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Re: [sharechat] Options trading

From: Derek <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 08:56:33 +1200


Access brokerage trade stock options
You don't need to be a client to check it out.

Use the Ticker lookup and part of a companies name and it will give you
a list of securities including options that are available for that company.
eg. choosing ASX &. 'Epitan' will give you EPTO (this used to be unreliable 
and often
available options failed to appear, but Access have upgraded their
system and this seems to work fairly well these days).

Finding the exercise price and expiry date may take a bit more work
and sometimes it may be necessary to look at the companies
annual report, fortunately most companies have theirs on-line these
days (in the case of EPTO the expiry date is shown on the Access
Brokerage quote, but this isn't always the case).

I hope this helps,


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