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Re: [sharechat] The future of generation [was CEN]

From: Robin Benson <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 22:35:30 +0100

Hi Charles

> The other area well worth addressing is the efficiency of
> consumption. Why a new house, office, almost any building in NZ 
> requires an
> air conditioning system is beyond me. Yes there are the exceptions 
> where
> temperature control is imperative eg, food sector,  areas of hospitals 
> etc.
> but quality architecture can reduce air con reliance by implementing 
> some
> very basic passive ventilation design. The glass tower on Queen St 
> without
> solar shading is now out of vogue as more and more companies realise 
> cooling
> is an exorbitant property cost.

Agreed. Passive heating and cooling makes for good buildings. However, 
there is a cost, because the people designing these buildings need to 
know their stuff. Developers tend not to be too interested in this side 
of things as they are just number-crunching. Solution? Make it part of 
their number crunching.

> Appliance energy efficiency is only just being looked into. F&P have 
> been
> slow to spend research in this area and offer products which meet 
> European
> standards.

European standards for energy use are prominently displayed on all such 
appliances. Hard to say how much it affects consumer behaviour, but 
again, make it part of the number crunching.

HDR sounds interesting!


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