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Re: [sharechat] Hugh: Unnecessary comment

From: richard hermans <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 11:02:13 +1300

Frank  i must have missed something out here but please do not be
offended  i for one have thourghly enjoyed the comments/info /ideas on
the more "daring" shares{for want of a better description} this is one
of the reasons i was put on to sharechat by a friend in the 1st place.
shares such as SVY/AQL/SPE are a bit of a buzz and surely anyone who
enjoys that wee added bit of adrenalin in their portfolio is well aware
of what they are up to;some good comments similar to my sentiments were
made last week regarding the thrill of specky shares. i love it &
although only a small investor by comparison to some on here really
enjoy the variety of shares discussed. maybe people need to be a little
more openminded & a little less vulnerable in their feelings. please
send me any comments you have on aql/svy personnally if you are truely
going to withhold from the forum on account of others comments. many
thanks margie 

frank wrote:
> Hugh.
> Re your comment:
> "Are we just a PR machine for people who have taken risky positions in
> AQL and SVY?"
> I take exception at this totally unnecessary comment as it creates
> nothing but ill-feeling on this site especially if it is directed at
> those who have taken the time and trouble to be a source of information
> on AQL and Savoy for Sharechat readers.
> I have contributed material on AQL in the past because there has been
> such a dearth of information on the company and its divestment plans for
> Sharechat subscribers. I have always attempted to provide the facts in
> an analytical and logical manner -  leaving it to readers to determine
> how to use that information in their investment plans.
> And as Osbert once said, some of us regular contributors have tended to
> focus on the likes of AQL and Savoy (probably more than we should) only
> because there has been lots of interest in these and similar stocks
> amongst Sharechat readers.
> My AQL stakeholding is only 10% of my total portfolio and the rest are,
> dare I say it, traditional stocks. Therefore my risks are extremely
> minimal and I do not consider myself in a 'risky position' at all.
> Comments like yours are very damaging and will only ensure that from
> here on, whatever I know about the company and its future plans will not
> be forthcoming.  Sadly, Sharechat readers (especially those who have
> taken upon themselves to invest in AQL) will be much poorer for this as
> some of us have more access to the necessary information than others.
> Deeply disappointed,
> Frank F
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