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Re: [sharechat] Gerry, dont start ! / MORGY

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 19:29:34 +1200

1.  I sent a private email to Sharechat by mistake; I had it removed later but you took a copy in the meantime.
You would have known that it did look like a private email and you decided to use it against me. The email was removed by management at about 11 pm so you kept that copy to be used at 10.17 am today.
Normally, one would extract that from that post just prior to your posting at 10.17 am, but you didn't; I think you were afraid that my email  would be removed and it was.
2. Then you proceeded to use Ozestock's post 16530 proudly telling everybody  that you underlined it:
After you post on ozestock (16530 , 15/6) I think your ability to fire broadsides at anyone is severley diminished.
Below is a copy of this (16530, bold & underline I have added) post where Gerry discusses his ramping. Please dont start your luny antics on this board. Stick to researching your stocks and let the info stand or fall on its own merits, it is the area in which you are most credible. The last thing we need here is hundreds and hundreds of boring monotonous posts similar to PDT & ASC.
My comment: ASC has some very good posts, but you wouldn't know. The problem is that post 16530 is not my post at all but belongs to a ring -in as was shown on this thread.
Question: This post is about 300 posts back from the current number: how on earth did you get hold of it? Presumably you keep tabs on my posts, a dossier perhaps.
Ready to strike at the right time he? Yes, I believe you were one of my detractors on the PTD board but under a different name. ( I already discovered another alias poster)
Very strange indeed using an old post for what purpose?
3. Now you proceed lecturing me-see above. For what reason? Do you really think, I care?
I have been waiting for an apology from you but nothing happened.
Your plan to discredit me has failed. And you were exposed as well!
In my opinion, this is disgraceful conduct.
Mind you, you have succeeded to drive me away from Sharechat. I have had enough having to deal with this person. What a waste of time this is!
Anybody wanting info, please go to "the other channel".
Those are my opinions,
Morgy, your name sounds familiar. I am sure I may have helped you some months ago: thanks for your return "favour".

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