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[sharechat] The hire business and Hirequip

From: "" <>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 11:43:11 +1300

Macdunk wrote:

>Hirequip have a lot of assets up for sale, and a good cash flow 
>business related to the  building sector, there prospects are 
>very good.

The hire business sector is not something I have great experience 
with.   Personally, I have hired a submersible pump, cleaning 
equipment, cutlery and glasses, car trailers and the odd rental car over 
the years. But I can't say I am any authority on how these businesses 
work from the other side of the counter.    The big names that come off 
the top of my tongue are 'Hirequip' and 'Hirepool', but I personally have 
had good service from the local hire equipment operator, just down the 
road.   Interestingly I see he has now been taken over by one of the 
'big two'.  I can't remember which one, and that maybe says something 
about how important 'brand value' is in this sector.

I can truthfully say I have never been completely stranded by any 
equipment I have hired.    So I guess most of my hiring decisdions 
come down to convenience and price.     

I am unaware of how much equipment is 'hired out' by the building 
trade.    I was under the impression that those in the trade basically 
had all their own stuff, but I am obviously wrong.    Can busy builders 
squeeze deals out of these hire companies?   Can they take out 
preferential bookings?  Is the service between one hire company and 
another really that different?

I would be tempted to go down the the Hirequip gate and use the 
Macdunk technique of asking the truck drivers.   The problem is most 
of the trucks coming out of the gate *are* the customers so I wouldn't 
get the insiders view of the company I seek.    Anyone out there got 
any comments that would help me better understand this service 


discl: no shares held

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