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[sharechat] 21st Century Academy and Jamie McIntyre

From: "KEITH CLARK" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 08:31:51 +1200

I have a couple of questions and a wee thankyou to members of the forum
Hi all,
Firstly, I recently agreeded to a 3.5 hr free introductory course with 21st Century Academy and Jamie McIntyre, here in Wellington. I was wondering if any of you have had previous dealings with this group, and felt comfortable sharing your opinions. I listened to the tape and read the literature that was provided, and while not meaning to be overlly critical It all seemed a little Australian centric in outlook. The whole thing seems to be a pitch for you to sign up to the academy programmes (go figure eh!) and while it does have its appeal, I hate spending money without doing a little research. Can any of you help?
My second Question was can anyone explain why gold went up (as i recall) to $840oz in 1980, a quick look at a few newspapers of the time will proberably tell me why but, i was wondering if there were more complicated reasons than say iminanent war etc.
thirdly, If you wish to invest in gold for example is process any diffrent to investing/trading shares? If yes then how and why.
Lastly, if you establish a trading account with a broker and it, for example, has a $1000 balance. Is this balance protected in any way from stockmarket crashes and receivers?
I have been sitting in the background here for a few months now, and have never really sought advise from you all, till now that is. And I wish to take the opportunity in my inagural email to say thanks.


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