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January 2001
3rd - Advantage out of Strathmore
3rd - NZ packaging innovator sold offshore
3rd - Ansett builds further Hazelton stake
4th - Qantas increases Hazelton bid
4th - Banks await forestry partnership figures
4th - NZ urged to copy US interest drop
5th - Hazelton bid battle escalates
5th - NZ interest rates predicted to steady
8th - Monday 8th January 2001
8th - Rural outlook gets thumbs up
8th - Aussie travel portal confirms Spanish investment
9th - RadioWorks offer fair - report
9th - US market tough nut for Frucor to crack
9th - Telemedia trumpets new Japanese deal
9th - NZ airport lounges in SkyNetGlobal Network
10th - Government keeps distance in exchange debate
10th - Nufarm off credit watch
10th - 2000 tough year for new car sales
10th - Sky City's Canbet books bumper month
11th - Newcall quits NZ telco business in anger
11th - Telstra quells 3G hype
11th - Directors recommend offer for RadioWorks
12th - Australia looking good for Frucor
15th - Monday 15th January 2001
15th - Receivers called in for SOE
15th - Don't Get Fixated With Your Mortgage
15th - CommSoft spends IPO cash on Brains
15th - NZ lamb potential in European beef scare
15th - Asset writedown hits Grocorp bottom line
16th - Chrome Global swaps shares for businesses
16th - RMG snares more power companies
16th - Insider trading report due
17th - Eagle Boys bites into RBD profit
17th - Inflation hits five year high
17th - PFI sells $10M Auckland property
17th - Sporting appointment for ITC's Virtual Spectator
17th - Brierley approved to sell Sealord stake
18th - No love lost between battling NZ telcos
18th - Distribution remains key to Frucor success
18th - Email takeover gets watchdog go-ahead
18th - eBet rakes in revenue
18th - Hazelton takeover proposals rejected
19th - Special Report: Tourism Holdings' Big Hopes For 2001
19th - Rocom key transaction approved
19th - The Shoeshine Column: Crafty Waitangi commissioners land free Sealord quota catch
19th - Apple Fields, trustee squabble over costs
19th - PFI bails from Bowden
19th - Frucor cuts revenue growth forecast
19th - Frucor accelerates Australian thrust
19th - Air New Zealand plugs the gap: left by Tourism's funding cut
19th - Options reward staff at investors' expense
19th - RURAL: EMPIRE: STRIKES: BACK: with big banking deals: with big banking deals
19th - Broking firms merge while future of the Stock Exchange is up in the air
19th - Taking sides in secret as merger talks continue
19th - Demutualise yes, merge no, as brokers push the third option
19th - The Fletcher Forests rally brings riches for Rubicon
19th - Telstra Saturn cable makes history for Seaworks
19th - Air New Zealand creates new jobs
19th - Dot bomb companies try to pick up pieces
19th - Restaurant Brands rings Taco Bell brand
19th - Outlook for 2001 rosy in the south
19th - Stock Exchange members sway on merger plans
19th - Transtasman double-dip tax move raises corporate cheer
22nd - Monday 22nd January 2001
22nd - A Hec of a Good Idea
22nd - Frucor CEO Mark Cowsill
22nd - Infratil spends $50M on Scottish airport
22nd - Fosters tells DB 'mine's bigger than yours'
22nd - No fee increase for Contact directors
23rd - Baycorp pushes mergers and acquisitions strategy
23rd - Coup for Aussie medical tech company
23rd - Rocom boost from new Telecom network
23rd - Carter Holt puts up $1.5M for Cyberlynx
24th - Hazelton says aviation partner essential
24th - Fletcher Building loses CEO-designate
24th - Reserve Bank leaves cash rate alone
24th - CAH December result disappoints
25th - News Corp exec to head INL
25th - Japan-NZ flight deal worth $100M to Air NZ
25th - Fletcher wipes millions off North Island forests
26th - Special Report: The Warehouse - A Tough Year Ahead
26th - Richmond to riches with $50M capital raising
26th - The Shoeshine Column: No reason to let dairy merger off the competition hook
26th - Whakatu business owners rewarded
26th - Fund managers seek Fletcher answers
26th - The Week In Review
26th - Kiwi Trust deal is likely
26th - Fletcher Energy boosted
26th - Tracking the Trends
26th - Technically Speaking: Moving average envelope reveals the major trend trading signals
26th - Market barometer: Bush Administration could usher in another equities gold rush
26th - US director gives IT Capital thumbs up
26th - The O'Brien Column: Signs of bullish market emerge but more false dawns unwelcome
26th - Punters display optimism about New Zealand shares
26th - Of Bulls & Bears
26th - United Networks outstrips other utilities in year's share price gains
26th - Lower fares could turn the Japanese tourist boom into a 'silver' bonanza
26th - 'Wires and poles' firm takes high-tech route
26th - Clients won't pay more, health insurance giant tells High Court
26th - Air New Zealand celebrates: Japan coup
26th - Waltus critic goes from adversity to advantage
26th - Sale-ready Eagle Technology faces high-figure court action
26th - Murdoch heavy-hitters grab INL reins in strategic coup
28th - Today's Hot Tip can be Tomorrow's Cold Comfort
29th - Monday 29th January 2001
29th - Capital Properties sells city tower
29th - Investors find less to smile about
29th - Genesis plays down trial speculation
30th - Transport boss steps down
30th - Gold and Resource positive on 2001
31st - Genesis income surges
31st - Two listed lines companies make the grade
31st - NZ misses out on Qantas base
31st - Tranz Rail divestment still on cards
February 2001
1st - Carter Holt seeks Tasman Mill
1st - Tranz Rail Q2 revenue up but fuel costs bite
2nd - Special Report: Vending Technologies' Big Plans
2nd - Gas network boosts UNL full year
2nd - Nufarm sells timber treatment business
2nd - The Shoeshine Column: Contact caning sets director dilemma
2nd - What the millennium's first decade may bring
2nd - Market barometer: Market mergers shaky as brokers see businesses escaping
2nd - Of Bulls & Bears
2nd - Defensive investors in overseas stocks achieve mixed results
2nd - Former print tycoon champs at bit in next investment venture
2nd - Indians target down under in global push
2nd - Climbing into the markets for a wild ride on sexy stock
2nd - Too many power companies says consultant
2nd - Tracking the Trends
2nd - The O'Brien Column: Relief for investors as Fletcher Challenge cleans up shares
2nd - Tax trap looms for high-tech optionholders
2nd - Murdock's musical chair manoeuvres
2nd - State Insurance decision close
2nd - Toldte got cold feet: from FCL
2nd - More reshuffles among brokers anticipated
2nd - Norris is named Kiwi of the Year
2nd - Transpower rejects bottleneck solution
4th - Staying in Contact May Not Be Clever
5th - Monday 5th February 2001
5th - Submarine venture moves forward
5th - Adventurous Capitalists
5th - Our Tech Wreck
5th - Spent Force
5th - Less e, More Commerce
5th - Direct marketing adds up for Telecom mobile
7th - UK shares hold back Utilico profit
7th - Pyne Gould takeover of SEU unconditional
7th - Renaissance boosts sales amid separation plans
7th - New suitor woos Montana
8th - Lion still on prowl for Montana
8th - Sales rise at Farmers Deka and Progressive
8th - State Insurance sells for A$325M
8th - Even keel for South Port half-year
9th - Warehouse has higher sales but lower margins
9th - Vodafone confirms CWO bid details
9th - Montana directors slam NZSE
9th - Special Report: GPG - Out Of Fashion?
9th - The Shoeshine Column: Bad law behind NGC's buyout battle
9th - The Week In Review
9th - NRMA leaps Tasman with State buy
9th - Funds show negative return
9th - Mercer's New Zealand managed funds survey
9th - High-flying A2 Corp to split and list on exchanges
9th - Of Bulls & Bears
9th - Two mining companies do well while others plumb the depths
9th - Lyttelton Port Company in hiatus over marina decision
9th - Buoyant Shotover will pay more for river concession
9th - New broom sweeps ANZ's managed funds
9th - National Property Trust defends itself
9th - Major upgrade unveiled for Air New Zealand
9th - Ratings review is under scrutiny
9th - Masfen 'brought in white knight for Montana' say brokers
9th - NRMA buys State Insurance
9th - Fraud-busting Companies Office tackles $24m mess
12th - Monday 12th February 2001
12th - Save Money Before You Hope to Make It
12th - NZSE to explain Lion waiver
12th - Record interim profit for Baycorp
12th - Richmond sets capital note rate
12th - Sales and capacity jump for Telecom cable
12th - Foster's drinks to half-year profit
12th - NZSE regrets Lion waiver situation
12th - THL downgrades profit again
13th - Investors grab PDL premium
13th - Higher production helps Dairy Brands profit
13th - Colonial Property ahead of forecasts
13th - ASB continues profit growth
13th - Shotover seeks new boss, higher profits
13th - Record half-year for TasAg
14th - Richmond extends notes to $50M
14th - Sky City makes play for Force
14th - Masfen keen to remain at Montana helm
14th - Schneider aims for more of PDL
15th - Deane promises Telecom will do better
15th - Positive result for Genesis treatment
15th - STU profit up but outlook gloomy
15th - Gelatin sale boosts Goodman Fielder coffers
15th - Loss-making Manor Inns faces receivership
15th - Sky TV loses $19.5M
16th - Special Report: The Future Of Fletcher
16th - Genesis defends latest psoriasis results
16th - INL profit takes a dive
16th - The Shoeshine Column: No Early Upside For: Fletcher's Frankenstein creation
16th - The Week In Review
16th - Tracking the Trends
16th - Market barometer: 'Recession, what recession?' mode
16th - Of Bulls & Bears
16th - The O'Brien Column: Exchange now has PR advisers but it's hard to spot difference
16th - Technically Speaking: Kirin played it by both the New Zealand and Japanese books
16th - Report Card
16th - Australian firms provide good crystal balls for Kiwi investors
16th - Air New Zealand comes up with radical inflight reading revamp
16th - Question raised over Shotover successor
16th - The Jim Boult story
16th - Exchange merger a 'no-brainer' Australians say
16th - Arts community fears Montana sponsorship programme hangover
16th - SFO probes Canterbury Asset Management property failures
16th - Breakfast surprise may knock PDL off board
16th - Anatomy of a fiasco
16th - How JB Were dropped the Montana ball
16th - Montana chairman to stay on but others will walk the plank
16th - Telecom puts a brave front on a disastrous result
16th - Stock Exchange defends poor cousin surveillance approach
16th - Panamanian white knight swoops on jilted Radionet
16th - Masfen loses $4m an hour
19th - Monday 19th February 2001
19th - Restructuring hits Cavalier profit
19th - Do or Die Time for Share Fund Investors
19th - Auckland still the jewel in Sky City's crown
19th - Montana has healthy profit jump
19th - Taylors makes $1.4M
19th - Air NZ extends Hazelton offer
19th - Freightways delivers strong result
19th - F&P rejigs branding
20th - Air NZ profit slashed
20th - Cost-cutting helps Ports of Auckland
20th - Trans Tasman proposes capital reorganisation
21st - Baycorp boosts interim result
21st - Profit warning from mainfreight
21st - VTL charts aggressive growth plan
21st - Telecom reaches for Sky
21st - Grocorp hit by more writedowns
22nd - NGC rebrands in tough energy market
22nd - Evergreen profit grows but outlook flat
22nd - Special Report: Strathmore Untangled
22nd - Bumper result for NZ Refining
22nd - Profit hike at Waste Management
22nd - Importing still difficult says Ebos
22nd - Montana requests raid investigation
23rd - Auckland Airport lands record profit
23rd - Lack of buyers for exchange merger
23rd - Margins squeeze Nuplex result
23rd - PFI posts $3.9M profit
23rd - Australia slows Michael Hill first half
23rd - The Shoeshine Column: Time to waive exchange's right to rule
23rd - The week in review
23rd - Frogprints photos hop online to take chore out of going digital
23rd - 'Best option' for worst performer
23rd - Listed income unaffected by valuation knocks
23rd - The O'Brien Column: Sir Ronald's missive indicates Inchcape problems
23rd - Technically Speaking: Adding a spoke to ASX wheel
23rd - Of Bulls & Bears
23rd - Report Card
23rd - Top tourism sector firms rise but others slip in half-year
23rd - Appointments: Owens moves ahead after a costly restructure
23rd - Share and insurance deal brings $100M IRD tax sting
23rd - Families of failed businesspeople put on notice
23rd - Hoggard plaintiffs win round one
23rd - Krukziener seeks to reassure bondholders
23rd - Push-me, pull-you change as eVentures can't give away cash
23rd - KPMG feels the squeeze
23rd - Eleventh hour FCL Energy bid made $US100m sweeter
23rd - Montana warns other sponsors in TV scrap
23rd - NZSE asked to probe Montana trading
23rd - Vodafone springs prepay cellphone : export scamsters
23rd - $100 million tax scandal snares 'clever' investors
26th - Monday 26th February 2001
26th - Invent Your Own Investment Cliches
26th - Frucor lowers full-year targets
26th - Affco boss resigns
26th - Renaissance Profit Trebles
26th - Reid Farmers exceeds forecast
26th - Panel agrees to Montana inquiry
26th - WAM misses Auckland contracts
26th - Telecom moves on Sky appointment
27th - No surprise at lower THL result
27th - Receivership a 'step forward' says Forests
27th - Aussie losses weigh down Wrightson
27th - New Fletcher Energy bid revealed
27th - No news on Cedenco buyer
28th - Profit plunges at Fletcher Building
28th - Write-down hits Fletcher Forests
28th - Fletcher Energy fires ahead
28th - Southern Capital posts steady profit
28th - AMP bounces back
28th - Marketing push increases WDT loss
28th - Fletcher vote still on
28th - Bendon warns of lower earnings
28th - Lawyers to rule on Montana raid
March 2001
1st - Cross stepping down as ADV profit drops
1st - Spectrum in the black
1st - PDL buyer named
1st - Blessed are the geeks
1st - Shareholders declare war
1st - Sweet equity
1st - Don't sell! (Yet)
2nd - Special Report: Ocker Shocker
2nd - Decision time for Energy shareholders
2nd - The Shoeshine Column: Waves and raves - do you believe in V?
