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[sharechat] Dissecting the postings.

From: info <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:38:09 +1200

Re DF Mainland's plays of the week and success of recent examples; Tower,
Richina and Strathmore. (You forgot to include NZOG, which was the "Play of
the week", prior to Tower. 
We attempt to identify value and convey simple and intelligent reasons as to
why investors might consider buying the "Play of the week" 
With regard to your comment on the stock(s) .."Were they on the way up
anyway? maybe"....... does not recommend stocks on the
basis of upward momentum, but on the basis of value. Many of the stocks
recommended have no apparent directional trend when recommended, or may even
be in a down trend.
There is no one right way in stock selection, and as we all should know,
there is a high degree of randomness in the performance of individual stocks
and the only sustainable way to  enduring  investment success is to
diversify thoughtfully.  endeavours to improve the odds of investment success by
publishing the "play of the week" and "From where I sit", "The Guru", The
Blue horseshoe portfolio.  
Sadly in New Zealand, few brokers cover smaller stocks and
attempts to provide information and research on some of these stocks to its
on-line clients.
Equally true, is that our "ideas of the week" are not always investment
winners.........but we try our best....and as you can see we do have runs of
uncanny success.
In answer to your question."Can an individual investor legally influence the
outcome of their investment ?" the answer must be a guarded yes in the short
term, but probably not in a long term sense. No one is bigger than the
market and even Buffet's notion of investment value is not always shared by
the broader market.    

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