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Re: [sharechat] STUDY STOCK - LHG

From: "Nick Kearney" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 12:42:58 +1200


One important point about LHG is they don't have a good hedging position.
They tend to miss out on the good price hikes in Gold because of this.  For
a company with a good hedging position check out BSG.  Hedging is very
important with stocks such as this.


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From: "Holden Glova" <>
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Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2002 9:05 PM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] STUDY STOCK - LHG

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On Sat, 21 Sep 2002 19:29, Nick McCaw wrote:
> An Update for all those who are interested. Bought LHG at $1.27 on
> 6-9-02 after discussing it on the forum. As mentioned, it was decided to
> sell if it fell back below the $1.25 support resistance level.
> It got very close for a couple of days, and in response to a recent
> query, I did not have an active stop in the market, In this case I
> prefer to wait for a close below the sell level, then sell at market the
> next day. Stop loss strategies are explained well in GO Learn Shares, If
> you haven't downloaded the free demo courses, you really should.
> <> .
> LHG has bounced around but is behaving pretty well as planned. The trend
> is continuing and a break above $1.37 would be a convincing reason to go
> out for dinner.
> In the mean time, the plan will stay the same. I will probably lift the
> stop level to $1.29 if the current trend continues. It helps that Gold
> is strong but whatever the reason, the ticker never lies.
> Is there a good fundamental reason to reconsider my strategy.
> Have a super weekend
> Nick McCaw

I'll take a stab at an initial fundamental look at it. I'm still not
sure of all the information I should be gathering when trying to look at
things fundamentally - but here goes.

What are they up to?
LHG is currently heavily involved with the LIHIR project. The LIHIR project
one of the world's largest underdeveloped gold resources, and is based on an
open pit mining operation which will supply high grade ore for processing
low grade ore which will be stockpiled for future processing.

Some Numbers
Asset backing per share = 165 534 000 / 1 142 334 000 = .145
(I must have goofed here, not sure why this is so darn low??) To get the
figure I referred to the 2001 balance sheet, I couldn't find more up to date
financials online at lhg website. I took the assets minus liabilities to get
that figure. The number of shares on issue at the moment I got from nzherald
stockwatch site.

Asset back ratio = 1.35 \ .145 = 9.31
If the above ratio was calculated correctly this would imply that your
investment is worth $0.107 for every $1.00 invested. Certainly not good

EPS = 10.1
DPS = 0
I guess this means they pay no dividend and put all their money back into

P/E ratio = 20.2
P/E ratio for the sector = 12.41
Quite a bit higher then the average for their sector.

P/E growth ratio = 10
P/E growth ratio for the sector > 10

Beta = .88
Beta for the sector = 1.00
Seems to be less volatile then the average for this sector.

Debt/equity ratio = 9%
Debt/equity ratio for the sector = 1%
Not too sure exactly what this means or if it is really even important. I
think this indicates that they have a slightly higher amount of debt
with their equity compared to the average for their sector. Can anyone
confirm this?

Misc findings
EPS at 12/01 look higher then they have been since the end of 1995 sitteng
10.1. Just one year prior they where at 5.9

Net profit at 12/01 was the highest it has been at 115.9 million.

Revenues for 12/01 where 351.6 million, which was lower then the previous
which was 417 million. However, it is still the second highest over the 6
year span dating back to 1995.

Large earthquake didn't disrupt any gold mining.

I find myself trying to find a bargain when I look at stocks now - perhaps
that is how I will invest, not sure yet, still have read "Technical Analysis
Explained" by Martin Pring once it arrives from Amazon. However, it is a fun
game to try and find a bargain and hopefully make a buck :) From my (early)
slant towards looking for value, I think this would be a poor investment
by looking at the asset backing ratio. Had I discovered that, I would
probably have ceased to look into this stock much further - is that silly
reasoning? I'm still a bit amazed at that asset backing ratio, I hope I
calculated it correctly.

Anyhow, that is my rookie stab at it :)

- --
Holden Glova
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