2nd - The week in review
2nd - Aim is to reduce the Ansett drag on Air New Zealand managers
2nd - Appointments: New State head seeks to rid old 'plodder' image
2nd - Tracking the Trends
2nd - Market barometer: NZ holds up as rest of the world shakes
2nd - Technically Speaking: Partial privatisation of NZ Post would fund the People's Bank
2nd - Hide sight: Just how savvy is bullish Czar Jim's new bank?
2nd - Of Bulls & Bears
2nd - The O'Brien Column: BIL offers some extraordinary explanations for its 'rationale'
2nd - WDT looks to capitalise on power crisis
2nd - Report Card
2nd - Port companies stayed on even keel despite regional variations
2nd - Rest of the world shows little interest in little old NZ
2nd - Trend favours technology, financial services
2nd - aims for the mass market
2nd - Allied still ready to pounce on Montana
2nd - AMP bounces back well with a little Kiwi assistance
2nd - Forestry's fiasco fells Fletcher's finale
2nd - Overseas ventures dent giant firms' earnings
2nd - Takeovers panel coffers swell to match powers
2nd - Tower Trust sues defaulters in $25m case
2nd - Messy end to merger talks strains transtasman relations
2nd - Merger largely 'irrelevant' to investors as ASX links online
2nd - Milloy Reid Wong cuts ties with Escalator for $1
2nd - Five billion dollars? No problem, claims Peak Petroleum's head
2nd - Telstra Saturn lights up
2nd - Advantage chief moves as profits fall
2nd - Mystery PDL suitor unmasked
2nd - Affco shares sink after CEO shock
2nd - Cornerstone holder bails
2nd - NAB puts $1.5 billion behind Peak
2nd - Wilson Neill directors face court charges
5th - Monday 5th March 2001
5th - Staying Home Can Be Risky
5th - Telecom sidelined in Optus game
5th - Peak's bid down to the wire
5th - Air NZ targets tech savings
5th - Broadway half-year improves
5th - Calan holds steady
6th - Fletcher vote gets green light
6th - Retail growth for AIA
6th - E-Force awaits bank decision
6th - Tower adds to assets
6th - Record operating profit at Wilson & Horton
7th - Focus on separation at Fletcher
7th - Internet and mobile growth aid Telstra
7th - Montana inquiry next month
7th - SKC awaits Commission approval for Force
7th - NZ credit rating improves
8th - Pizza up, chicken down at RBD
8th - Williams & Kettle in clover
8th - Ports of Auckland eyes southern markets
8th - Waste Management gets greener
8th - Profit hopes for IT Capital's Golden Orb
8th - The Shoeshine Column: Plenty of pitfalls for Peak's Plan B
8th - Land-based companies enjoy healthy price movements
8th - It's Telecom's secret weapon
8th - Francis set to exit Force Corporation
8th - Heads may roll at new-look Wilson Neill
8th - Directors' duties caught in the spotlight after FCL's stoush
9th - Special Report: Sibling Rivalry At F&P
9th - Horizon Energy drops joint venture
9th - Damba to diversify
9th - Goodman Fielder focuses on retail
9th - Ansett gets nod for Hazelton takeover
9th - The Shoeshine Column: Plenty of pitfalls for Peak's Plan B
9th - Land-based companies enjoy healthy price movements
9th - It's Telecom's secret weapon
9th - The Inbetweener
9th - Francis set to exit Force Corporation
9th - Heads may roll at new-look Wilson Neill
9th - Directors' duties caught in the spotlight after FCL's stoush
10th - Size Does Matter for Managed Funds
12th - Monday 12th March 2001
12th - WHS profits despite tough Aussie market
12th - Damba buys into Beauty
12th - C&W Optus confirms proposals
12th - Cadmus nets Bartercard deal
12th - Tourism strength shows in numbers
13th - CAH targets China paper potential
13th - Manufacturing on the rise
13th - Food more expensive
14th - Auckland drags down Colonial Motors half-year
14th - Reserve Bank cuts rate
14th - GDC misses prospectus target
14th - Natural Gas touts cheaper electricity
14th - Capital Properties claims victory in takeover spat
15th - Telecom's mobile mystery continues
15th - Telecom makes Aussie Top 50 Index
15th - Leather leads Richina to profit
15th - Cedenco approves US purchase
15th - Future still cloudy for AQL
15th - Deka bites the dust
15th - NZ Post delivers improvement
16th - Special Report: Dental Dollars
16th - Red ink continues at Brierley
16th - Cadmus cash positive
16th - The Shoeshine Column: Botched Ansett buy puts Air New Zealand's Toomey in the hot seat
16th - The O'Brien Column: Investors must assess if stocks' earnings justify price re-ratings
16th - Report Card
16th - Australian slowdown shows up in transtasman company results
16th - FCL dismantling cost investors but paid well for many others
16th - 'Threat' to Trans Tasman's profit
16th - Lloyd Morrison goes on Infratil buying spree
19th - Monday 19th March 2001
19th - Sky City prepares for Force stand
19th - The Up-Again Down-Again Managed Fund Ride
19th - RMG's uphill battle
19th - Debtors weigh down Commsoft
19th - Renewed call for industrial hemp
19th - Private hearing for Montana investigation
20th - Beverage boost for Vending Technologies
20th - UNL targets bonds to repay debt
20th - Export lift from new Carter Holt plant
20th - No takers for Sky City's Force stand
21st - End of the E-Force saga
21st - Air NZ finalises Hazelton takeover
21st - Commsoft defends ASX query
21st - Financial services in good health
21st - Fletcher Steel, CAH get acquisition nod
22nd - Contact Energy given credit warning
22nd - DB brewery becomes victim of success
22nd - The Shoeshine Column: Otter struggles to stay afloat as gold price sinks
22nd - Sir Ron's parting shot - inflated egos sunk BIL
22nd - Deka demise should breathe new life into the retail market
22nd - Technically Speaking: Shareholders must get militant and hold directors responsible
22nd - Profit downturns and big losses feature in latest results batch
22nd - Report Card
22nd - Court allows Southern Cross access to Aetna
22nd - Telecom clears the decks for its Australian assault
23rd - Special Report: Not Just Planes
23rd - Farewell Energy, hello Rubicon
23rd - Profits heading offshore show in NZ deficit
23rd - GPG oosts 'ordinary' result
24th - Risk Adjustment a Part of Portfolio Planning
26th - Monday 26th March 2001
26th - Carter Holt spends $311M on pulp purchase
26th - Whitcoull's moves into music
26th - Battling diabetes and heart disease - the case for A2 milk and A2 Corporation
26th - Telecom loses Optus race
27th - National Mail angry at NZ Post
27th - Merino JV for Wrighston
27th - 'Decent blokes' at DB resurrect Monteiths
27th - Consumer confidence rises
28th - New business boost for POT
28th - Tougher insider trading laws announced
28th - Qantas warning highlights Aussie air wars
28th - No rest for RBD
28th - RMG CEO, Paul Cooney
28th - Taylors expands
29th - GPG targets luxury goods firm
29th - RMG soothes market
29th - Nufarm positive at half-year
29th - Richmond wants higher margins
29th - Air NZ confirms loss
30th - Special Report: Index Power
30th - European interest in WDT motors
30th - Exports and tourism fuel growth
30th - PDL shareholder faces legal challenge
30th - Hallenstein Glassons holds steady
30th - Carter Holt eyes NI forests
30th - The Shoeshine Column: Cue rebels fight to repel Aussie invaders
30th - Arrow's $4.5m of share would help NPT's plans
30th - Report Card
30th - Huge gain by Mooring Systems: notable in market performers
30th - Board takes the helm at troubled meat company
30th - DB Group's cost-cutting drive proved to be false economy
30th - Brokers get wind up as Aussies plot sneaky takeover of remade NZSE
April 2001
1st - Telephone Jack comes a'knockin'
1st - The Genesis fall
1st - The top 10 fund raisers
1st - Demutual interest
1st - Modern day snake oil
2nd - Monday 2nd April 2001
2nd - Damba sells Corporate Interiors
2nd - Dividend Dive May Be Good News
2nd - Northland Port to pay special dividend
2nd - Branch sell-off raises $17M for WestpacTrust
2nd - Spotless spends up
2nd - UNL bond success
3rd - Tasman Agriculture shines in bearish market
3rd - Offshore acquisitions for Owens
3rd - Airlines reap sale rewards
3rd - Telecom VC Fund hits A$70M
3rd - Contact spends $73.5M on buyback
3rd - INL regains Sky stake
3rd - UnitedNetworks crosses Tasman for cash
3rd - More anti-dumping duties on Korean whiteware
3rd - Shotover delays new boats
3rd - PFI portfolio hits 50
4th - PDL legal hearing adjourned
4th - TEL exec to head Southern Cross Cable
4th - CAH buys Australian sawmill
4th - Digital TV a step closer
5th - Hellaby invests in life assurance
5th - Steel & Tube considers Fletcher Steel
5th - PFI raises $14M
5th - Qantas confirms NZ talks
5th - May hearing for Montana Inquiry
5th - Selector moves into Singapore
6th - Special Report: Ports of Call
6th - No due diligence on Advantage
6th - Flatter retail trend
6th - The Shoeshine Column: Rocom has flossy recipe for wireless profit
6th - Report Card
6th - Insurance sector holds its prices but gets mired in lofty language
6th - Value makes a comeback and having no style's a winner
6th - Overseas-based investment trusts bunker down
6th - Warrant provides alternative to dealing with fund managers
6th - Global outlook colours long-term view
6th - Bank touts Advantage Group overseas but finds no takers
6th - Phone tape proves Lion broker jumped the Montana buy gun
6th - Qantas NZ investors set to take multimillion dollar hit
9th - Monday 9th April 2001
9th - Market depth still on the boil
9th - Don't Join The 90% Club
9th - ElderCare banks $1.3M for Southern Petroleum shares
9th - Utilicorp unloads UNL shares
9th - No takers for GPG tender
9th - JV for Hellaby investment
9th - Lower margins for NZ Refining
10th - Ansett grounding pressures Air NZ
10th - Business confidence falls on world outlook
10th - Trade surplus lowered
11th - Baycorp buys Aussie software company
11th - UnitedNetworks confirms notes issue
11th - Taranaki oil prospects for Norwegian company
11th - Music not so sweet for IT Capital
12th - Trans Tasman plan fair says report
12th - Campaign to protect NZ rural economy
12th - High hopes for forestry future
12th - Further rate cut predicted after Easter
12th - The O'Brien Column: Troubles in triplicate show how companies can find life difficult
12th - The Shoeshine Column: Digital TV marriage hell for Telecom
12th - Technically Speaking: The Nasdaq and Dow Jones bond composite are the indices to watch
12th - Report Card
12th - Forestry companies lose pace as a result of global, local changes
12th - Fly Away Home
12th - Todd Energy pushes on with Cue Energy battle
12th - Mission impossible: fix Ansett image
12th - Blis Tech just weeks away from listing
13th - Strathmore warns of tech volatility
14th - Lots Of Lessons In Share 'Shopping Spree'
15th - Sunday 15th April 2001
17th - Air NZ tallies Ansett grief
17th - Timber industry angry at Carter Holt expansion
17th - Richina cuts venison stake
17th - New MD for troubled CommSoft
17th - Blis pushes commercialisation of cure
17th - Manufacturers less confident
18th - Profitable year tails off for Carter Holt
18th - March quarter inflation falls
18th - Vodafone's quarter-cent error
18th - ASB boss for Fletcher Building board
18th - Edison refinances Contact holding
18th - Sanford dips on forex losses
19th - Rates cut but Brash still cautious
19th - IndraNet content with new cash
19th - Australian trading plunges
20th - Carter Holt dividend declared
20th - Furrowed brows at Affco
20th - NZ market takes a bow
20th - Rural confidence treads water
20th - Ansett plays blame game in hunt for scapegoat
20th - The Shoeshine Column: Carter Holt Harvey's big shopping trip
20th - Shares Online: e-Brokering eVolution
20th - Kiwi and Australian brokers' online offerings
20th - New Capital Market 'resting'
20th - Merger mania: the return of the private client?
