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[sharechat] PBO - Panbio UPDATE

From: "Cristine Kerr" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 15:20:56 +1000

ASX Announcement - 15.4.04 - 2.42pm
Panbio Recognized for Excellence in Breakthrough Technology
April 15, 2004, Brisbane, Qld, Australia - Breakthrough technology developed by Panbio Ltd has been recognized with a prestigious award from the Federal Govt's Industry Research and Development Board.
Panbio received the award for commitment to excellence in developing its innovative Oligo Rapid technology which delivers medical diagnostic tests in a highly flexible, easy to use format, suitable for use by physicians and health care practitioners in the field.
Panbio has been granted a US patent for the new technology and is in the process of developing Oligo-based tests for specific diseases. The company estimates the first products utilising the new technology will be on the world market in about 12 months.
Panbio Chief Executive,  Mr Jim Porter said, "The innovation was driven by the needs we see in the market for affordable easy to use diagnostic solutions to reach the millions of people who go untreated or are diagnosed with fevers of uknown origin."
"The cost of manufacturing will be significantly reduced, making the test affordable to people around the world. The new platform will also allow multiple tests to be performed on a single patient sample resulting in rapid identification of the cause of some of the world's most serious infectious diseases."
"As a result, the company sees opportunities to reach substantial world markets that currently lack access to accurate and affordable diagnostics."
[I]NB Panbio is an international infectious disease diagnostics company headquartered in Brisbane. The company develops, manufactures and sells diagnostic assays for the detection for the detection of antibodies related to infectious diseases.
Panbio sells products used in the diagnosis of over 72 disease states and is world leader in tests used in the diagnosis of flavi and other arboviruses (arthropod borne viruses) having introduced the first clinical diagnostics for Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever, and West Nile Virus.[/I]
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Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 7:20 PM
Subject: Re: Re: [sharechat] Fundamentals Snoopy! and his Pups woody replyGoody bye!!!!!!!!!!

The David Beckham version:
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Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 5:06 PM
Subject: Re: Re: [sharechat] Fundamentals Snoopy! and his Pups woody replyGoody bye!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Mixtrader. Appreciate your post.
You may remember this one then - Panbio (PBO) - from last year (before they decided to, gulp, restructure).
PBO ASX Announcement today - 14.4.04

Professor John Mackenzie joins PANBIO board as an independent non-exec director.

Professor Mackenzie has a distinguished academic, advisory and consulting career and has made an outstanding contribution in viral diseases.

He is an internationally recognized microbiologist, Professor of Microbiology at the Univ of Qld (since 1995) and conjoint Professor of Tropical Infectious Diseases.

He is an advisor to several state and federal government departments and to World Health Organisation for viral diseases since 1984. He is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Global Health Security at the World Health Organisation and has consulted to Aventis Pasteur and Smith Kline and French.

Mr Boscher (Panbio Chairman) said "Professor Mackenzie has an international reputation in the area of infectious diseases and will bring invaluable knowledge to the company. John has a remarkable network of contacts at leading research and health organisations around the world in the company's fields of interest. He wans to see our company succeed and will be able to assist our management team as well as the board. John makes a unique addition to the board."

Professor Mackenzie said "I am excited about joining the Panbio board. The company has remarkable potential in combatting some of the world's major health challenges. I look forward to making a valuable and lasting contribution together with this dynamic and enthusiastic group of people."
Now how does that song go -  'The only way is up ... baby"!
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From: mixtrader
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 3:55 PM
Subject: Re: Re: [sharechat] Fundamentals Snoopy! and his Pups woody replyGoody bye!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Cristine (& Ruth)
Yes the topic has been done to death but the debate will rage on while there are still those that consider themselves either pure TA or pure FA.  That is all a part of what makes life interesting.
I am an avid follower of the sharechat postings and often take considerable notice (ie put money up) based on what I read.  To those that have helped me to a win - THANKYOU - the information you have posted has been great.  To those that have had losses (as I have as well), keep learning from the previous decisions you have made - knowledge may act to some extent as a future "stop loss".
Keep up the good work (and don't stop posting)
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Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 5:07 PM
Subject: Re: Re: [sharechat] Fundamentals Snoopy! and his Pups woody replyGoody bye!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Ruth,
You speak on behalf of the sharechat group?
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From: Capitalist
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 2:33 PM
Subject: Re: Re: [sharechat] Fundamentals Snoopy! and his Pups woody reply Goody bye!!!!!!!!!!

Snoopy did a great fisking of the original posting. His questions were
polite and very reasonable. If one is going to post about "controversial"
topics one cannot complain when much of it is dissected. Implying the topic
at hand is too esoteric is often the last resort when one cannot logically
or factually rebut something.

People are very attached to their beliefs, much more attached than they
usually let on. When they are called on them they often depart, usually with
a few ad-hominems thrown in for good measure ;-)

IMO the lack of replies is nothing to do with not wanting to expand
horizons, but is because by and large the topic has been done to death and
no one cares anymore.


>>Hi Woody,

I have always held your posts in very high regard and your last post was no

It was excellent - pioneering - and very brave - proposing the exploration
of uncharted territory and encouraging everyone to broaden their horizons
(think outside the box).

In a brain-storming session, participants are encouraged to 'think outside
the box', take a non-judgemental perspective, and contribute both pros and
cons in a positive manner.

In this way, new ideas that may have great merit are not squashed before
they are considered in their entirety.

Your post reminded me of this, and as a life-long learner, I can say I was
truly excited by your post, your pioneering spirit, and the prospect of
exploring these possibilities through the ensuing exchanges.

Of course, to be effective - it helps to have more than one contribution so
I can totally understand your recent response.

Also, there is some risk associated with proposing anything new and there is
always some resistance (and rejection) of the unknown and of uncharted
(please forgive the pun) territory.

There are some very knowledgeable and experienced people who contribute to
this forum and I sincerely hope they re-weigh the possible benefits against
the personal risk of derision through exploring something new, offer to
contribute, and help you to reconsider, BUT; even if that doesn't happen, I
still hold hope you will reconsider and stay - please?


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