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Re: [sharechat] dogs dogs dogs

From: "Russell" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 12:04:58 +1200

Tony I am also here to learn, and wonder if at times I am a fish out of
water. However my fishing tech is based on maths and small rises in sound
companys with a lower share price. In Ball park figures $ 100,000 will earn
@ 5% pa =$96 week or $13.70 day.  If for example it was used to purchase
shares at $1.50 each that went up in value 1cent= $666.66 minus brokerage is
still in my opinion a lot of money. This can happen on the share market in a
minute an hour a day or never, how ever if it happens in less than a month
you are still on the winning side of the 5% you would get in the bank. I do
feel that if it took a month to happen you may not have the exact right
shares for what you are doing, which is better than having the wrong shares
and selling at a loss. Back to maths, if the same $100,000 was used to
purchase $5.00 shares the rise in value would need to be nearly 4cents a
share to return the same value. In my opinion there are a lot of very good
companys on the nzx that are priced under $2.00 which can be used to make
this tech work. I hope this helps.
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From: "Tony de Bruyn" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2003 12:18 PM
Subject: [sharechat] dogs dogs dogs

> Hi all,
> I read this forum looking for tips and knowledge but I am certainly
> contributing to those of you who are up because I am down by about 60%
> I started trading in 1999.
> I got in on the tail end of the tech boom and was too greedy to sell just
> before it turned south forever.
> ITC, Newcall, AQL, SPE, CGB, .
> Lesser dogs TEL, CAH, THL, WHS
> Recently I did the "gut feel" and bought TRH @ 99 when the govt offered to
> prop them up. My reasoning was that there was a "national interest" here
> that the price might have oversold. No such thing, yet. I think Toll will
> take them over, replace the management and make money and the price will
> up beyond 150.
> Yet I still believe I will get it right eventually and make up the loss.
> I am looking hard to "learn how to fish" from this forum and will welcome
> any tips.
> I hold CAH, TEL, WHS, all bought way above current prices.
> Tonyd
> Auckland
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