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Re: [sharechat] [Study Stock] PSA

From: "Harold J Skinner" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 21:16:24 +1000

Now you know why Rivkin often finds himself on insider trading charge
(but he does drop clangers like his latest TMS advised to buy at 55 cents?)

The fact is he hires knowledgeable people to answer/assume questions like

What revenue Petsec (PSA) expects from Ship Shoal 184 and the size of these
gas discoveries!

191 is still to start production and what is its size (They are building an
offshore platform to accommodate it)

There are the wells that PSA is going to drill itself at West Cameron. The
first should spud in October in an area which is already producing gas

Bit difficult to work out a PE when you don't know what their income is
likely to be

Cash and liquid assets on hand at 30 June 2002 were the equivalent of $17.2
million, of which US$9.2 million were US dollar denominated.

He is also recommending for a New Guinea gold stock (risky) HIG at 36 cents
(again stick to his limit) and check the T/A

One reason I like T/A is this is evidence that ones fundamentals are correct
T/A is evidence that inside trading is happening

TMS (Television Media Services) was a classic. The T/A told me that it was
likely to hit 5 cents yet the fundamentals were lies and insiders new this
(that's why T/A works) Not sure if T/A work in NZ markets; But most
certainly worth checking with Australian stocks

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