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Re: [sharechat] Niggle

From: "David & Jill Stevenson" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 10:34:43 +1300

                   What an appropriate sobrique !. What an equally appropriate location for such advocacy !  I won`t attempt to understand your concern that a little civility might infiltrate this forum rather than those ,after a time,sterile, hard-edged and blunt instruments of information you seek .
                   I don`t recall rushing to the broker as a result of any worthwhile advice from you in the past or have I not read widely ?
                   I, the undersigned, stand guilty of twice giving credit where credit was due (thanking -in your jargon) 
                   Don`t expect apologies or change of  a practice that you find offensive and that helps humanise this forum- no other reason. Will your next step be to send a thank you privately to others on this forum to add to your courtesy file ? I hope so !
                                                 David Stevenson


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