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Re: [sharechat] PNA looking good?

From: Capitalist <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 17:13:17 +1200

Not a ramper, I think, just a snake oil peddler keen to get into a partisan pissing contest. These people are an embarrassment to the rational analysis of gold.
 Phaedrus, you have changed my life. I want to buy H & R Block in the US (HRB). Our dealers say to wait. I have never been a patient person, so I would appreciate your thoughts, if you have the time or inclination.
<<Lazy Haggis,
            I fear you have let your enthusiasm for this stock compromise your
You speak of PNA's share price "increasing on increasing volume". Attached is
a 6 month chart of PNA. The share price is been making lower lows and lower
highs - it is in a downtrend. Increasing volume? The histogram at the bottom of
the chart shows volumes decreasing, not increasing.
You mention the RSI heading higher - so what - it is an oscillator, they spend
half their time heading higher! This indicator has only given one Buy signal in
6 months, and that was back in February. Currently, the RSI is not oversold,
nowhere near a buy signal and not showing any bullish divergence.
The MACD has indeed recently given a buy signal - the third in the period
covered by the chart. Perhaps this signal will be better than the preceding
"This is the stuff of classic buys"????? Perhaps you are holding the book
upside down!
I would never use the R word, but you wouldn't be....... would you? Why else
would you perpetrate such terminological inexactitudes?


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