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Re: [sharechat] Is It only luck by macdunk

From: "Lazy Haggis" <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 17:10:52 +0000

Well said MacDunk. Bill Gates was a school drop-out. Aussie PNA will knock 
the stuffing out of most stocks over the next decade. Why?

If you like fundamental analysis, then read poster SCD's analysis on 
Aussie's OzeStock board for PNA.

If you like technical analysis, then right now you have a classic situation 
of "buy into weakness" which means that the price is still below the 
trendline (50MA for example) but the internals (MACD and RSI) have turned 

The above two will have positive benefits for PNA both long term and short 
term, plus probably a lot more to come due to global geopolitical events. We 
have an enormous mess looming in Iraq, but it's good to know that Bush 
didn't just go in to get rid of an enemy, but also to make a new friend! 
Gosh, silly me for not realising that. Perhaps the price of oil will fall, 
now that the we're all friends again, and the USA mainland will become 
"terrorist threat" free. Friendship is such a nice thing.

There is so much economic and terrorist trouble brewing on the horizon for 
the USA, not to mention the growing swell of global hatred against that 
country, their need for cheap oil, and budding trainee superpowers starting 
to evolve, it's very easy to conclude that the US dollar and normal global 
stocks have only one way to go (down in a big way) and gold only one way to 
go (up in a big way). Timing is the issue. Not quite sure when it will 

Very few believe there will be a nuclear war, but it's pretty obvious to me 
that there will have to be one, in order to sort out the world's problems. 
The bully is surrounded and will have no choice but to fight to survive.

Keep up the great work MacDunk.

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