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[sharechat] Nick here virus fixed and apology

From: cilla langley <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 23:06:43 -0800 (PST)

       Sending this using yahoo mail as my new outlook
6 is still downloading.
    Firstly i would like to apologise to anybody who
has been infected with the virus by a message from my
computer (worm sent it not me, remember that!)
I would of been on earlier to appologise but my
computer as been out of action
    Secondly please remember that i did not invent
this nasty virus, i caught it in the same way as you
guys. Ie from a sharechat subscriber, in my case paul
frost.  Please try not to attach blame, do you think i
wanted this thing?
    I have had what is probably my most depressing day
in recent memory, i have infected people in know
personally, iv had computer frustration of the highest
order, and have had to fork out cash for virus removal
software which couldnt even get rid of it.
     Eventually i just gave up and reformatted the
computer, lost lots of programs which will take weeks
to replace. All told its been a terrible experience.
     If you want to attach blame pick on the fucker
wrote the thing, not me. Im a victim like the rest of
you so get off my case


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