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Re: [sharechat] ADV

From: "andrew cottingham" <>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 09:59:58 +1300

Hi Ross
This is my own personal opinion.
There was a recent opportunity to make a large amount of money in ADV (as
shown on chart).
Presently I would not consider ADV a buy, and would be sitting on the fence.
(I know nothing about the fundamentals of the company, because as a chartist
I only rarely consider them).
I would be positive if ADV breaks through and closes above the RH3 line
(preferable on heavy volume). I would start to monitor closely if it resumes
its course along the original up trend line.
I would be negative if it drops below the support/resistance line at 48c.(It
has already dipped below the original uptrend line).
RSI / Macd is shown on the bottom of the chart - you can form your own
opinion on those. (Macd is a very good indicator in monitoring change).
Williams/Sto are well below the line at present and have not turned.
Williams and Sto are very similar oscillators, except Sto has internal
smoothing. Williams perhaps has a superior ability to indicate a coming
reversal, usually forming a peak/trough prior to the move.
PS. I have attached the chart as a Word doc. If anyone does not have Word
and would like to see it in Gif format please let me know.

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From: redredwine <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2001 3:27 AM
Subject: [sharechat] ADV

> Regards listeners.
> ADV?  28/12 Close 48 -01.
> Has anyone any opinions for this shareprice as an entry point?  Have been
> reading archives for opinions, historic charts show the possible end of a
> longterm downtrend/ is going sideways (please check the charts, RSI, W%R,
> macdh and stoch; daily and weekly.  Am I right that if the RSI and W%R
> up we could be looking at a rising price, but not necessarily a trend).
> I am only interested because this seems cheap for an entry price and that
> the Directions newsletter issue10 has given it some air (some of their
> previous predictions have done brilliantly).  They say 'accumulate'. I
> would like it because a penny equals 2%!  But I would appreciate the words
> of experience please.
> Thank you.  Was looking to buy but will holdoff pending.
> Ross
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ADV chart 30.12.doc

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