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[sharechat] Value stock for holden

From: "winner69 ." <wwinner69@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 09:37:26 +0000

olden glova - you seem worried about identifying value stocks because by 
definition a value stock is one that is performing badly or is out
of favour with the market and you said you find it pretty impossible to see 
why it would be a good value investment when the data I am looking at all 
looks grim.

Value stocks you should be looking at are good performing companies thatare 
trading at what is considered by many at a cheap price.

For a good insight into such a company it is worth while reading what 
Dimebag (on the other channel) says about Astron (ATR.ASX). Really good 
performing company at what Dimebag says is at a remarkably cheap price

Link is


Give it a go - I'm sure Dimebag would appreciate your feedback

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