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[sharechat] re to all kiwis and Aussies by macdunk

From: "Duncan MacGregor" <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 16:43:32 +1300

Hi woody
              I agree with you woody this forum Is a great place to share views with a little bit of harmless banter from time to time.
we were all educated at different schools,   countries,  been brainwashed as children with our parents beliefs, and politics etc. 
If you have a brain, you make your own mind up about everything In life, and allow your children the freedom to develop their life.
Any person that ridicules a persons religion might get a big fright when they front up at the gate, to find out the person that they ridiculed was right after all.          Politics my opinion Is they are mostly liars vote them out, never vote them In, It only encourages them .        Religion as long as you are happy with It then Its ok with me.      To get a balance we require Input from a diverse range of view points.     If I think they are telling us rubbish I will say so without calling the person an Idiot.
The world has never been a better time In history than right now.   George Bush Is as bad as Hitler, but then look at Tony Blair, that Is only an opinion but what would our bunch of motley polititions be up to In similar positions.   
Some posters not so much on this channel only post condemnations, every thing Is wrong because they disagree they resort to personal abuse,which In Its self tells me who the real Idiot Is.       All great empires must come to an end, with new empires replacing them.      Americans have the same percentage of ratbags that we have here I actually met a nice pom once which only shows how wrong can you be.    There are less people killed In wars per population today than at any time In history so cheer up you guys It beats staring at a lid.
                                                 cheers macdunk

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