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[sharechat] Gold - The only way to go.

From: "Lazy Haggis" <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 18:09:02 +0000

The two main factors which will push the price of gold higher are a falling 
US dollar and fear. There are umpteen reports available on the internet 
which discuss the likelihood of a tumbling US dollar (soaring gold) due to 
their various growing massive deficits. The US economic bubble is going to 
burst, taking down with it many traditional stocks and shares, and pushing 
higher most gold stocks.

The fear factor disturbs most people and it's easier not to consider it. 
What do you think will happen to gold if the Middle East troubles escalate? 
Do you think the latest attack by terrorists in Saudi Arabia is a once-off, 
or a precursor to much bigger problems to come? You may disagree with me, 
but the Middle East terrorism against oil (read as Western interests) is 
going to increase markedly. This will ultimately lead to nuclear conflict.

An then there's China. The latest reports coming out of the USA include 
headlines from Associated Press like "China Reassessing Military Strategy. 
Washington - China is reassessing how it would counteract the US military in 
a potential conflict over Taiwan, based on what it saw in the US invasion of 
Iraq, the Pentagon says."

You may disagree with me again, but China's need for oil, Taiwan, and 
superpower ideology, is not conducive to world peace, and is more likely to 
lead to a nuclear conflict with the USA. There is no incentive for the US 
political and military system to remain conventional for too much longer.

Buy some gold and gold shares - the only way to go, except up in smoke.

Lazy Haggis
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