - ASB Securities raises internet trading charges
21st - Morrison & Co to manage infrastructure mandate
22nd - Rates falls ease
22nd - Kiwibank buys 51% of New Zealand Home Loans
23rd - ING Property Trust Management: Andrew Evans
24th - Firebomb Telecom
24th - Beating the bank
24th - Management changes needed to make property trusts more attractive
24th - Opinion: NZ trips over deficit
27th - Monday 27th March 2006
28th - A swarm of rate changes
28th - New director for Charlie's
April 2006
3rd - Monday 3rd April 2006
4th - Next round of cuts underway
6th - On the move
6th - ShareChat Survey: win a case of wine
6th - [Book Special] Making Money from CFD Trading
7th - Opinion: Shares boom as investors shake off gloom
10th - Monday 10th April 2006
11th - Small concession in tax changes
11th - Tough decision time
13th - The migration gap
13th - Opinion: Tax changes on investments introduce new distortions
17th - Monday 17th April 2006
19th - Rates quiet, some upward pressure applied
19th - New Chief Economist For ANZ National Bank
20th - Ross Investments fined for misleading offer to investors
21st - Opinion: Petrol price rises will squeeze households
21st - [Book Review] Twenty Good Summers
24th - Monday 24th April 2006
24th - [Dog of the Month] GDC Communications Ltd
26th - Managed funds experience turnaround
27th - OCR unchanged at 7.25%
27th - Reserve Bank leaves rates unchanged and rules outs any cuts this year
28th - Building consents plummet
28th - How to lay a (nest) egg
28th - Winds of change
28th - Opinion: Meat company's books bleed red ink, but turnaround predicted
May 2006
1st - Monday 1st May 2006
1st - Home loan rates start rising
1st - [Stock Guru Game] Weekly Commentary
5th - Kingfish reveals a good catch for the year
5th - Westpac changes its home loan strategy
5th - Port of call
7th - Blue Chip Financial Solutions: Andrew Murray and Jonathan Woodhams
7th - Investors' portfolios grow despite a week of bad sharemarket news
8th - Monday 8th May 2006
9th - More rate rises happening
9th - Dorchester Pacific appoints new CEO
12th - The new dotcoms
12th - Dorchester Pacific sells Direct Broking to ANZ National Bank
12th - Opinion: Swansong looms for Fletcher Building's Ralph Waters
15th - Monday 15th May 2006
15th - Stock Guru: Finzsoft fizzes game
18th - Unusual things happening with home loan rates
19th - Opinion: When is a takeover not a takeover?
19th - Monday 19th June 2006
22nd - Monday 22nd May 2006
23rd - Comvita: Brett Hewlett
23rd - Finally it has happened
25th - Cullen says no more tax holidays
25th - More bang for your buck
26th - Property investors in mood to buy
29th - Monday 29th May 2006
31st - Outlook for rate changes low
June 2006
2nd - Up in the air
2nd - 2006 Investment Yearbook - OUT NOW!
2nd - Market Review: The sell-off
2nd - Opinion: Selling out to the Aussies
5th - Monday 5th June 2006
8th - OCR remains at 7.25%
8th - Bollard leaves rates unchanged despite worsening inflation outlook
9th - King launches "aggressive" Viking, aims to raise up to $20 million
9th - Package deals
12th - Monday 12th June 2006
13th - Higher for longer
14th - Officials not interested in rating finance companies
14th - Rules catch another manager
14th - Whippy markets take toll on NZ shares
15th - Worst over for NZ economy
16th - Opinion: Tourism industry may need rethink as growth pauses
20th - [ShareChat] CFD Book Giveaway
23rd - Dancing the rumba
23rd - Taxing times
25th - Opinion: Technology companies returning to radar screens
26th - Monday 26th June 2006
26th - Tower: Jim Minto
26th - Mainfreight (NZX:MFT)
28th - Economic news points to higher rates
29th - Broadband bombshell
30th - Opinion: Local investors wants heads over Contact
July 2006
3rd - Monday 3rd July 2006
3rd - [Stock Guru] Book draw winners announced
4th - New Zealand Finance Holdings
4th - St Laurence Mortgages announces a strong profit
5th - Rakon releases annual report
6th - Were you a lucky book winner?
