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Re: [sharechat] Nuclear Power (I know, not again...)

From: Robin Benson <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 21:56:23 +0100

Hi Hugh

Back for more?

> I'm glad to see some Greens have some logical capability left and can 
> recognise that modern nuclear
> power plants cause far less pollution than the alternatives. Green 
> analysis is usually
> characterised by bad science, awfully bad science, and sweeping 
> assertions not backed by scientific
> evidence that will stand up.

There was a "Green" guy called Salmon as I recall who had some pretty 
fanciful ideas.

> This stuff that global warming is now very rapid is rubbish. Read 
> Frank Haden's article in last
> weekend's Sunday Star Times

Hallelujah brother ...

> (maybe I should post it again as I did with his one on nuclear power).
> He pointed out that the Sahara desert is currently shrinking and that 
> the area of ice in the
> Antarctic is currently expanding. The "rise" in the sea level is so 
> minuscule that it's hard to
> measure it. In fact one Pacific Island group that took a Court case 
> lost it because they couldn't
> show that sea levels were rising.
> One commentator on what I posted before came out with the usual airy 
> fairy stuff that NZ could get
> all the electricity it needs from windpower and tidal power.
> The highest contribution anywhere of windpower is Denmark with 18%

In case you hadn't noticed there are a few differences between New 
Zealand and Denmark topographically-speaking. A quick visit will 
provide the necessary contrast.

> and you'd need back up thermal
> power stations to cover that 18% for windless days of which there are 
> surprisingly many.

Depends where you are. Wellington enjoys a nice breeze and so does the 
west coast of Jutland. Also, there are these big areas where water can 
be collected and then used to generate power as it's required.

> I'm not aware of any tidal produced power anywhere including the Bay 
> of Fundy in Canada which is
> suposed to have the greatest tidal difference.

Well if you're not aware of it then it can't exist AND if Frank Haden 
wrote it it MUST be true. I'm looking forward to some 
investment-related predictions from Frank Haden because they are 
CERTAIN to be absolutely correct.

I'd put all my savings into Haden bonds -- wouldn't you??


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