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Re: [sharechat] STUDY STOCK - LHG

From: Holden Glova <>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 20:08:08 +1200

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On Sun, 22 Sep 2002 19:47, Harold J Skinner wrote:
> >Do people aside from Harold really think that spending money on any of the
> 3
> >above is valuable? I look over what they have to offer and am not sure if
> >this would be of real value to me.
> >
> >Any suggestions are appreciated and welcomed.
> Most of what is written by these analysts is available *free* in easy to
> read formats by "signing up" at most Australian Major banks like
> plus a number of others
> There are other sites also  that notify you of ASX alerts (free) but a bit
> buggy
> a good idea is to use the asx site and create a watch list there
> Learn how to read charts T/A is not hard basically its
> "Take the distance from the last high to the last reaction low and add to
> the last high.
> i.e. however much is the last retracement is the amount it will travel in
> the next wave of the trend."
> Then form your own "style" and graphist tactics
> If the fundamentals are true (not deceit) the should *both* indicate a buy.
> The T/A of shares only works because insider trading is rampant. Truthful
> fundamentals override T/A (if you are sure the facts you are given are
> accurate)

Thanks for the links and the advice. I have ordered a book "Technical Analysis 
Explained" which was recommended by Phaedrus, hopefully this will arrive 
soon. As for the fundamentals, well I know what fundamental analysis is, but 
I think I am still unsure how to progress. Basically I can look at all the 
company information I want, look over the financial statements which I barely 
understand, and scan through the news but I still have a hard time grasping 
how to do this properly. Especially when trying to identify value stocks 
because by definition a value stock is one that is performing badly or is out 
of favour with the market. I find it pretty impossible to see why it would be 
a good value investment when the data I am looking at all looks grim.

> ********************
> I see LHG tied very much linked to gold price. medium risky being in New
> Guinea as well as a 70% hedge. You need to find out what it costs for them
> to produce one once of gold and what they are selling it for  (I do not see
> much upside unless gold goes up, which it looks like it might)

What is a hedge all about? Is this some sort of debt? Does the fact that it is 
an open pit mine score a "+" for the fundamentals of this stock?

> For me HIG are a better bet @ 36 cents or better for a New Guinea gold
> stock!
> Again do not get carried away
> (The power was cut by some tribe there a short while ago so the politics in
> this area are not stable)
> Code&allinfo=on&asxCode=HIG&companyName=&principalActivity=&industryGroup=X

Is this not true for the rest of New Guinea? Since it is such a small place I 
would imagine any political unrest to be distributed across the entire area. 
Do these sorts of things really influence the companies share price?

- -- 
Holden Glova
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