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RE: [sharechat] Selling shares online

From: "Allan Julian" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 20:32:02 +1300

Andy ring the 0800 number tomorrow,its 0800 272 732, you will need your client number, I suspect they will tell you that it was to far gone in the system to retreive, they have a disclaimer as such, which is shown as an ammendment is put in.
I have found them helpfull.
As long as it was under $30,000 it will take less than $30 to buy them back, although granted that is not your point.
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From: []On Behalf Of andy
Sent: Sunday, 29 February 2004 7:44 p.m.
Subject: [sharechat] Selling shares online

Hello everyone, I am a beginner in trading shares and I am currently buying and selling shares through ASB Securities.  I have got a question to ask you because I've experienced something I wasn't sure of:  I put in an order to sell shares for a certain price about a week ago and I concelled the sale order last Friday at 12:13 (the cancellation was already shown on the screen) but 2 minutes later the sale of these shares was executed (at 12:15, both the time of the order to sell and the time of the concellation were recorded by ASB Securities).  So the sale took place 2 minutes after I had cancelled.   I am not sure if this is normal practice for online trading or not.   If not,  what should I do about this?  Any suggestions? 


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