20th - The O'Brien Column: NTA not the beginning and end of measuring takeover prospects
20th - Healthcare, retirement home specialists watch shares slide
20th - Directors not indemnified for breaches
20th - Meridian in $21m dispute claim
20th - Montana tapes handed over
20th - Ansett's UK-based fall guy dodges plane safety critics
21st - Why Shares Are Like Sugar
23rd - Monday 23rd April 2001
23rd - Profit reassurance from Auckland Airport
23rd - Air NZ lowers cost of Ansett woes
23rd - Rubicon hangs onto Forests
23rd - Software of Excellence signs Singapore deal
23rd - IT Capital MD steps down
23rd - TasAg stake for Southern Capital
24th - GPG takes more Time
24th - Telemedia backs up stock hike
24th - Gold sale falls through
24th - Forests appoints CFO
24th - NZ Post under scrutiny
26th - ANZ unfazed by e-writedowns
26th - Price increases help Burns Philp
26th - Clearer investment guidelines wanted
26th - New name for Foster's Brewing
26th - Tourism dollars highlighted
27th - Warehouse knocked by Aussie acquisition
27th - GPG moves to 25% of Time Products
27th - Coles Myer likes liquor
27th - IT Capital makes new investment
27th - The Shoeshine Column: More to Ansett's woes than Polyfilla can fix
27th - The O'Brien Column: Sanford should bounce back after problems and profit fall
27th - Fall in inflation would come as: news to sections of community
27th - Capital-raising exercise means Zero emission vehicle on way
27th - TTP capital restructuring offer only fair to middlin' - analysts
27th - Qantas debt pile rises by the day
27th - No trouble at mill after workers score a big windfall
27th - Creditors mull legal action against Qantas NZ bosses
30th - Monday 30th April 2001
30th - When Ignorance Is Heroic
30th - RMG positive despite wider loss
30th - Business confidence drops in April
30th - Expenses rise at Kirkcaldie & Stains
30th - Improved quarter for Property for Industry
30th - Contact on CreditWatch after Edison move
30th - Tranz Rail keeps refrigeration business
30th - Costs continue to haunt Tranz Rail
30th - Engineering deal boosts Air NZ coffers
30th - Air NZ cashes up 767s
30th - Christchurch Gondola sold
May 2001
1st - Sir Ron's last hurrah
1st - Ever-ready batterymaker
1st - Pig founder for hire
1st - The government's knowledge economy report card
1st - The bumpy road to riches
1st - Ministry of Innovation
1st - Seeding debate
1st - Mob rules
1st - Trade surplus doubles
1st - GPG tops up property stake
1st - End to Kupe gas field saga
1st - Qantas shakes up NZ and Aussie markets
2nd - Market happy with RMG improvement
2nd - Commodity prices continue upward trend
2nd - Allied repositions in Montana dispute
2nd - Cavalier details capital return
3rd - Contact payout up but profit drops
3rd - Telecom cancels Aussie CDMA plans
3rd - Brierley link in Mowbray deal
4th - Special Report: The Fashion Stakes
4th - Sales figures confirm Warehouse Aussie woes
4th - Acquisitions in pipeline for Waste Management
4th - Tech stocks keep investors guessing
4th - The Shoeshine Column: Will Labour's off-the-peg merger law make a nation of dwarves?
4th - Property organisations disagree on future levels of profitability
4th - Report Card: Trans Tasman's: brave face hides ageing buildings
4th - Currency hedging is a prudent strategy
4th - Futures and options - they're so very different
4th - Derivatives return to favour as the market's volatility increases
4th - Studies suggest illogical behaviour offers opportunity
4th - The O'Brien Column: Life overseas can prove tough for Kiwi firms
4th - Montana probe to yield a quick result
4th - Shotover Jet weathers choppy water after ownership change
4th - Default Alert: for the Krukziener empire
4th - Beefed-up management team tackles Aussie ills
4th - Boardroom war rages for Air New Zealand control
7th - Monday 7th May 2001
7th - UK saps energy from Frucor forecasts
7th - Look Out For The Triple Bottom Line
7th - Cedenco hints at record results
7th - New boss for Shotover Jet
7th - INL wants two-thirds of Sky
7th - AMP net cashflows softer
8th - Cedenco serves up record profit
8th - Savoy suspended for report delay
8th - PDL back in limelight
8th - Millers expands Aussie discount presence
8th - Opportunities for apple and pear exports
8th - Cable speed to treble
9th - AIA offers Defence role
9th - Tidy Cedenco gain for Brierley
9th - Sales jump not reflected in Richmond result
9th - TrustPower in demand
10th - Utilico sells rest of airport stake
10th - Natural Gas applies for network
10th - Unemployment hits 13-year low
10th - NZ grocery sales boost Foodland
10th - BNZ helps fill National Australia's coffers
10th - Full share issue for Freightways
10th - Telecom roams Australia with Telstra
10th - New report raises Montana value
11th - Telecom making progress
11th - Telecom unveils Aussie mobile plans
11th - Allied chases 10% of Montana
11th - Microsoft and Telecom team up
11th - The Shoeshine Column: Gold Peak shines bright for PDL shareholders
11th - The O'Brien Column: Gaggle of companies juggles the equity and debt balance
11th - Technically Speaking: Singapore Airlines holds strong hand in Air NZ-Qantas sky war
11th - Report Card: Richina Pacific looks to diversify further
11th - Mining and mineral companies lose shine in lacklustre quarter
11th - Cue rebels' votes unfairly disallowed, panel rules
11th - Nufarm's buyback signals asset growth
11th - Cedenco buyer eyes expansion
11th - Takeover wave breaks as new act approaches
11th - Fletcher Building is tipped as target as GPG fills war chest
12th - Stay Away From Australia
14th - Monday 14th May 2001
14th - Montana continues upward spiral
14th - Northland Port 'well rid' of engineering business
14th - Step One - From Private to Public
14th - Selector gets underwriting support
14th - Kirks eases onto main board
14th - Lion ups ante for Montana
14th - AMP wants more of Asia
15th - Telecom explores cable link to Asia
15th - Telecom sells mobile radio operations
15th - Montana battle lines redrawn
16th - Interest rate falls again
16th - Email boss to head Fletcher Building
16th - GPG supports Time Products sale
16th - Equities expert leaves top fund
16th - Richmond targets efficiency
16th - DB keeps most Monteith's jobs
16th - Doubts over Contact offer
16th - Ansett caught out on air points
16th - Second delay on forestry acquisition
16th - Duxford eyes majority of Broadway
17th - Further write-downs for Fletcher Building
17th - Lion continues building wine stake
17th - SI meat company buys into Richmond
17th - Retail growth positive
17th - Infratil profit falls by half
17th - Spectrum head resigns
17th - GDC aims for improved interim
18th - RetailX announces key transaction
18th - Briscoes considers float
18th - The Shoeshine Column: The more it changes the more it's BIL
18th - CEO restarts efforts to make Air NZ profits fly
18th - Technically Speaking: Monetarism hits the skids while challenges mount around globe
18th - $US28m air deal signed and sealed
18th - The O'Brien Column: Windfall investors chase sinking pool of local equity investments
18th - Report Card : Waste Management shows enthusiasm
18th - Big three banks pick slower next half year in weakening economy
18th - PPCS renews its raid on Richmond
18th - Trans Tasman rebels poised to vote down the takeover move
18th - Timber Globalco idea mooted as a crisis looms
18th - Market warns of risks Air New Zealand is running
18th - Lion piles on pressure in Montana war
18th - Deadline looms for Metropolis bonds
18th - Market warns of Air NZ risk
19th - Nufarm claws back into investor favour
21st - Monday 21st May 2001
21st - Don't Be A Market Cinderella
21st - Rubicon out of Capstone
21st - Australian interest in TrustPower
21st - Heatley targets eVentures
21st - Development role for Cedenco CEO
21st - Slight improvement for Capital Properties
21st - DB reclaims name on the web
21st - Step Two - History of the Modern Day Stock Market
21st - Trans Tasman support half-hearted
21st - NZ safety business sold
21st - Air NZ defends domestic routes
21st - Colonial Property beats prospectus
22nd - Brierley pockets Hardie profit
22nd - Edison enters market for CEN
22nd - AMP Henderson keeps four stars
22nd - Strong showing from Bridgecorp
22nd - Edison set for CEN majority
23rd - Capital raising hurts TEL stock
23rd - PPCS wants Richmond majority
23rd - DB challenged by rising costs, low dollar
23rd - Tower nudges profit higher
23rd - Richmond unimpressed by PPCS notice
23rd - Former Baycorp chairman to head RMG
23rd - Caltex keen on Challenge Petroleum
24th - Warehouse and WestpacTrust form financial venture
24th - Venture capital one winner in Budget
24th - Powerco touts amalgamation benefits
24th - Subdued start for Waste Management
24th - Commission ponders Computershare proposal
24th - INL lifts Sky offer
24th - Deane leaves eVentures
25th - Masfen farewells Montana stake
25th - Aussies nab rest of Auckland CRM firm
25th - UNL gets $72M for contracting business
25th - PPCS inadvertently in the know
25th - The Shoeshine Column: Mammoth and minnow - a tale of two takeovers
25th - Tower exhorts developer to fulfill its obligations
25th - EVentures' share cancellation plan more satisfactory for minority shareholders
25th - The O'Brien Column: Bloodyminded investors can get in the way of annual meetings
25th - Report Card: Where's the passion to entice investors?
25th - Affco and Richmond show meat industry in less than prime shape
25th - Former Telecom executives face off over Sydney-Singapore link
25th - Eskimo sale provides payback for AMP
25th - Colonial brand to take a back seat in New Zealand
25th - Cushing defends Ansett purchase
25th - Fiscal cap, not cloth cap, firmly in place
25th - Fletcher secures $600,000-per-bed hospital contract
28th - Monday 28th May 2001
28th - Lessons From The Past?
28th - NZ Herald journos consider new offer
28th - Lion Nathan improves in tough market
28th - Report sets fair price for TrustPower
28th - Wrightson pulls out of wool venture
28th - Disputed PDL stake goes to tender
28th - Bendon looks for touch of Watson magic
28th - Woolworths purchase 'good for consumers'
29th - No estimate yet for cost of diesel crisis
29th - Flying kangaroo eyes the koru
29th - Vending Technologies co-founder, Mervyn Doolan
29th - Step Three - The Local Markets
29th - Cushing drops BIL chairmanship
29th - Air NZ cleared over profit warning
29th - Infratil sheds some POT shares
30th - Aquaria still alive
30th - Schneider increases PDL holding
30th - Lower tax aids Vending Tech profit
30th - PPCS not 'insider' says panel
30th - Tougher year for Bendon
30th - Contact boss stays on board
30th - Another suitor stakes out Richmond
31st - NZ jobs shift to China in PDL rejig
31st - TrustPower profit falls but customers improve
31st - Commission clears wood industry applications
31st - Cadmus picks up GDC eftpos business
31st - CDL ahead of budget
June 2001
1st - GPG takes Otter helm
1st - WAM unveils Aussie expansion
1st - Restructured Owens Group reaps rewards
1st - Deka deal canned
1st - Which way are the big dudes going?
1st - Write on investing
1st - When break-up means bonus
1st - Hey, Mr Listed VC!
1st - The genetic engineer
1st - Gift of gob
1st - My pet theory
1st - On the game
1st - The Shoeshine Column: Russian roulette fails for Christchurch's Scales
1st - 'Three-tier' approach finds favour
1st - Investment Strategy
1st - Superannuation rears its controversial head again
1st - The O'Brien Column: BIL sells the brighter side of life
1st - Technically Speaking: Watch for grey power takeover
1st - Report Card: More detail needed on Otter's strategy
1st - Investment companies continue solid growth for shareholders
1st - Big Four accountants stake out middle market
1st - Uncertainty over act's penalties
1st - Placing a value on the invisible adds value to companies in merger talks
1st - Does Takeovers Code protect investors or entrench directors?
