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Re: [sharechat] reply to robin

From: Robin Benson <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 22:38:52 +0100

You're always up for it MacDunk which is appreciated ... never one to 
not put your neck on the block.

I'm interested in POT -- why is this company a better place for my 
investment dollar than SPN, LPC or POA?


On 19 May 2004, at 09:00, Duncan MacGregor wrote:

>                   I am but a simple chap that reveals all for those 
> that listen.   My only companies
> at the moment are HQP a rave of mine ever since they changed from 
> southern capital.
> PWC another rave told you all i was going to buy when they stopped 
> downtrending.
> Lets not forget POT which has been a bit slow to trend but now Is 
> trending well.
> The best long term prospect Is POT that Is the best port company In nz 
> expect a great
> return when exports take off.  PWC I will give It away soon the run Is 
> almost over.
> HQP how much can I make before I panic and sell out probably a few 
> months to go.
>  Inflation Is coming back the cycle Is turning building slowdown 
> mortgagee sales banks
> in strife farming and forestry making a come back.  I have gone off 
> WRI I get a little
> bit of Inside Information that has come true and will look to 
> something else In that sector.
> I am a slightly over exposed risk wise but had to go big on pwc and 
> hqp they were a must
> I must look over a few dogs that will come right as the wheel turns.  
> I may have to drag
> some money out of the market and buy property when It bites the dust 
> Its all good fun eh?

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