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[sharechat] Hugh: Unnecessary comment

From: frank <>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 15:22:23 +1300

Re your comment:
"Are we just a PR machine for people who have taken risky positions in
AQL and SVY?"

I take exception at this totally unnecessary comment as it creates
nothing but ill-feeling on this site especially if it is directed at
those who have taken the time and trouble to be a source of information
on AQL and Savoy for Sharechat readers.

I have contributed material on AQL in the past because there has been
such a dearth of information on the company and its divestment plans for
Sharechat subscribers. I have always attempted to provide the facts in
an analytical and logical manner -  leaving it to readers to determine
how to use that information in their investment plans. 

And as Osbert once said, some of us regular contributors have tended to
focus on the likes of AQL and Savoy (probably more than we should) only
because there has been lots of interest in these and similar stocks
amongst Sharechat readers. 

My AQL stakeholding is only 10% of my total portfolio and the rest are,
dare I say it, traditional stocks. Therefore my risks are extremely
minimal and I do not consider myself in a 'risky position' at all.
Comments like yours are very damaging and will only ensure that from
here on, whatever I know about the company and its future plans will not
be forthcoming.  Sadly, Sharechat readers (especially those who have
taken upon themselves to invest in AQL) will be much poorer for this as
some of us have more access to the necessary information than others.

Deeply disappointed,

Frank F

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