1st - More good investment propositions are needed
1st - Genesis claims it will be better late than never
1st - NZ Refining shares see minor slide after dirty-diesel crisis
1st - Tough call was wise for Bendon shareholders
1st - Bendon's Elle is to take on Cool Britannia
1st - Trustpower's result falls below expectations in drought year
1st - Koru and kangaroo deal faces pressure for takeoff
1st - PDL sheds its low-tech operations
1st - Foreigner bids for Richmond
1st - Qantas plants Ansett bait to snare Air New Zealand
2nd - Invest Like A Lottery Winner
4th - Monday 4th June 2001
5th - Otter ends Tanami mining
5th - Wrightson outlook - mainly fine, some cloud
5th - SOE beats prospectus
5th - Health business boosts Axa
5th - Lion Nathan 'defaulter' in Montana share dispute
5th - Richer battle for Richmond
5th - Growth streak continues for Dorchester
5th - No surprises in E-cademy result
6th - Step Four - Planning an Investment Strategy
6th - Aquaria turns organic
6th - Healthcare star shines brighter at F&P
6th - North Meats matches PPCS offer
6th - Market stand for Broadway
6th - Fair price for TrustPower increases
7th - No early Lion decision from Montana
7th - Commission extends forest and airport decisions
7th - Pharmacy tie-up offers hope as Beauty Direct losses mount
8th - Kiwi Income improves on last year
8th - Margins squeeze Goodman Fielder profit
8th - Profit warning from Natural Gas
8th - The Shoeshine Column: Lawyers strike oil as Cue battle rages on
8th - Urbus looks to sell Christchurch property after tenant gives notice
8th - Trans Tasman Properties fills its Auckland Club Tower fast
8th - AQL goes organic
8th - Lion Nathan and DB Group head opposite ways to profit
8th - Report Card: Cavalier doesn't pull the wool over eyes
8th - Newcall exits NZ in anger
8th - Krukziener plans some radical changes and new prospectus
8th - Lawyer sees colleagues drinking deep from Lion Nathan's cup
8th - Lion searches for Montana hangover remedy
8th - Advantage head focuses on solid history
8th - F&P head mulls choice of two jobs
8th - Qantas plan worries operators
8th - Hart set for Burns Philp cash windfall
8th - Richmond shares test new levels
8th - Meridian wins national grid scrap
8th - Chief sees plenty of blue Sky
8th - BIL issues legal threat against Air NZ independent directors
8th - 'Battle-scarred general' Chris Jones shrugs off $386 million losses
8th - Lion default to spark off Wine War II
11th - Monday 11th June 2001
11th - You Can't Have Everything
11th - Ryman pushes result higher
11th - Rubicon rewards with buyback plans
13th - Reid-Pyne merger on the cards
13th - Aussie woes cause Mainfreight profit plunge
13th - Step Five - Short-term Trading for Profit
13th - Richmond chews over new PPCS holding
13th - Caci set to meet targets
13th - Beauty Direct confirms loss
14th - Inside running for Spectrum
14th - Short-term pain for long-term gain at PDL
14th - INL publishes buyback plan
14th - E-Phone hangs up on past problems
14th - Happier shopping at Pacific Retail
14th - Mr Chips serves up tasty result
15th - Terabyte writedown knocks ITC result
15th - Escrow and efficiency keywords for RMG
15th - TrustPower zapped by higher costs
15th - Natural Gas hikes electricity price
15th - Montana drama brings new twists and turns
15th - AMP sells general insurance arm
15th - The Shoeshine Column: Hype turns to gripe in aged-care sector
15th - Operators fear loss of Kiwi focus if Qantas gains control
15th - Transport firms' shares languish despite upturn in rural economy
15th - Report Card: Contact needs to lift performance
15th - Exchange directors dither as the Montana muddle mounts
15th - Skyline reflects tourism fortunes
15th - Bridgecorp to span Tasman in $50m growth bid
15th - Pyne Gould to expand rural empire
15th - Telstra Saturn distances itself from cellphone spendup
15th - Global Brain ends in a terminal drain
15th - Hotel feels the heat in bond default
15th - New proposal would see bondholders 'get the lot'
15th - Sanson under investigation
15th - Half a million payout for Southern Capital director
15th - Hart secures backing for Burns Philp refloat
15th - PPCS picks up the prize - for a price
15th - Airlines and BIL meet to try to hold back red-ink riptide
15th - Media manoeuvres see INL take to Sky
15th - NZSE under fire for secret refusal of listing wannabe
18th - Monday 18th June 2001
18th - PDL says don't sell
18th - Baycorp-Data Advantage to merge?
18th - Schneider to take 88% of PDL
18th - Stewarts pick up healthy PDL premium
18th - Step Six - In for the Long-term?
18th - Applefields mulls future direction
19th - Risk Can Be Measured
19th - CommSoft staggers to get back on track
19th - TasAg on a sales roll
19th - PDL not tendering for own shares
19th - Weekend hearing for Lion Nathan penalty
20th - Natural Gas reviews value of power business
20th - Selector rights issue 50% short
20th - No flood of RMG shares
20th - Advantage relieved of cash payment
20th - Telecom tests CDMA network
21st - Schneider buys Gold Peak stake
21st - Cadmus cracks Asian market
21st - Deadline looms for wind turbine offer
21st - Powerco cookin' with gas
21st - AGL nervously awaits On Energy review
22nd - Natural Gas tallies losses
22nd - AGL lowers outlook on NGC pain
22nd - The Shoeshine Column: NGC meltdown sounds market deathknell
22nd - Technically Speaking: Kiwis yet to learn low inflation won't ease borrowing burden
22nd - Report Card: NZ Refining signals less robust future despite good result
22nd - Natural Gas is only power firm to show slippage in volatile times
22nd - The O'Brien Column: Affco is the exception to well performing 'rural' companies
22nd - Montana among corporates with strange strategies
22nd - Production company plots Stock Exchange listing
22nd - Stewarts cash in their PDL chips
22nd - Lion, Allied tear off NZSE's muzzle
22nd - Creditors gun for Tasman Pacific directors
22nd - Somers-Edgar exerts control in three-way Metropolis scrap
22nd - NZSE fires retort at Bridgecorp decision
22nd - BIL to make or break Air New Zealand deal
23rd - Australian Markets Update - Weekly Wrap
25th - Step Seven - Looking for a Bargain
25th - Arthur Barnett slims down
25th - Lots To Be Said For Housing Tax
25th - Options kitty aids RMG balance sheet
25th - Monday 25th June 2001
25th - Dorchester boosts insurance biz
25th - Nufarm seeks value by delisting in NZ
26th - Airport targets hot profits
26th - Schneider stitches up PDL holding
26th - Tranz Rail keeps finger in passenger pie
26th - State-owned powercos not for sale
26th - Balance of payments improves
27th - Close watch on hydro lakes
27th - Restaurant Brands sales pick up
27th - TrustPower buying sparks up a notch
27th - Consumer confidence falters but still positive
27th - Market stand for TrustPower shares
27th - Telecom opts out of mobile JV
27th - Advantage subsidiary leaves the nest
28th - Hoggard shifts Nufarm stake
28th - Richmond and PPCS play nicely
28th - Court clears path for Commerce Commission
28th - Interest cut unlikely after record trade figures
28th - Warehouse approves of analysts' forecasts
28th - Caltex gets the nod, mostly
28th - Rubicon boosts buyback after $50M Challenge sale
29th - NZ businesses 'hold their nerve'
29th - Rubicon CEO, Luke Moriarty
29th - Lion roars over cost of Montana default
29th - Fletcher Forests moves to market value
29th - On energy sells South Island clients
29th - Dog trainer Chris Dunphy drives the Mainfreight expansion truck
29th - It's that time of the year for investment window dressing
29th - Sovereignty safeguards needed if Singapore gets Air NZ shares
29th - Confusion reigns in CHH annual report
29th - Tranz Rail move one of burst of takeover actions before deadline
29th - Port rail cargo link delayed
29th - Tranz Rail keeps stake in passenger sale
29th - Wind blows investor wallets shut
29th - PPCS takes board seat at Richmond
29th - Supermarket wars not over yet as loser mulls a further attack
29th - Discarded suitor Qantas fights to stay in contention as Air New Zealand groom
29th - Telemedia bid war heats up
29th - Heatley cashbox remains in limbo
29th - In a nutshell
30th - Australian Markets Weekly Wrap
July 2001
1st - Can this man save Tranz Rail?
1st - CDL under fire
1st - As one empire declines ...
1st - Sky is falling
1st - E can do
1st - Stopping the tech slide
1st - Hits and myths for brand NZ
1st - Waisting your money: The con behind the diet business
2nd - Monday 2nd July 2001
2nd - Lion has new plan of attack for Montana
2nd - Panel keeps watch on Allied Domecq
2nd - Ouch! Another slap for Natural Gas
2nd - TrustPower chief bows out
2nd - UnitedNetworks finalises $72M sale
2nd - Bank says GDP has improved
2nd - Human Nature And Investments Don't Mix
3rd - Step Eight - Hands-off Investing
3rd - Cube dangles new offer for E-cademy
3rd - NZ investors getting wiser?
3rd - Price controls mooted for AIA
3rd - Pressure on for rate cut
3rd - Lion pulls out of China JV talks
4th - Interest rate treads water
4th - Sky City wins conference centre approval
4th - WAM completes Aussie purchases
5th - Montana confirms Allied bid
5th - Vodafone shares success with locals
5th - NAB takes billion-dollar hit
5th - New breach claim from Allied Domecq
5th - Tranz Rail raises hand in supertruck debate
5th - Port strike notice lifted
5th - Annual share turnover hits new high
5th - Carter Holt gets forestry clearance
6th - Force banks $4M from St James sale
6th - Special Report: Realities of Retail
6th - Airport won't take controls lying down
6th - GRD seeks conversion boost
6th - Aussie Woolworths petrol biz is pumping
6th - Less liquor for Williams & Kettle
6th - Untying Air New Zealand's Gordian knot
6th - The week in review
6th - Airport to fight price controls
6th - Challenger climbs on board the controversial PWC Tower
6th - Anzo tackles vacancies and over renting
6th - Rising tide of regulation makes king hit as global pessimism starts to peter out
6th - Mainfreight's open approach appeals but can it deliver?
6th - Property Leaders trio waves the white flag in lacklustre market
6th - Three milk companies stay out of conglomerate fold
6th - Dairy giants queue for Globalco reject
6th - David and Goliath in power struggle
6th - Contender for Cue chucks in the towel
6th - Airline to file final proposal
6th - Edgar to announce moves at Mr Chips
6th - Rumours of Clear deal far from clear
6th - Enza's forex losses row cripples apple industry
6th - Broadway take-up confounds
6th - Lion leaps ahead in the race for control of winemaker Montana
6th - Swoop leaves publisher in limbo
6th - Allied move
6th - Fletcher, Carter prepare $2 bn bid against Citic
7th - Australian Markets Weekly Wrap
7th - Advice on Advisers From The Horse's Mouth
9th - Monday 9th July 2001
9th - Electricity operator in Singapore JV
9th - Pineapplehead eyes NZ sports market
9th - New Monteith's structure due
9th - Telecom hails CDMA launch
10th - May retail improves
10th - Brickworks development positive for GPG
10th - Wholesale power prices doubled in June
11th - Government welcomes more job ads
11th - Deadline ahead for Auckland rail sale
11th - Indonesia relaxes NZ fruit import rules
11th - Step Nine -Trading the Plan
11th - Panel stops Lion in its tracks
11th - Aluminum sale for Fletcher Building
12th - Palmer stays at Wrightson helm
12th - Cabletalk happy with rights support, share price
12th - Cullen confident on stable rating
12th - Sanford seeks $25M boost from tuna expansion
12th - PFI sells Hamilton and Auckland properties
12th - Continuing export strength questioned
13th - Montana shareholders told to hang fire
13th - Progressive gets regulatory nod for Woolies
13th - Rubicon buyback to start soon
13th - NGC farewells South Island customers
13th - Gold miners inch closer to some rich veins
13th - Multinational eyes millions in Fletcher Energy staff fund
13th - Public to Air New Zealand: Ditch Ansett
13th - Rainfall needs to supply power needs all winter
13th - Time to bury the boardroom knives
13th - The week in review
13th - Air NZ's flexible Queenstown flights scoop up 90% of traffic
13th - Sky's hardworking assets reach new heights
13th - Busy week for Property For Industry
13th - Wakefield Hospital touts NZSE listing
13th - Fisher & Paykel looks to twin futures as it readies for split
13th - Shareholders size up interests of new resources giant BHP Billiton
13th - Tracking the economy
13th - Market merger could halt shrinkage trend
13th - Canwest in talks over Maori channel
13th - Telecom feels the global slowdown
13th - In a nutshell
14th - Australian Markets Update - Weekly Wrap
16th - Monday 16th July 2001
16th - Don't Rush To Pay Your Mortgage
16th - South Island rural merger goes ahead
16th - Competitive pricing hacks into Nufarm profits
16th - VTL brings out the cash
16th - Petrol and airfares push up CPI
16th - Lion's Montana selldown found wanting
16th - Container boost at Ports of Auckland
16th - Infratil looks for more offshore investment
16th - Building and Brierley sell Auckland quarry
16th - Figures confirm soft ad market
17th - Takeovers Panel cracks whip at Lion - again
17th - Business confidence edges up
17th - Special Report: Share Buybacks - Who really wins?
