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re: [sharechat] ports

From: Mike Hudson <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 14:17:29 +1300

I don't know much about ports (except for the drinkable ones) but I will put
in my three penn'th as ignorance has never stopped me in the past.

One of the reasons for the apparent undervaluation of LPC is the dependence
of Lyttelton on the bulk coal trade. Over the years there has been the
threat of the construction of a jetty at Westport which of course would mean
the end of the coal business for LPC. I am not sure what the situation is
now and how great a factor coal still is in the port's operations but I
would check it out before buying.

As far as containers are concerned I received today a copy of Port Nelson's
Annual Review. The growth in container movements has been exponential, from
8000 in the year to June 1993 to  TEUs to 37000 in 2000, the increase being
23% in the last year alone. I would expect that the situation is similar at
all ports so "Containers. Containers, Containers" is probably a good catch


Disclosure: Don't own any ports  

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