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[sharechat] My troubled portfolio......

From: "Shayne King" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 20:01:40 +0000

Just thought i would share the dissappointments of my portfolio with you 
all. I have faith though, its current losses only represent its current 
market value, not actual realised gains/losses. My portfolio consists of 
AIR, BGR, IHG (ASX), RMG and TWR. Indicators of were i bought at was 1.05, 
1.50, 49.5c, 8c and 1.17. I have taken some massive paper losses on AIR, RMG 
and IHG. I have yet to see the outcome of my purchase into BGR and TWR are 
proving to worth their value. AIR was my biggest mistake. I rushed into that 
purchase and only have myself to blame. I have learnt from my mistakes, 
however ,jumped into a new one when i purchase RMG. RMG has potential and 
perhaps the future will be brighter. They have a lot to prove to the market 
because ever since its public issue, it has been a disaster. Jim Boult, the 
famous Baycorp CEO proved his talents did not extend outside of the people 
he worked with when with Baycorp. His performance with RMG was shocking. He 
seem to only create problems for the company of which are only now being 
fixed. RMG are a small player in the market but as Baycorp have singnalled 
just recently, the market looks a little better so hopefully some of that 
will filter down to RMG.
IHG is another bundle of joy. Filled with so much potential for growth 
(check out Ingenico (Euronext) and Provenco (NZX)) it just seems to sit 
there and look sad. Its current price to me is undervalued and hence i will 
acquire some more. It has had nothing but positive news however, the market 
needs some assurance. hopefully its next financials will give this 
assurance. GPG's stake in IHG also adds some hope. Volumes are down, and its 
price has been in a downtrend since october 2003 after it reached its high. 
TWR is my favourite. But only because its up 17% for me. It is clearly out 
of favour with the market, and again has alot to prove. Out of favour stocks 
however do give an opportunity for big gains.For example, check out Baycorp. 
There stock had been underperforming for about one year. Its acquistions and 
profit downgrades lead the stock to fall in value. At its lowest point, even 
though news wasnt so good, it still had value. Since august last year this 
stock has become a favourite again. A bit of good news, all of which the 
market new it was capable of, and the share price rebounded. I hope TWR can 
follow in the same footsteps. It was in a downward trend until may of 2003 
and since then has showed signs of a recovery.
BGR was may latest purchase. My reason for buying was simple. Revenue was up 
over the past two years of about 14 and 16%. profit was up 34 and 40% of the 
last two years. If profit increases for the 2004 year of say 28% (min) and 
since 60% of profit is paid out as dividend, that will give a yeild of 5% 
based on its stock price of 1.50. I am happy with that yeild. of course they 
have to make not only a prfit, but an increase. has anyone ever tracked WHS 
stock chart with BGR? it seems BGR stock price always falls before WHS and 
when BGR does fall it falls a lot but then WHS falls just as much but later. 
check it out, it will explain what i am trying to say.
As for the future of my portfolio..........we will see. I believe in RMG, 
TWR, IHG, and BGR for future gains however as for AIR, they can bite me

Gaming galore at !

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