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Re: [sharechat] TA Rules Reply Snoopy

From: fntradingsolutions <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 19:26:24 +1000

As I trade Options I do not use Stops at all. I  use Combinations of
Strategies. Debit Spreads, Butterflies, Condors etc.

I do know All aspects of FA trading. I studied at the Australian Securities
Financial Analysis and Valuation
Financial Markets and Economics
Securities Industries Law and Ethics

I have read every Book Written By Warren Buffet and every report from
Charlie Munger.
I have read the Zulu Principle
My sister is a Fundamental Stock Trader and uses Stock Doctor. I have great
respect for the Software and have studied it well.  However I have
discovered that FA to me is too time consuming, too involved in the Company.
All I need is  Historical data, my Chart paper. The initial setup for one
stock takes about 2 Hours  after that I spend less than 15 Min per day up
dating my Chart and from that chart I trade. FOR ME it is easy. No Reports
to read, no need for PE Ratios, the only time I use any news from a company
is it's AGM and I always Straddle that day so I am covered no matter what
the market does.

YES I do know FA and NO you have not given me any real argument for>
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From: <>
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Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 4:47 PM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] TA Rules

> >
> >Good Snoopy well done only your main problem is that you do not
> have
> >ONE CLUE as to how TA Chartists operate. I could not care what AMP
> was
> >the Chart was all I looked at. It could sell bananas for all I care.
> >The Chart gave sell signals. The same with Chrysler Buy signals were
> >the go, and this was long before the Merger.
> >
> >You see my point Snoopy TA does not interest itself whether crooks
> run
> >a business or nor, just the Charts that is all I look at. The Time to
> >Price balance and the Cycles. I don't even know half the time what
> >sort of companies they are.
> >
> >Your argument is poor Snoopy <snip>
> >
> Woody, you made a suggestion that F/A would have lead to you buying
> AMP before the share price plunged, not buying Chrysler before the
> share price rocketed, and buying into Enron.   I have pointed out to you
> that certainly with a value investors F/A hat on that 'value F/A'  would
> have lead you to buy AMP nor Enron.   (SORRY SNOOPY LOOK AT THE HISTORY OF
nature of F/A you will
> also know that it cannot predict takeover offers out of left field.    The
> idea that F/A failed to predict a merger between Daimler Benz and
> Chrysler should come as no surprise to those who know how company
> specific F/A works.   BUT TA DID!!!!!!
> Of course being a 'pure T/A' guy, you don't care how F/A works.  But this
> is your own chosen path.    If you seriously want to debate the merits of
> T/A vs F/A, you have to make the effort to understand how F/A people
> think, even if you don't agree with it.    If you willfully ignore all
> of F/A culture then having an F/A vs T/A debate with you is pointless.
> If you make a statement on F/A you cannot expect an answer back in
> the language of T/A.   The idea that T/A may *also* have saved you from
> those situations has nothing to do with the point I was making.
> Now let me throw a T/A question at you, which I hope you can accept
> such a thing from someone who quote :
> "would not even buy an icecream on your Knowledge of TA ."
> as you put it.    Let's see if you can come up with something positive
> time.
> If you are trading trends you are saved by your stop loss if the trend
> goes against you.    But if you trade too often around small rises that in
> itself can have a negative affect on your returns. THIS IS IRRELEVENT TO
ME  I trade trend breakouts take a small profit and exit>
> How do you get the balance right so that your stop losses are not so
> aggressive that they strip the best profits from your trading?
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