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Re: Re: [sharechat] Dissecting the postings.

From: "mark walley" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 15:13:34

Mick you state:
"I'm actually doing a paper and your comments will go into the melting pot."
Which comments? - those regarding; - stocks(individual/and by index,  or,
                                   - your e-mail
if it is the former,  then what is the purpose of the latter?

If it is the latter then why are you telling us one day after your post?

To lend credibility to your claim that you have used this forum as some 
(unknowing) guinea-pig to your (so-called) "paper" research,  you might 
provide some details on who is commisioning this research, and for what 

Further I would be interested to find out to what degree you think there is 
a correlation between comments made on this site and stock share prices,  
and,  indeed how one would go about measuring that supposed correlation.

You say; "I usually find that when people offer their comments for study 
purposes they tend to lose the emotional content and stick to being 

Which one drives their investment decision?  Or is it a combination of both? 
  However, are there people out there who make decisions purely on 
analytical reasoning - if so - are you hoping to exclude these people in 
your (limited) sampling techniques?

Then again - are you really doing the research at all?
You say;   "Then, is their disclosure the truth or is the poster merely 
playing the game?"   whatever that is.

In fact maybe this post is providing data for some other little research 
paper for you,  let's see maybe; "Can an individual posting cause an 
emotional or analytical influence on other postings?"

No doubt you'll be looking at posting the results on sharechat once you've 
crunched the numbers.

Best of luck

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