17th - Carter Holt suffers steep earnings slide
17th - Tower's ratings affirmed
17th - Funds manager claims markets improving
18th - UK looking better for Frucor
18th - Palmerston North rail project still on track
18th - Step Ten - Settling in for the Long-term
19th - Windflow back looking for cash
19th - Telecom beefs up interisland communication
19th - GPG sells Wrightson stake
19th - August hearing for Allied Domecq
20th - Powerco all fired up
20th - Southern Capital puts up more mussel money
20th - Perth contract for SOE
20th - PDL appraisal highlights Schneider premium
20th - Horticulture exports continue to rise
20th - Submarines offer undersubscribed
20th - Is A2 the key to a healthier future?
20th - Sharp power price rises hit business
20th - The Week In Review
20th - Air NZ and Qantas hunker down for domestic scrum
20th - Decision breaks Dunedin retailers' stranglehold
20th - Sharechat dedicated to transtasman fans
20th - Passive investment funds popular with bear run expected to continue
20th - Ryman Healthcare officers gloat for now
20th - Traditional torpor as market cleans house, tidies up in July
20th - Local equities find Fisher Fund favour
20th - Share buybacks offer a saving grace for doleful investor trusts
20th - Investors slam phone down on Telecom over its choice of overseas investments
20th - Niche exporter Tasman's sticky products cover the globe's books
20th - Pyne's reverse takeover lifts stake in Reid Farmers
20th - Ten take their leave from this year's Rich List
20th - Rising: Stars
20th - Sky City can lay bets on Canbet's future
20th - Wilson Neill fined on share convictions
20th - Kiwi diaspora offers wealth benchmark
20th - Enza ruling on dispute points finger but lacks conclusion
20th - Fletcher staff gag over poison pill trust plan
23rd - Monday 23rd July 2001
23rd - Australian Markets Wrap: Touchy Investors Still Win A Rise
23rd - Look For Advisers Who Charge Fees
23rd - Investor sentiment returns to residential property
23rd - RMG restructure: short-term pain for long-term gain
23rd - Dairy Brands considers buyback
24th - Pizza slices into RBD interim profit
24th - End of month Blis listing
24th - Richmond leads green marketing drive
24th - Under 2% vacancy for Capital Properties
24th - Baycorp-Data merger still on the cards
24th - GDC happy with half-year
25th - Carter Holt reassures shareholders
25th - Takeovers Panel restrains E-cademy investor
25th - UCLA picks SOE system
25th - NGC drops retail power
25th - Local stocks benefit fund managers
25th - Lion retreats from latest Montana bid
26th - Trade surplus drops but still positive
26th - Heinz Watties fined $10,000
26th - Frucor splashes $3M on Aussie Mizone launch
26th - ElderCare takes writedown on sale
27th - GPG confirms notes issue
27th - NIWA says 'don't blame us'
27th - Wrightson MD, Allan Freeth
27th - Brierley snaps up Fiji resort
27th - Richina awaits leather business offer
27th - Half-year loss likely for TrustPower
27th - Contact coughs up $12M to NGC
27th - Fletcher Building and Meridian reach agreement
27th - Property for Industry grows interim profit
27th - Looking ahead
27th - Capital finally fulfils its Oracle
27th - When shares head below 20c
27th - Strategic shareholdings become thing of the past
27th - Telecom officials out to defend Australian buy
27th - Air NZ not absolutely committed to Kiwi ads
27th - Large electricity users burned by soaring prices
27th - Dr Cheong in 11th-hour lobby
27th - Report critics question call for gas regulation
27th - Paterson #3 heads for private placement
27th - Electricity price turmoil puts heat on TrustPower
28th - IT Capital investment founders
30th - Monday 30th July 2001
30th - Australian Markets Wrap: Too Nervous to Score
30th - National Mail CEO bids for the company
30th - Present Value Revisited
30th - Cable repair a priority
30th - Infrastructure rates irk Gas Association
30th - First acquisition approved under new test
30th - No surprises from Blis first day
30th - No equality for women in super
30th - Calls for protection against unqualified financial advisers
30th - Asian Tiger Looking Skittish
30th - Brief recovery expected for builders
30th - Brokerage fees slashed
30th - Governing for better governance
30th - Healthcare sector looks ill
30th - Breaking up is hard to do, but beneficial
31st - Net profit jump for Freightways
31st - FFS likely to keep role in NI forests
31st - Delay for Aquaria meeting
August 2001
1st - Sale setback for Dairy Brands
1st - E-cademy not happy with June quarter sales
1st - Ryanair bonus for IFT's Glasgow airport
1st - WAM wins HAM contract
1st - Savoy loses $79M
1st - High expectations for GPG note issue
1st - Aussie buggers
1st - False start
1st - Going down with the Joneses
1st - How to catch the wave
1st - Stars, cows, dogs and problem kids
1st - It's the knowledge economy, stupid
1st - Hot! New! Wanted!
2nd - Waste Management completes wheelie bin buys
2nd - Bank account for new Telecom network
2nd - Newcall tidies house
2nd - July commodity prices fall
2nd - Reorganisation derails Tranz Rail result
2nd - Lion Nathan seeks High Court review
2nd - NGC settles exit from electricity retailing
3rd - Gas helps fire UNL interim profit
3rd - ETT begins Starmart trial
3rd - Reid Farmers' result shines
3rd - Utilico says don't sell
3rd - Cadmus operating profit on track
3rd - Air NZ share split to disappear?
3rd - Nufarm consolidates to beat margin pressure
3rd - TVNZ plays on as Aussie telcos shrink-wrap budgets
3rd - The week in review
3rd - Colonial buys Millennium Centre
3rd - Combatants show no concern over costs in Montana standoff
3rd - Minister says don't panic but was there a cunning Baldrick plan?
3rd - Bendon bares all though directors send odd signals
3rd - GPG keeps it Kiwi but has yet to put its money where its mouth is?
3rd - Industry bodies overstate need to act on their advice: Disclosure onus stays with customer
3rd - Watchdog eyes delinquent advisers
3rd - Pragmatism rules over idealism in financial advice industry
3rd - Regulators target sharebrokers' 'research' influence
3rd - Price turmoil undermines market failure claim
3rd - Wilson Neill mum
3rd - Brokers praise revamp of retail debt market
3rd - Warning on: 'regulatory creep' in telecom bill
3rd - Investors eye stake in Apple Fields
3rd - Ex-Tasman Pacific directors blame Qantas for pulling out
3rd - SIA refuses to sell Air NZ stake to Australia
3rd - Anderton gaffes torpedo People's Bank funds plan
4th - Australian Markets Weekly Wrap
6th - Monday 6th August 2001
6th - WAM recycles last year's result
6th - Hellaby sells bikini business
6th - Telecom readies Aussie debt programme
6th - Take Courage, You'll Do Better
6th - Corbans buy forces Montana earnings blip
6th - Approval for Nufarm delisting
6th - Lion long-timer new chairman
6th - New Allied bid recommended
7th - NZ continues to outshine Aussie at The Warehouse
7th - Genesis loses $1.7M at half-year
7th - Dairy farm sale back on
7th - Warehouse drops pharmacy hopes
7th - Port of Tauranga plans capital return
7th - Baycorp merger gets green light
7th - Conduit sale lifts Renaissance result
7th - Richmond sets sights on deer processing
8th - Growth in June retail sales
8th - Bendon confirms swimwear purchase
8th - Tower places notes issue
8th - Thousands go for CDMA
8th - NZ computer sales buoyant
9th - UIL Brisbane business sold
9th - Law change targets loan sharks
9th - Unemployment rate drops
9th - Further export improvement
9th - Dorchester completes insurance restructure
9th - St Lukes purchase helps Westfield half-year
9th - Ciao NUF and PDL
10th - National Property assets surge past $100M
10th - Mooring Systems tests patent waters
10th - Refining margins tumble
10th - Jobs ads show strength
10th - Telecom gets jiggy
10th - Streamlink loss 'relatively small' says ITC
10th - Retail boost helps Farmers, Progressive
10th - Lyttelton profit sinks, income flat
10th - Tasmania future focus of TasAg
10th - Eldercare restructuring spills red ink
10th - Supermarket wars - coming soon to a counter near you
10th - Late protest against GRD mine
10th - Dumped Ravensdown plans Wrightson customer grab
10th - Savoy share wakes up after third annual result and suspension lift
10th - Otter nosedives but NZ Oil & Gas and Summit looking up
10th - 'Venture catalyst' optimistic despite tech-wreck effect
10th - Contact picked to buy TrustPower
10th - New Public Trust board likely to raid funds
10th - Government keeps private option open
10th - How a $40m bank in the making mushroomed to staggering $80m
10th - Support swells to prosecute deputy PM
10th - Anderton scores own goal over People's Bank
10th - Baycorp Advantage goes for three-way growth
10th - Ryman bemused by 'property cycle' speculation
10th - Deal in offing over forestry
10th - United we stand says airline
10th - Air New Zealand says it's staying put
10th - Support swells to prosecute Anderton on People's Bank
11th - Australian Markets Weekly Wrap: Market marks times
13th - FAP forex losses bumped up
13th - Food prices rise 0.3% in July
13th - Cupboard bare at eVentures
13th - ITC seeks 100M share permission
13th - Coal boost in the south
13th - Dairy Brands benefits from buoyant payout
13th - Monday 13th August 2001
14th - UK still lynchpin to Frucor's future
14th - Telecom touts underlying strength
14th - Wrightson surplus rises 41%
14th - Owens gets new boss
14th - Air NZ at 'point of no return'
14th - They're drinking our gin here?
14th - Investment Styles Can Cause Strains
15th - Interest rate stable
15th - AIA pushes ahead with landing hike
15th - Royalty income on cards from GEN subsidiary
15th - Allied queries Montana share rise
15th - Lion sells 19% Montana stake
16th - Scott spreads wings
16th - Capital return closer with Germantown sale
16th - Carters counts cost of Kinleith blaze
16th - Baycorp reaps early partnership rewards
16th - Force sales mount up
16th - Wilson & Horton reverses forex loss
16th - Expensive winter for insurers
17th - Advantage takes goodwill thumping
17th - Apple Fields set for Nevada paydirt?
17th - ANZ puts branches up for sale
17th - MessageMedia price disclosed
17th - Australia still major NZ investor
17th - Rural benefits flow through to STU
17th - RMG takes first-half knocks
17th - Fraud police probe bankrupt's $12 million health resort project
17th - Government aid helps further the expansion of Synergy
17th - Utilities come to grips with new rating basis
17th - SEA Holdings plans Millbrook- style golf resort in Queenstown
17th - Scott Technology spins off automation company
17th - Regulating financial planners can be good for the investor
17th - Hardliners fight on as Enza seeks settlement
17th - Getting balance right between equity and debt
17th - Healthy sign for Reid Farmers and a 'good' deficit for Genesis
17th - Lies, damned lies and a new way to detect them
17th - Long wait for exchange to develop capital market
17th - Anderton's bank float costs challenged
17th - Biotechs become all the rage as Otago unleashes its gene genies
17th - Telecom's abnormal items give abnormally low profit
17th - Briefly
17th - Frucor convinced UK tastebuds ready for V's afternoon fizz
17th - How to buy your own $20m firm in just six weeks
17th - Midas man raises $120m and sends most of it back
17th - No shareholder vote needed on Telecom's $500 million 3G deal
18th - Australian Markets Weekly Wrap
18th - In My Defence...
20th - NGC's bitter pill
20th - Quarter-cent valuation for AQL
20th - Monday 20th August 2001
20th - GRD considers coast options
20th - Tourism growth charted
21st - Sky City - A for Auckland not Alpine
21st - Force bites Argentinean bullet
21st - POA promises special payout
21st - Palmerston North 'inland port' on hold
21st - China key to Richina future
22nd - Earnings fall for Fletcher Building
22nd - Kirks gets new boss
22nd - Mainfreight still hurting from across the ditch
22nd - SOE eyes more lucrative sales
22nd - Petrol usage drops
22nd - ASB profit soars
22nd - Colonial Trust marks lower first quarter
23rd - FFS puts the past behind
23rd - Spectrum focuses on Kinetiq
23rd - Slashed investment income cuts AMP profit
23rd - Ad spend slows
23rd - Firm log prices help Evergreen result
23rd - Tranz Rail tosses dividends
23rd - NZ Experience improves
23rd - Southerner gets possible reprieve
24th - Ebos eyes expansion
24th - Nuplex profit down at 'cyclical lowpoint'
24th - IT Capital tightens belt
24th - Analysts independence in the spotlight
24th - Sky looks for $100M minimum
24th - Lion Nathan sells to Allied
24th - Michael Hill improves - just
24th - Warehouse confirms interest in K-Mart sites
24th - Kiwis borrowing more
24th - Contact Energy - is this as good as it gets?