7th - Market review: Classic show-down between earnings and interest rates
10th - Monday 10th July 2006
11th - Restaurant Brands
11th - Bridgecorp gets four star rating
14th - Opinion: Outcry grows as council rates to rise above inflation for years
17th - Monday 17th July 2006
19th - Salvus starts sharebuyback
19th - Trustpower
20th - New round of rate rises
21st - Opinion: Sharemarket performance as bleak as the weather
24th - Monday 24th July 2006
24th - OCR likely to remain the same this week
26th - Fisher & Paykel Appliances
26th - Stock Guru game now open
27th - No change to OCR
27th - Bollard leaves rates unchanged
28th - Dorchester announces share buyback programme
28th - Opinion: This will transform the economy won't it? Yeah right
31st - Monday 31st July 2006
August 2006
2nd - Lombard Group Ltd
2nd - What is the secret to top trader thinking
4th - Call me loyal
4th - New acquisition grows non-bee health product range for Comvita
5th - Market review: At the crossroads
7th - Monday 7th August 2006
7th - Dominion Finance Holdings: Terry Butler
8th - AXA group ceo steps down
8th - Rates start easing
8th - Stock Guru Commentary
10th - New IPO Offer: CoreTrack PTY Ltd
11th - Opinion: Electricity investment uncertainty after mixed messages
14th - Monday 14th August 2006
15th - ShareChat IPO News: CoreTrack Pty Ltd closing soon
16th - Coretrack IPO on target
18th - Opinion: Slowdown? What slowdown? Economic data tells two stories
21st - Monday 21st August 2006
22nd - New book aims to teach money skills
22nd - NZ energy future needs discoveries, technology - or coal
23rd - Air NZ looking good for Friday year profit
25th - Property Finance Group: Darryl Queen
26th - Opinion: A flutter on Sky City shares may become more of a gamble
28th - Monday 28th August 2006
28th - Australia's Tabcorp signs MOU with NZ Racing Board
30th - Oil and gas drill IPO oversubscribed
30th - KiwiSaver airborne
31st - Reach for the Sky
September 2006
1st - Opinion: Government wants better co-ordination between regions
4th - Monday 4th September 2006
9th - Opinion: Commission investigation into Plus SMS will test credibility
9th - Market Review: US housing downturn a warning for New Zealand?
9th - Monday 9th October 2006
11th - Monday 11th September 2006
14th - OCR unchanged at 7.25%
14th - Bollard leaves rates unchanged but talks tough
15th - Property investors invited to
16th - Monday 16th October 2006
18th - Monday 18th September 2006
19th - [New Book] Milk arrowroots and mittens, anyone?
22nd - Opinion: Sorry Feltex saga has damaged reputations and confidence
23rd - Monday 23rd October 2006
25th - Monday 25th September 2006
29th - Monday 2nd October 2006
October 2006
2nd - The government's "fair dividend rate" is not going to be fair for managed funds, says AMP Capital strategist Leo Krippner.
2nd - Allied Prime Finance launches its first prospectus
2nd - Going geek - Is tech a good bet for investors?
3rd - [ShareChat] CFD Book Giveaway
4th - Market review: Our Current Account Woes
9th - Spring campaign starts with a bang
16th - [ShareChat] CFD Book Giveaway
24th - Scott Technology managing director Chris Hopkins
25th - Barramundi offer overfished
26th - OCR remains the same
26th - Bollard delivers early Christmas present to the housing market
27th - Opinion: Reserve Bank flip-flops cost us all
November 2006
3rd - Monday 6th November 2006
3rd - Opinion: Climate change opportunities for NZ in post-Stern world
6th - Oceanagold And Climax Mining Merger
10th - Not so fast - Finance companies aren't all failures
13th - Monday 13th November 2006
13th - Capitalising on High Fashion
13th - New book on CFD Trading
15th - NZO reveals more of its development plans
16th - Reserve Bank warns on deposit risks
16th - NZ business still ain't got it right in China says local expert
17th - Monday 20th November 2006
17th - Opinion: Air NZ yet to reveal plan C
23rd - Pumpkin Patch managing director Maurice Prendergast
24th - Monday, 27 November to Monday, 04 December 2006
28th - Tourism Holdings: Interview
28th - Just Arrived: Top Stocks 2007
28th - Committee stops short of forcing total split of Telecom
29th - Negotiating some trickier shoals
29th - Dick Smith Electronics first retailer in digital music
30th - Nikkei seen higher but rise limited before CPI
30th - An old problem resurfaces: What to do about inflation
December 2006
1st - Monday 4th December 2006
4th - Hellaby Holdings
7th - OCR unchanged at 7.25%
7th - Bollard holds rates steady but hawkishness exceeds expectations
8th - Monday 11th December 2006
12th - Being a service provider to the major telecos has proved an onerous business during the last few years.
15th - Monday 18th December 2006
15th - Opinion: Board room bust ups bad news for investors
18th - Infratil's Managing Director Lloyd Morrison
21st - Sam Morgan traded up while Feltex carpets rolled up in 2006