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[sharechat] The power of lateral thinking

From: "Duncan MacGregor" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 14:22:28 +1200 (New Zealand Standard Time)

The share market Is dominated by rail track thinkers.    The type that cant spot or comprehend anything that doesn't fit In with there limited vision of things.  They can never see over the fence only the road they tread on.   This Is a weakness that can be exploited by lateral thinking.       Another great weakness Is misguided loyalty which I have exploited In New Zealand  and Australia.     Did It ever cross your mind that there are times you can back nz to beat aus In Australia and aus to beat nz In New Zealand and back It In each country and be guaranteed to come out on top.   I don`t gamble but I made five hundred dollars on the David Tua fight doing just that regardless of who won.          Lateral thinkers realize everything can be beaten or done better, they are normally business types, Inventors, see things In front of the herd, or see opportunities that the herd will never see.   Lateral thinking people will never take your word for anything without proof and would never blindly allow anyone to make there Investment decisions for them.        This Involves Investments decisions to buy and sell.    The lateral thinker will be first to notice the signs, and be In or out before the herd twig.      Of coarse everything has a down side, the lateral thinker will lie awake at night and wonder why his latest Invention dousn`t work.     The world Is a very silly place If there Is a creator up there with a sense of humour he or she should reincarnate the jews Into palestinians and visa versa.    What about the Irish? the catholics Into protestants, they would still be as bitter on the other side.    Misguided loyalty stems from an accident of birth, to allow It to guide your business decisions Is a sign of utter stupidity.      Never allow yourself to get dragged Into It.      When someone on the forum gives opinions that runs against the norm you can always pick who the real idiots are by the personal attacks.       When It happens to me I think Its great fun The only thing I regret Is not knowing them In real life I would have a field day.  
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