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[sharechat] New NZSE boss

From: "Ben Dutton" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:27:13 +1000

Hi everyone,

Many of you would have read that the NZSE has found a new CEO to replace
Bill Foster - 34 year old Mark Weldon.

This new blood in the Exchange is quite exciting and there could potentially
be a big shakeup in the way the organisation is run.  Mr Weldon certainly
has an impressive track record so far in the world of business and
expectations are high that he will take the NZSE, which has stagnated for
years, into a new era of development and growth.

I thought it would be a good idea to canvass individual investors' opinions
on the way forward for the NZSE.  Please write to the ShareChat Forum or
myself personally and tell us what you think the NZSE needs to do to succeed
in the 21st Century.  Specifically, this means how the NZSE needs to serve
you, the *individual investor* to get more NZers participating in the

For example, would you like to see increased disclosure from listed
companies?  Free or a capped fee access to market depth and live quotes?
Issuing standard investor relations/communication rules?  Increased
regulation of the unlisted securities market?  A more thorough and
aggressive pursuit of suspected insider trading?

Your comments will be included in an open letter ShareChat will write to the
new CEO when he takes the reins - hopefully the letter will have a positive
effect, with Mr Weldon being able to understand what the individual investor
needs - and what the NZSE so far has not delivered.

Don't be shy over writing in - this is your chance to pass your comments on
to the new boss at the NZSE.

Look forward to hearing people's thoughts.

Best Regards

Ben Dutton
ShareChat Publisher

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