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[sharechat] TTP.NZX - my pick for the new year

From: "david.gibson" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 10:40:23 +1300

At the risk of sounding like TTP.NZX's mother - I predict a significant revaluation of this stock following the release of end of year profit figures some time in the new year ...
The main reasons are:
1)  Buoyancy of the Commercial Property market
2)  Profitable takeover of AGH.ASX
3)  Profitable developments
4)  Relative strength of the AUD$/NZ$ cross rate (significant AUD$ assets valued in NZ$)
Further, I think the prospect of a resumption of dividend payments is increasing (50% chance).  I believe the notice to only convert partial amounts of the secured bonds signals the TTP.NZX board has some plans to spend some cash - this could be a new development project, or a dividend.
The more I research - the more I am convinced that TTP.NZX can be characterised as a prudent specialist commercial property development organisation.  I consider that the company should be rated as "highly skilled" in this activity and that presence of the SEA "foundation shareholder" should be viewed as an attractive asset for the small investor (support for long term investment/reorganisation plans; highly ethical behaviour; a block to unwanted predators).
Highly recommended that fellow sharechatters take a close look ....
/disclosure: HOLD TTP.NZX


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