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Re: Re: [sharechat] Re: Destroying value

From: Derek Watt <>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 17:33:14 +1200

>So it's just postgrad education you're talking about?  I was under the
>impression you were talking about ANY education....

Sorry, I slipped up there, I meant a tertiary education not a postgrad one.

>Derek, how can one justify charging a substantial fee for a product which
>offers very little compared to options overseas?  Surely the Government's
>first step must be to ensure that the degree is one of quality - better to
>establish this and then charge, than charge in order to enhance quality,
>otherwise no one will pay.

If New Zealanders can get a better education overseas, then they 
are free to do so, that way the NZ taxpayer won't pay for it.
Also, I wasn't suggesting charging fees for people who
eventually stay in NZ. 

About increasing the quality of education, it is a very worthwhile 
objective I think. But assuming that many excellent graduates are produced
as a result, then the problem of them being attracted overseas by high
wages will be even greater and again value would be lost to NZ. 

A claw-back in fees as I suggested for anyone leaving permanently
would only be a very small part of the solution however. The problem
of talented people leaving NZ goes a lot deeper.

Anyway, I seem to have strayed off the topic of shares a bit,
except to say that companies are often attracted to invest
in places which have a quality workforce. The cost of
wages is only one factor, and may be subservient to
the availability and quality of staff. Quality staff, in
turn, will be attracted to areas with a high density of
quality companies.

There is a chicken and egg relationship here, and at the
moment NZ is loosing both the chicken and the egg.

Therefore I suggested that RIL wasn't helping by having left NZ.
I apologise to him for saying this since I shouldn't have made 
such a personal comment.

my regards,


>> I'm not sure what you mean. My proposal is that anyone recieving
>> a postgraduate education in NZ should pay for it if they don't
>> wish to stay here. It doesn't matter if they are a New Zealander
>> or from overseas. (Apart from that, I'm in favour of a free
>> education system for anyone staying.)

Derek Watt

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