24th - Good will thumping for NGC
24th - The week in review
24th - Trio get to grips with sudden falls in asset value
24th - National Property Trust signs up for sale of Hornby Mall
24th - Chief executive appointment delays KMart deal
24th - High-flyers wanted for stock market challenge
24th - Dorchester Pacific builds up steadily
24th - New form of integration may be a smart way to do business
24th - Sovereign founders resign
24th - Air NZ's simple NPC internet game takes off with vengeance
24th - Reporting Season - Debt restructure to give Force new life
24th - Reporting Season - Former Fletcher letter stocks struggle on
24th - Reporting Season - Briefly
24th - Inland port partners plan radical concept
24th - Staff target new trustee in Fletcher Energy battle
24th - Overachiever Sky City becomes a takeover target
24th - Yates takes master entrepreneur award
24th - Miffed miner seeks to change minister's mind
27th - Monday 27th August 2001
27th - Australian Markets Weekly Wrap
27th - Cavalier regroups in weak market
27th - Shell boosts NZ profit
27th - Trade surplus in sight
27th - TOWER MD, James Boonzaier
27th - Down to the wire for Air NZ
27th - What Kind Of Investor Are You?
28th - Steady result for office trust
28th - UnitedNetworks in gas push
28th - Wine benefits flow in Foster's result
29th - Tourism Holdings misses forecast
29th - Airline result delayed
29th - Gateway turns out the lights in NZ and Australia
29th - Port of Tauranga milks good result
29th - Coffee and cash
29th - Calan looks to future
29th - Game of two halves for Telstra
29th - Powerco drops fixed line charges
29th - Dun & Bradstreet charts own course downunder
30th - Airport result reflects tourism strength
30th - Nuplex eyes Auckland waste expansion
30th - Allied gets Montana green light
30th - Higher producer prices matched by costs
30th - Rocom sees cost benefits from new business
30th - TrustPower in for 'significant loss'
30th - Moody's rating on Lion Nathan unchanged
30th - Taylors posts record earnings
30th - NZ dairy giant in Nestle tie-up
31st - Rights issue to help VTL growth
31st - Leaner South Port increases profit
31st - No dividend as Shotover Jet consolidates
31st - Smiles all round at GEN-RBC arbitration
31st - Organic direction approved for AQL
31st - Oil companies under fire as dollar rises
31st - Cancer treatment deal for Auckland university
31st - Million dollar week for Mowbray
31st - Clear beats off Telecom, Optus and Telstra for big call centre contract
31st - Property syndicators test market
31st - NGC buyout battle sparks call for changes to Companies Act
31st - No candour coating for RMG's bitter pill
31st - The week in review
31st - Paterson buys key retail site
31st - Australian Labor shows economic stripes of rather different colour
31st - Anzo result is predictable but also solid
31st - Typically tentative first report from dental dotcom
31st - Media continuing to pay little attention to Aussie companies
31st - House style
31st - The Warehouse dips its toe in to the banking venture waters
31st - Securities Commission goes after investment cowboys
31st - Qantas Air NZ role foiled by Singapore
31st - Auckland Airport boosts profit and landing charges
September 2001
1st - Australian Markets Weekly Wrap
1st - Of Rich and Poor And Taxes And Earrings
1st - Life after eVentures
1st - Startup.bomb
1st - Between the lines
1st - Make money while you snore
1st - A dot-commer making money?
1st - Banner-waving
1st - Fool's gold
3rd - Watch Telecom but bank on Advantage!
3rd - Monday 3rd September 2001
3rd - Dorchester on acquisition trail
3rd - NAB hit by HomeSide slide
3rd - Tourists boost CDL
3rd - Aussie alliance likely for Mr Chips
3rd - Newcall looks to Australia for energy expansion
3rd - Sluggish NZ market affects Telecom rating
4th - GPG Happy despite Unspectacular Half-year Result
4th - Government should not fear increased Singapore Airlines stake in Air New Zealand
4th - GPG profit up despite Otter 'dud'
4th - Bolger to chair 'people's bank'
4th - MP tries out for airline board
4th - PRG takes byte at new store concept
5th - Organic exports reach $70M
5th - HP-Compaq will dominate local PC market
5th - CHH expands Aussie packaging firm
5th - Reid Farmers appoints SEU boss to top job
5th - Australian interest cut earns rebuke
5th - Shell explores West Coast potential
6th - Sky subscribers grow - but so does deficit
6th - Pay TV weighs down INL
6th - NZIJ 'in discussions'
6th - Reserve Bank seeks wider perspective
6th - Retail spending up again
6th - Air NZ tries to pull up out of share dive
7th - Montana probe tapes no longer exist, brokers say
7th - Market mauls Air NZ
7th - SIA climbdown blamed for Air New Zealand indecision
7th - Tasman Pacific directors want more time to defend charges
7th - Reporting Season - Sky tightens pay-tv grip but its losses mount on kiwi dollar fall
7th - Reporting Season - Briefly
7th - Picking a measure to assess sharemarket returns
7th - Directors fail to shape up
7th - Big boys don't always have the answers for the small players
7th - New Capital Market makes it easy for enterprising companies
7th - Unlisted market rewards the brave who dare to venture into the tough world of counter-cyclical investment
7th - Globalisation will put savings in competent but disinterested hands
7th - Companies on the NCM list include those in the technology-based sector
7th - Fletcher saga makes an engrossing read
7th - New developments dominate as ports pursue customers, profits
7th - CDL Hotels hopes to make a profit this year - maybe
7th - Kain quits as Apple Fields goes mining
7th - Equities market at the crossroads - down hill or full steam ahead?
7th - The agony of St Jeffrey of Philadelphia
7th - Aussie hurts Warehouse but worst should be over
7th - Warehouse ramps up stationery expansion
7th - Restructuring slams Goodman Fielder profit
7th - Fisher and Paykel announces payouts
7th - Country beats city at Colonial Motors
7th - Wellington Drive matches forecast
7th - Singapore Airlines leery of bleeding Air NZ
10th - Monday 10th September 2001
10th - Air NZ shares reach for the oxygen masks
10th - Stay Alert For Charlatans
10th - Cadmus charts growth path
10th - Hellaby nudges profit higher
10th - Richina to sell Colyer Mair
10th - Trade surplus official
10th - Airline shares dive then climb
10th - Air NZ and Qantas back in talks
11th - Allied mops up Montana
11th - Employers check productivity levels
11th - Livestock expansion for Williams & Kettle
11th - Plea for power savings to continue
11th - Foster's buys top Californian winemaker
11th - eBet rolls out card system
12th - Terrorist attacks rock financial markets
12th - WINZ suspension in force after US attacks
12th - Vending Technologies postpones issue
12th - NZ market dives on shock US siege
12th - Air NZ cancels flights
12th - Kirin reaffirms Lion Nathan alliance
12th - Aquaria gears up for organics production
12th - Qantas turns its back on Ansett
12th - Writedown scathes Cube Capital
12th - Interest rate cut possible next month
12th - Ansett in voluntary administration
13th - Designer Textiles bloodied but not out
13th - Affco sells marketing subsidiary
13th - Government provides $550M credit to Air NZ, ups SIA cap
13th - Ansett drags Air NZ to $1.425 billion loss
13th - F&P unveils separation details
13th - Food price rise hits 11-year high
13th - Insurers calm shareholders
13th - Submarine company anxious for start date
13th - eVentures ponders $29M cash pile
13th - WAM predicts lower profit
13th - NGC reveals value of power customers
14th - Kiwi takeover tumbles
14th - Unlisted trusts and super funds frozen
14th - Westfield escapes World Trade Center fallout
14th - Air New Zealand's empire falls into a billion-dollar black hole
14th - Ad agency decision takes backseat as carrier rebuilds
14th - Don't blame Michael Cullen for Air New Zealand
14th - Fisher & Paykel pushes ahead with split and Nasdaq listing
14th - Change to NZSE qualifying date
14th - Booming dairy industry lures Queen St farmer
14th - Don't blame Australian syndrome when our investments turn sour
14th - Writedowns cool off Capital Properties' return to profitability
14th - Small operators play a part in New Zealand's tourism boom
14th - Commercial property has been a good performer versus shares
14th - Reid, Pyne form a South Island giant
14th - Waltus cleared of double-dipping in merger case
14th - Air New Zealand Crisis: Ansett hoisted by Aussies' protectionist petard
14th - Auckland International Airport MD, John Goulter
14th - GPG happy with notes issue
14th - Sales revenue jumps at NZ Oil and Gas
14th - Electronic clearance for Government securities
14th - Air NZ suspends Australian check-ins
14th - Cullen on defensive over Ansett troubles
14th - NZ management 'inept'
14th - Positive signs for GDP growth
17th - Monday 17th September 2001
17th - Travel stocks hit as market awaits US trading
17th - Strike notice for Ports of Auckland
17th - Sky notes launched
17th - NZ boost from Goodman Fielder strategy
17th - Comment: Labour, The Alliance and The Greens - The Government That Has Almost Destroyed Our National Airline
18th - Australian Markets Report
18th - KFC and Pizza Hut shine in third quarter
18th - Market responds to US sentiment
18th - Infratil wants state power assets sold
18th - Rewards For The Brave
18th - Advertising revenue falls at TVNZ
18th - Air NZ staff tell Aussies to cool down
18th - House sales improve
18th - Freedom cuts prices to lure travellers
19th - Australian Markets Report
19th - Reserve Bank matches overseas cuts
19th - First property sales net $12M for ANZ
19th - Lower interest rate applauded
19th - 'People's Bank' to rate with the big boys
19th - No clear skies for Air NZ
20th - Genesis pleased with asthma safety trial
20th - Brierley spends $19M on Fraser and Neave
20th - AMP sells NZ general insurance
20th - NZ Post cuts dividend
21st - Triple jeopardy dogs the struggling Air NZ
21st - Airline in the dock
21st - Government scours around for talent for new board
21st - Court ruling places takeovers on hold
21st - Herald union fight settled but colleagues estranged and court battle still to come
21st - Suicide missions offer new slant to financial, economic equations
21st - Telecom strikes the right note in annual report
21st - Trusts see gaming funds as community dividends
21st - Shutting the gate after the airline has bolted
21st - Shotover Jet seeks new investment opportunities
21st - Crisis 'shows electricity market needs reform'
21st - Brokers beware - Boo-boo is about to take over
21st - Briscoes gets ready for float
21st - TasAg to distribute cash, shares
21st - Mainfreight management shuffle
21st - Figures show tourism was booming
21st - Government rejects power profiteering accusations
24th - Monday 24th September 2001
24th - Focus On Value When Prices Tumble
24th - Record profit for Williams & Kettle
24th - Vending firm withdraws Aussie offer
24th - Pacific Retail a buyout target
24th - Further divestment from Eldercare
25th - Air NZ continues ride of its life
25th - Nuplex profit slashed by medical woes
25th - Rocom pushes billing system
25th - Bank restates UN obligations
25th - NZIJ deal off
25th - RMG picks distressed debt growth
25th - Hallenstein Glassons reports flat result
25th - Air NZ refutes 'smear campaign'
26th - Air NZ shares grounded
26th - Text agreement between telco rivals
26th - Air NZ shares flying again
26th - Aussie tech company in Taranaki oil search
26th - Housing consents show growth
26th - Frucor strengthens marketing team
26th - 10% tourism drop predicted
27th - Australian Market Report
27th - Lion uncorks Adelaide wine offer
27th - Goods pile up during port strike
27th - Balance of payments looking good
27th - Fewer imports help trade balance
27th - Incomes show strong growth
27th - Sky City broadens its name
27th - AIA ok despite Air NZ and tourist setbacks
27th - Welcome to Greenstone Bank?
