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RE: [sharechat] Online broker recommendation needed!

From: "Baa Baa" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 00:00:15 +0000


Yep, I've got ASB Securities and am not experiencing any of those problems. 
This is through a NZ ISP over broadband ADSL though ... in case that's part 
of the issue for you.

Not sure about other online brokers. ASB Securities isn't an 'online borker' 
per se, i.e. you're not trading 'in' the market 'real time'. It's simply an 
order placement tool via the internet, with some primitive portfolio tools 
to gloss it up - nothing like say ScottTrade, e-Trade, AmeriTrade, 
OptionsXpress etc for the US markets. ASB brokers uplift your order and 
place it via Commonwealth for execution. Maybe you could go direct through 
them instead?

All the best

>Subject: Online broker recommendation needed!
>Does anyone else here use ASB Securities, and have been experiencing
>difficulties with their web site - ie. 1-2 minutes to log in, pages taking
>ages to load, web site often unavailable, unable to access portfolio
>Can anyone here recommend another online broker, preferably one that doesnt
>mean having to change my ASB Cash Management bank account.

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