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[sharechat] RE: Nuclear Power (I know, not again...)

From: "Gavin Treadgold" <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 12:27:31 +1200

It seems Lovelock was talking on National Radio today... however he
obviously hasn't been reading the news. We have all the generation capacity,
today's problem is distributing it... :(

Once again, a good reason to move towards smaller generation facilities,
located closer to populations that are using them - it just doesn't seem
right to lose 25% of the electricity we generate sending it to the North
Island. Does anyone know if any of our energy companies are doing this or
planning to?

Cheers Gav

NZ doesn't need nuclear power, says scientist,2106,2920009a10,00.html
26 May 2004

Celebrated environmentalist and scientist James Lovelock shocked fellow
greens this week by supporting nuclear energy, but says New Zealand does not
need it.

"You've got all the renewables in the world. You're singularly fortunate,"
he told National Radio today.

New Zealand had "a lot of wind" with a small enough population and enough
space for wind turbines.

"You've got geothermal, I should imagine, in enormous quantities," Professor
Lovelock said.

"I would have thought that New Zealand could be the first place in the
world, after Iceland that is, to get all of its energy from renewables."

Prof Lovelock is the author of the Gaia hypothesis - the theory that the
Earth keeps itself fit for life by the actions of living things themselves -
and was one of the first researchers to sound the alarm about the threat
from the greenhouse effect.

He fears global warming is advancing so swiftly that to prevent it
overwhelming civilisation, a massive expansion of nuclear power is needed.

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