28th - Insurance woes create billion-dollar bill
28th - Tax base of govt companies likely to slump dramatically
28th - Government wrestles stakeholders for Air NZ
28th - Debt dependence compounded lack of due diligence
28th - Clear clears hurdle with $2 million profit
28th - Windflow Technology turbines are set to fly
28th - 'Shop down' effect expected if international recession spreads
28th - Ports of Auckland doesn't distract with hyperbole
28th - Telecom bullish on revenue from mobile
28th - The O'Brien Column: Uncertainty rules markets but some local stocks prove resilient
28th - Buyers eye Harts NZ
28th - Markets and economies in for a long, slow haul to recovery
28th - The Shoeshine Column: Opportunity knocks, Eric answers the door
28th - Australian Markets Report
28th - Air NZ dashes Brierley hopes
28th - Air NZ's wings clipped again
28th - ElderCare seeks $10M for expansion
28th - Fletcher Steel sells Cyclone operations
28th - NZ economy picks up
28th - Remaining RMG petroleum assets sold
28th - BIL debt ratio and asset liquidity raise concern
28th - Airline's shares on hold till Tuesday
October 2001
1st - Telebomb
1st - Technology fund number two
1st - A future in futures?
1st - The patriot
1st - Making it in New Zealand
1st - The joy of (low) tax
1st - World class down under
1st - Monday 1st October 2001
1st - Don't Bring It All Back Home
1st - Fish quota reshuffle
1st - New twist in text message promotion
1st - $81M price tag on Auckland rail corridor
1st - Colyer Mair sale completed
1st - Trading halt continues for Air NZ shares
2nd - Export prices weather uncertainty
2nd - NZ business in credit rating tailspin
2nd - Lion Nathan on wine spending spree
2nd - Indonesian expansion for ETT
2nd - Genie runs out of wishes
3rd - Interest rates unchanged
3rd - Toomey not going - Air NZ
3rd - Australia cuts OCR
4th - State offers $885M to rescue Air NZ
4th - New look Air NZ board
4th - Airline plots route changes
4th - Affco beefs up capital funding
4th - Air NZ back in play
4th - Dithering accusations 'crap' - Cullen
4th - Pacific purchase for ANZ
5th - Australian Markets Report
5th - Lion appointment strengthens wine focus
5th - Steel & Tube drops North American ambitions
5th - Qantas upsets NZ union
5th - Wellington to buy local rail service
5th - S&P keeps eye on Air NZ
5th - Air New Zealand lives on but is its future sound?
5th - Buoyant economy underpins Labour $450 million bailout
5th - High-tech Kiwi products could boom in Singapore
5th - IRD targets high worth individuals, cash firms
5th - Send in the clowns - NAC arises from the ashes
5th - Under the Influence - Moneymen who make the world go around
5th - Statutory management was never on the cards
5th - Banks' performance in managed funds the key
5th - Bears have upper hand as bull market vanishes
5th - Market emotion gives way to fundamental decisions
5th - No-frills approach but sitting pretty
5th - Investors back off from insurers until uncertainties die down
5th - The O'Brien Column: Defensive stocks like breweries will weather the storm ahead
5th - The ghosts of 1920 come back to haunt the new millennium
5th - Terrorist attack intensifies the slowdown in industrial metals
5th - Gulf War debunks theory of flight to gold during crises
5th - The week in review
5th - The Shoeshine Column: Lion CEO gets that hunted feeling again
5th - Minimal debt impact from airline recap
5th - Powerco mulls joint bid for HED
6th - Australian Markets Report
6th - Reduce Risk To A Probability
8th - Monday 8th October 2001
8th - September job ads soften slightly
8th - Australian gas-fired project for Contact-Edison
8th - August retail sales lower
8th - Frucor briefs new Aussie CEO: 'Sell more V'
8th - Shareholders approve F&P split
8th - Flight, staff cuts at Air NZ
8th - Airline board cuts own pay
9th - Toomey stands down from bank role
9th - South Island rail service gets summer reprieve
9th - Spectrum scores Aussie deal
9th - Saatchi head to be Cambridge mentor
9th - Inflation fall predicted
9th - Toomey - jumped or pushed?
10th - Australian Markets Report
10th - Big drop in NZ forex turnover
10th - Compass defers key transaction
10th - Strathmore listens for Kachingo! profits
10th - Air NZ slims down management structure
11th - NZ business confidence plummets
11th - Trade surplus confirmed
11th - SOE notches up another Australian sale
11th - Takeovers appointment reflects aims of CER
11th - Spectrum buys Canadian subsidiary, eyes US market
11th - Mooring Systems moves on key transaction
11th - GPG sells Otter shares as takeover bid made
12th - Record volumes lift Solid Energy performance
12th - Progressive takes Privy Council route in bid to buy Woolworths
12th - The Stewart family says its goodbyes to PDL
12th - Investors hope Sky City's buying gamble pays off
12th - Timaru's container renaissance hits Lyttelton Port's business
12th - Genesis routs Shell in gas case
12th - ASX's foreign exempt-status stance all part of profit search
12th - Failure to produce positive cash flow makes BIL outlook bleak
12th - What can still go wrong at Air NZ
12th - TTP sells Sun Microsystems
12th - Saviour or sucker?
12th - Wellington Drive Technologies MD, Dr Ross Green
12th - Edison offers $3.85 per share for Contact
12th - Contact offer 'full and fair' - Edison
12th - Nuplex gets regulatory clearance
12th - Capital Properties makes $31.3m Wellington purchase
12th - INL and Sky ahead in first quarter
12th - DB settles labelling complaints
15th - Monday 15th October 2001
15th - Two Sad Tales Don't Tell The Whole Story
15th - Banks back Air NZ recapitalisation
15th - Inflation at 2.4% for the year
15th - Affco shuts US office
15th - POA plans share shrink for cash
16th - Contact to release results early
16th - Qantas ups the ante in NZ
16th - Fonterra levels local playing field
16th - Dittus and IT Capital part company
16th - Parent support rewards Natural Gas
17th - Funds manager still keen on global equities
17th - Carter Holt Harvey cautiously optimistic
17th - Westfield keeps NZ projects on the board
17th - Risks seen for Fonterra
18th - Free trade agreements under fire
18th - Ports of Auckland on credit watch
18th - Air NZ to go live on the ASX
18th - Powerco adds finance whiz to board
18th - NZSE strikes out Lion complaint
19th - Westfield plays hardball
19th - Port company defends $132m capital payout
19th - Krukziener puts bondholders back on hold
19th - Contact bid appraiser draws broker fire on 'undervaluing'
19th - Companies use capital note issues to raise money to counter share volatility
19th - National Property Trust seeking $25 million
19th - Lies, damned lies, and politics: Air NZ 's real value
19th - Retirement, healthcare sector improves its game
19th - Bumper profit crop for power SOEs
19th - Report Card: Frucor on a growth mission but UK venture yet to reap rewards
19th - The O'Brien Column: Normandy NFM's bid for Otter will give firm management control of mill
19th - Technically Speaking: Electronic billing companies to prosper from the anthrax scare
19th - New hedge funds to attract investors
19th - Westfield chief determined his firm will fight for its patch
19th - Capital spends $31.3m getting into bed with KPMG
19th - Southern Capital fights to rezone land for township
19th - Dairy Foods strikes deal with Fonterra
19th - Putting a price on Contact Energy
19th - Seeing double on Sky TV
19th - Fonterra threatens to shift research
19th - Redundancies at Air NZ jet centre
19th - POA consent upsets operators
21st - How To Make Your First Million
23rd - Air NZ trims from the top
23rd - Friday result for Contact
23rd - Fee changes for Infratil manager
23rd - F&P lowers US listing expectations
23rd - Telstra battles on in 'challenging market'
24th - Chrome Global in trouble
24th - French company wants Frucor
24th - Rural shares on offer
24th - Progressive makes new thrust for Woolworths
24th - Red ink for NZ fund managers
24th - Opinion: The NZSE - A Dying Exchange?
25th - Cullen unhappy with PRG appraisal
25th - TasAg gets ready to leave
25th - Port of Tauranga nets cargo business
25th - ANZ hits earnings record
25th - Air NZ chops Aussie services
25th - PRG rejects Cullen allegations
25th - Fonterra offers capital notes
26th - Private health awaits key High Court ruling
26th - ABN-Amro values Contact at $5.31
26th - Danone defends offer as Frucor's share price reaches new heights
26th - Ebos head recalls Australian moves
26th - Telstra Saturn blitzes field in growth survey
26th - IndraNet shareholders in it for the long term
26th - Edison backs electricity market structure here
26th - Investors still jittery and uncertain of economy
26th - Social objectives may appear on government's agenda for Air NZ
26th - Nuplex confident drop is short-lived
26th - St Laurence reinvents syndication
26th - Resolution 18 sparks Fletcher takeover talk
26th - Contact's profit spikes
26th - ElderCare begins medical expansion
26th - Affco looks for cash
26th - Natural Gas chief resigns
26th - PRG directors say 'reject Cullen offer'
26th - Nufarm seeks $210 million
26th - Contact ready with generation options
26th - Lower import values improve trade balance
26th - PFI increases earnings
29th - Monday 29th October 2001
29th - Monday 29th October 2001
29th - Dorchester buys NI advisory business
29th - Health certificate for Blis
29th - The Good, The Bad, And The Unexpected
29th - Submarine business readies for commercial dives
29th - Sky City offers to underwrite Force issue
29th - Higher sales improve Kirkcaldie's result
29th - Lower costs help Horizon Energy
29th - Shotover lays down future plans
30th - Shell can buy back Taranaki prospects
30th - Quality mark for juice industry
30th - Hellaby sells wool shares
30th - Dividends back on cards for NGC
30th - SOE posts interim profit
30th - Sky City splits shares
31st - Air NZ fare jump raises Opposition ire
31st - Frucor appraisal due mid-November
31st - Global uncertainty hits Advantage
31st - Outlook difficult for beleaguered airline
31st - Sky picks up state TV channels
31st - Steel & Tube shares Canadian proceeds
31st - Chicken sites to go under the hammer
31st - NZ Herald publisher sold to Aussies
November 2001
1st - Victoria food processor attracts Brierley cash
1st - Premium beers help DB sales
1st - Frucor looks for alliances
1st - Lion hurries up Petaluma investors
1st - State property valuer increases profit
1st - Allied touts wine acquisitions
1st - False profits
1st - The Air New Zealand crash
1st - Deloitte/Unlimited Fast 50
1st - Catch 'em young
1st - The wireless meltdown
1st - Bad bosses = bad economy?
2nd - Agents accuse Air NZ of turning against them
2nd - Frucor predicts profit jump
2nd - F&P faces flak over stock issue at 'big discount'
2nd - O'Reilly's APN judged no match for giant Fairfax
2nd - Law changes in store to widen telephone taps
2nd - Hellaby sells its stake in wool trader to Hubbard
2nd - Dairy companies race to unlock milk's potential
2nd - Sex swells the kitty
2nd - Property sector dull despite talk of an upturn
2nd - Tasman Agriculture chairman shares his thoughts (and notes)
2nd - Steel & Tube short on detail, could do better forecasts
2nd - Hopes for economic stability despite global turmoil
2nd - September 11 events have their parallels throughout the past
2nd - Interest Rates
2nd - Staggering Restaurant Brands' KFC portfolio
2nd - Victoria St development underpins precinct
2nd - PFI weathers global storm
2nd - New Owens chief outlines his plans for the future
2nd - Port of Tauranga hits record highs
2nd - F&P leaves $98m problem untreated
2nd - Export commodity prices fall
2nd - False start to NZSE market depth
2nd - Edison increases Contact offer
2nd - Nuplex keeps close eye on Medihold
2nd - F&P continues profit growth
2nd - Westpac deposits record result
2nd - Exotic infection found on Waikato farms
5th - Monday 5th November 2001
5th - Cube issues stock for Metashare deal
5th - Upward wage trend continues
5th - Post venture named Kiwibank
5th - Cullen limits takeover offer
5th - Turbulent markets buffet AMP
5th - Opinion Divided On Dividends
6th - Transmission separation mooted for NGC
6th - Business finalists named
6th - New Zealand saves more
6th - Vending company tracks to budget
7th - Stationery sales lead Warehouse rise
7th - Scott Tech tallies up the orders
7th - Richmond success has a sting in the tail
7th - Telecom signs with Vodafone to build Aussie mobile brand
7th - Tranz Rail freight revenue dips
8th - Airline and airport kiss and make up
8th - Talley's takes more of Affco
8th - Danone offer for Frucor 'timely' says advisor
8th - NZ unemployment steady
8th - HomeSide knocks NAB profit
9th - The strange case of Wilson & Horton's $432m black hole
9th - Drinks giants eye Frucor bid
9th - Metropolis investors target manager
9th - Wilson Neill leaves its shareholders in the dark
9th - BT could take bath on Clear
9th - Telecom expected to make a profit of $131-151m
9th - Sanitarium adds e-business ingredient to its Weetbix
9th - Baycorp speakers to focus on global climate
9th - Ex-RSL boss cleared as police probe lawyer's death
9th - Air NZ drops airport action
9th - Richmond powers ahead of its rivals
9th - Warehouse's ugly one delivers goods
9th - Above the ground activity burnishes value of Otter Gold's share price
9th - O'Reilly's disappearing debt trick
9th - NZ job ads slump again in October
9th - ZFree not so free?
