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[sharechat] ADV

From: redredwine <>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 03:27:02 +1300

Regards listeners.

ADV?  28/12 Close 48 -01.

Has anyone any opinions for this shareprice as an entry point?  Have been 
reading archives for opinions, historic charts show the possible end of a 
longterm downtrend/ is going sideways (please check the charts, RSI, W%R, 
macdh and stoch; daily and weekly.  Am I right that if the RSI and W%R turn 
up we could be looking at a rising price, but not necessarily a trend).

I am only interested because this seems cheap for an entry price and that 
the Directions newsletter issue10 has given it some air (some of their 
previous predictions have done brilliantly).  They say 'accumulate'. I 
would like it because a penny equals 2%!  But I would appreciate the words 
of experience please.

Thank you.  Was looking to buy but will holdoff pending.


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