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[sharechat] Scott Technology Limited - research, meat processing

From: Marilyn Munroe <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 15:28:15 +1300

Scott Technology Limited has issued a stock exchange notice advising of 
approval of an automated lamb carcass processing research project.

Read more;

In my opinion this is a good move for Scott.

Meat processing is a labour intensive activity, physically demanding involving 
a high risk of injury for those involved. Meat processors could gain hugely 
from deploying any successful results from this project.

If the knowledge gained could be leveraged over into beef processing this 
would also be positive.

As an aside; meat processors in the US depend heavily on illegal immigrants 
for their labour supply. Instances have been recorded of meat processors 
having half their work force dissapear after Immigration and Naturalisation 
Service raids.

US meat processors also use water blasting as a labour saving measure to avoid 
using butchering to separate meat from bone. Naturally the water stream blows 
everything off the bone including nerve tissue.

As nerve tissue is a known vector for the transmission of mad cow disease, it 
is questionable as to whether regulatory authorities will tolerate such brute 
force methods in the future.

To summarise. In the future who will a meat processor call if they are faced 
with labour difficulties and/or increasingly complex safety related processing 

Scott Technology hopefully.

Boop-boop-de-do Marilyn

Disclosure: Hold SCT

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