9th - Aussie beer sales boost Lion result
9th - Retail sales continue to climb
9th - Strong economy flows through to Kiwi Income
9th - Progressive shows supermarket strength
9th - Affco profit plunges
12th - Monday 12th November 2001
12th - Harvey Norman to be Briscoe shareholder
12th - DB buy-up rejected
12th - Asia calls for Air NZ
12th - Accommodation sector grows in September
13th - Market likes Telecom direction
13th - Northland Port mops up more engineering losses
13th - Gas players ready for possible Maui shortfall
13th - Air NZ agrees to sell Ansett flights
13th - Upward food price trend continues
13th - Building off to a better start
13th - Tourism Holdings expects lower first half
13th - Asset sales help Infratil half-year
13th - F&P companies ready to roll
14th - Reserve Bank cuts rate on global slowdown
14th - F&P touts strong opening prices
14th - Colonial Property has steady first half
14th - Fletcher Forests upbeat at annual meeting
14th - Cavalier hopes for better second half
15th - Writedowns hurt Rubicon first half
15th - Richmond on a capital raising roll
15th - Telstra takes Clear
15th - Diversified Dorchester lifts interim result
15th - Finance subsidiary for VTL
15th - Lion Nathan gets wine prize - at last
15th - Sky goes from strength to strength
16th - Advantage reshuffles directors
16th - Axe descends as Clear falls to Telstra Saturn
16th - Telecom points to more IT deals after Alcatel
16th - Telco prepares for makeover
16th - Funds fume at $83.5m Healthcare 'giveaway'
16th - Botry-Zen counts down for a February listing
16th - Debunking the outrageous myths of Kiwi white-collar crime
16th - Community-owned telcos under consideration
16th - Tranz Rail shows parent's influence
16th - Banks are reacting defensively to criticism of customer satisfaction
16th - 'Falling skies' are more than peripheral to economic issues
16th - New Zealand is in danger of becoming an investment backwater as listings shrink
16th - Cairns defends Lion's winemaker buys
16th - Fairfax chairman rejects O'Reilly 'daisy chain'
16th - Hobson's choice for Waltus investors
16th - Clearwater Resort launches new investment unit marketing push
16th - Australasian Property on money trail again
16th - Major revamp after ASX's 'under-arm bowling'
16th - Privacy code 'would bring higher costs'
16th - No clear advantage to new Telstra strategy
16th - Frucor worth more - report
16th - Government study targets ports
16th - Another asset sale for ElderCare
16th - Surgery shortfall prompts Wakefield warning
16th - Danone disappointed with Frucor rejection
18th - Christchurch software corp to seek listing
19th - Monday 19th November 2001
19th - Data Mining Can Produce Fool's Gold
19th - Difficult market hurts NZIJ
19th - TrustPower weathers bad winter
19th - Fonterra merges rural companies
19th - More WestpacTrust bonds likely
20th - Strong demand for Briscoe float
20th - Market depth soon promises NZSE
20th - Incomes rise faster
20th - Capital goods continue price climb
20th - ElderCare counts rights issue cash
20th - Advantage shares for placement and payment
21st - NZ in 'good position' - Reserve Bank
21st - Better interim from Mainfreight
21st - Airport profit up but passengers slowing
21st - Cargo business may dampen POT's margins
21st - No increase in Contact takeover price
21st - E-Loan sold to Liquid
21st - NZ tourist numbers drop
22nd - January start for GRD Reefton mine
22nd - Danone digs in its French heels
22nd - RMG eyes profit in second half
22nd - Fonterra happy with notes demand
22nd - Farm expenses push higher
23rd - Tourism Holdings MD, Dennis Pickup
23rd - New corporate for Cullen investment stable
23rd - Advantage tells survivor tale
23rd - Corporate spies plunder funds manager's secrets
23rd - ACP Media buys Property Press stable
23rd - Westpac moves to cut New Zealand class share discount
23rd - New money sets Jade on listing course
23rd - Auckland Airport posts profit boost
23rd - Honesty is no defence against creditor liability
23rd - Personal liability rates set to rise
23rd - Meat processors benefit from buoyant times
23rd - Evergreen grits teeth over share price
23rd - Edison plays broker game on Contact
23rd - 'Absolute return' funds make money through thick and thin
23rd - Briscoes float invites Harvey Norman on to share register
23rd - Aussie firm bids to keep Tranz Rail on the rails
23rd - Reputation raters in transtasman trouble
23rd - Competing Frucor bid not yet ruled out
23rd - Farmers' execs shift to PRG
23rd - Kiwifruit exporter toasts record season
23rd - Hospitals lose money for sixth quarter
23rd - Cadmus says new deal validates R&D
26th - Monday 26th November 2001
26th - Market progress helps Blis finances
26th - Williams & Kettle enjoys strong first quarter
26th - Investment surge pushes WiNZ past $2 billion
26th - Japan focus for NZ tourist industry
26th - Where Has All The Money Gone?
26th - Economic uncertainty affects Ryman result
26th - New venture boosts Cedenco result
26th - Profit drops as Mr Chips juggles growth
27th - Housing momentum builds
27th - More cash promised as Air NZ share price settled
27th - Business confidence still in doldrums
28th - AGL staffer for top job at Natural Gas
28th - Free flights cost more
28th - PGG makes presence felt
28th - October trade deficit widens
28th - Tourism body gets $2 million shot in the arm
29th - Owens looking good at half time
29th - Electricity firm buys into Pulse Data
29th - Kiwibank registered
29th - Storm clouds on dairy horizon
29th - NZOG to distributes Aussie shares
29th - Bus company wants rail hookup
30th - Vodafone: dirty tricks change state policy on mobile phones
30th - Labour strengthens control over NZSE
30th - F&P win raises questions about awards
30th - Metropolis price hit
30th - PR ploy nets Westpac a tidy profit
30th - Ruth Richardson draws lines in Morningstar sand
30th - Land company investors see shares outperform NZSE40
30th - Defensive Advantage should come straight
30th - Coalition keeps coming up with more bills for listed firms to pay
30th - Property Holdings director buys up
30th - Auckland Airport suffers less in terrorist fallout than many
30th - Pharma Zen float proves a success
30th - Funds Management clients seek 'spy' answers
30th - Secret submissions fuel Maori mobile muddle
30th - Wrightson chairman to steer Air NZ
30th - Christmas environment challenging - Warehouse
30th - Liquidation proposed for Bendon Group
30th - Rail passenger deal completed
30th - Rocom postpones growth
30th - CSFB drops retail business
December 2001
1st - Investment records are better than memories
1st - Branson 101
1st - Shaving face
1st - Brand New Zealand
1st - Patently obvious
1st - Romancing the sheep
1st - Going, going, green
1st - Economic expressionists
1st - The Powdergate probe
1st - D-day dogs Brierley
3rd - Monday 3rd December 2001
3rd - Margin pressure shows in Motor Trade result
3rd - Capital return causes POA rating cut
3rd - Westfield interest in Auckland underground shopping
3rd - Genesis CEO, Dr Jim Watson
3rd - Star Alliance pulls together
4th - Export prices slump in November
4th - Break-even still focus for Beauty Direct
4th - Swift buys Shell assets
4th - Lyttelton strike possible
4th - Ebos buys biomedical stake
4th - Wizard movie storms NZ box office
5th - Major milestone for submarine venture
5th - Tower bruised but not bleeding
5th - Danone keeps offer in till New Year
5th - Tauranga port in a 'healthy position'
5th - Tower highlights Aussie focus
5th - Air NZ investors have little choice - report
5th - Lyttelton strike threat withdrawn
6th - Renaissance mulls restructure, redundancies
6th - Hallenstein Glasson lifts sales, appoints new MD
6th - One Air NZ share by Christmas
6th - NZ Post banks rural profit
6th - Valuation standoff in French Frucor bid
7th - Ex-Fortex chief executive goes to trial on banning charges
7th - Mobile phone fiasco puts the spotlight on government's secret policy process
7th - New Air NZ chairman's first task is to find a Gary Toomey replacement
7th - Credit unions feeling the chill from state-owned Kiwibank
7th - Printout
7th - DB and Lion Nathan find mature beer market highly competitive
7th - Firms can learn from WaterCare report
7th - Clear sale gets Commission green light
7th - Buyer beware when it comes to risky contributory mortgages
7th - Companies need to supply more cashflow information
7th - The year of investing dangerously
7th - Telecom buys speech business
7th - Sylvia Park decision will open up competition for Auckland tenants
7th - Dominion kicks off Viaduct Point units
7th - Commonwealth Bank promises to hang on to the ASB Bank brand
7th - Starline starts on Quay Park project
7th - Hugo Venter's Air on a G-string
7th - Margin lending profile on the rise
7th - Southerner faces end of the line
7th - Government operating surplus beats forecasts
10th - Monday 10th December 2001
10th - Connex keeps eye out for NZ opportunities
10th - Aussie network joins AOL-AAPT venture
10th - Fees and taxes slash returns
10th - Equity slump hits Axa bottom-line
10th - Restaurant sales exceed expectations
10th - ETT says profit is 'elusive'
10th - Ports of Auckland payout delayed
11th - KFC and Pizza Hut sales heat up
11th - Lion Nathan optimistic on year ahead
11th - Baycorp increases Asia stake
11th - Force sells film holding
11th - Wellingtonians support rail JV
11th - Summer earnings will boost final Caci result
11th - State power profits below budget
12th - Feverpitch offering oversubscribed
12th - Cabletalk in the black at half-year
12th - World Bank executive for regulatory role
12th - Terms of trade improve
12th - NAB begins HomeSide exit
12th - NZ passes Moody's muster
13th - Wrightson profit set to double
13th - Kirks to buy neighbour for $29M
13th - Second Auckland runway cleared for takeoff
13th - Tranz Rail slashes payroll as outsourcing grows
13th - Maui reserves agreement by March
13th - Fletcher Forests confirms CNIFP interest
13th - European deal for Wellington Drive
13th - Long-running gas dispute settled
14th - Packer and Maori battle for control of Prime TV
14th - Southern Cross Healthcare faces cash crisis
14th - Surplus comes under more pressure as growth tumbles
14th - DB blackmailed over ad agent
14th - WDT provides Christmas gift to patient shareholders
14th - Kirks spends above $20 million on Harbour City Centre so it can expand
14th - NBR L.E.K Shareholder Scorecard: Smaller companies lead the way for shareholders
14th - NBR L.E.K Shareholder Scorecard: Cashflows and other specifics not markets, move share prices
14th - NBR L.E.K Shareholder Scorecard: What is 'shareholder rate of return' ?
14th - NBR L.E.K Shareholder Scorecard: L.E.K. Consulting
14th - NBR L.E.K Shareholder Scorecard: Why sector buyers should shop around for shares
14th - NBR L.E.K Shareholder Scorecard: Executive compensation can benefit shareholders too
14th - NBR L.E.K Shareholder Scorecard: Top performer profiles
14th - Goodman Fielder restructurings come to a head
14th - Technology companies gung-ho despite more losses for some
14th - Moody's picks early lift for Carter Holt Harvey
14th - Bring on holidays from weird behaviour by odd corporates
14th - Hedge funds accessibility is no longer just the preserve of the Australasian rich
14th - Property syndicates dwindle as they fail to deliver good returns
14th - Redraft hitch for the Waltus contributory mortgage offer
14th - And the winners are ...
14th - Briscoe stock gives Christmas bonus
14th - Good movie prospects, shame about the debt
14th - Pacific Retail presents strong half-year
14th - Losses aplenty at leaderless IT Capital
17th - Monday 17th December 2001
17th - How to invest Swiss-style
17th - Seafresh swamped again
17th - UK stronghold for dental software firm
17th - Auckland wants convention dollars
17th - RetailX eyes Wellington
17th - Securities Commission to consider Wakefield prospectus
17th - Richina marks down profit hopes
18th - Changi offloads airport shares
18th - Most farmers predict 'steady as she goes'
18th - Companies Office lowers charges
18th - Rings movie sparks online surge
18th - November house sales reach five-year high
19th - Cullen welcomes confidence turnaround
19th - Air NZ loses momentum in November
19th - Air NZ deputy warns against Qantas cash
19th - Japanese visitors plummet
20th - Growth to ease then rebound
20th - Wrightson ramps up wool focus
20th - Danone ekes out offer
20th - Procurement concerns at Richmond
20th - Telstra's credit rating climbs
21st - Applefields pips the rest as best performing 2001 stock
21st - Foodland considers Woolies options
21st - Placement helps fills MSL rights issue
21st - Pacific Retail Group CEO, Peter Halkett
24th - Monday 24th December 2001
24th - Spread it around
24th - Rail corridor sale completed