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[sharechat] forestry and free trade by macdunk

From: "Duncan MacGregor" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 13:36:39 +1200

The forestry sector Is about to liven up now that free trade appears on the horizon with china.
My own opinion Is that more people will lose than win at the start up, to the point where their
standard of living equals ours.   Carter Holt are opening up mills to saw the logs In china.
Because of the cheap labour source, and at the same time closing up here.   Free trade means,
we all compete with the lowest price at everything.       I visualise a rich country like NZ with
an underclass of poverty, and criminal behaviour that Is common In other places of this world.
I would hate to think one of my descendents will have to work for three bowls of rice a day, or 
 starve If they stopped digging a bloody ditch seven days a week.   We control the fate of the
people that follow.           Our ancestors sacrificed more than we are asked, Its time to think.
Macdunks of this world look for winners.   If free trade becomes reality or appears so.
POT Is In the box seat followed by the people with tree stock that bought at the bottom.
All the farm related companies Including Snoopies WRI will do well.
manufacturing companies belly up retail not much better.   Only an opinion you guys
a few [me Included will win] but spare a thought for the losers we all pay for them
                           cheers macdunk



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