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Re: [sharechat] Re: Destroying value

From: "Geoff Ewert" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 22:28:17 +1200

I think he was refering about aus.Predictions for the week(FRO) aside?
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From: "Nick Kearney" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2000 9:08 PM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] Re: Destroying value

> ril wrote:
> >
> > As Oliver says, you wouldn't pay good cash for a post-graduate degree in
> > New Zealand. New Zealand universities are for skill based training in
> > book-keeping, engineering drafting, lab techicianship, medical
> > technicianship, architectural drafting with a dollop of what ever
> > party-line social programming the current government demands.
> >
> > I don't feel contempt for NZ; Just really sad at what has happened to
> > it. It was one of the best countries in the world up until about the
> > mid-eighties. Now it is impoverished (or nearly so) and no-one laughs
> > any more. Life's too short.
> >
> > More than happy to return to NZ but only if someone lets off a nuclear
> > war-head in Europe and I can't find a subterranean cave to hide in and
> > someone forces me at gunpoint to get on a non-stop flight back and I
> > don't have a parachute and a way of opening the cargo door in mid-air.
> >
> > There are hundreds of thousands of us now (expatriate kiwis) and growing
> > every day. Most of us are qualified or highly qualified because we can't
> > count on the welfare systems of our new homes.
> >
> > It was becoming hard to make a decent living in New Zealand for a lot of
> > these expatriates. The stockmarket and property markets yielded few
> > investment opportunities which didn't have a lot of risk attached to
> > them.
> >
> > There is a very good article on about Buffet's investor
> > weekend and his thoughts on the future of equities over the next 15
> > years. It may therefore be that seeking a higher salary abroad is a
> > qualified kiwi's best chance. Remember that with the ongoing
> > depreciation of the Kiwi ruble you really don't have to save that much
> > in the US or England to have a nice little nest egg to retire on in New
> > Zealand.
> >
> > Just don't feel you owe anything to your country. That obligation CEASED
> > when the government started charging for everything; when they let your
> > parents suffer because they couldn't get operations, when your children
> > can't get an education without paying megabucks for it, when no
> > legislation was introduced to stop monopoly companies (banks, oil
> > companies, telecom companies) ripping you off, when your sports teams
> > charged you to watch them, when your police no longer protect etc etc.
> >
> > You get my meaning.
> You've been there so long you now sound like one of them (winging
> pom!!).
> Ha Ha Ha.  See,  I can laugh.  That just proves that I haven't lost my
> sense of humuor.
> It's always greener on the other side of the fence I guess.  I've had
> two stretches in London and loved them both.  Unfortunately when it came
> round to summer it wasn't easy to pack my bag and drive off to Piha for
> the day and have an ice-cream in the sun afterwards.  London is good if
> you want to fly to Europe to sit on a decent beach.
> Winter is great in London too(I mean you can fly to Europe again to sit
> on a beach or ski!!).  I used to love the pubs etc at night but at the
> end of the day money isn't everything.  Just because you can make loads
> more in one country shouldn't be the sole reason for living there.  If
> you have a graduate job here (Law/Commerce/Engineering/Medicine etc) you
> will make a packet.
> Sure it takes you a while to pay off a loan but that didn't stop me.  I
> just love the thought of dying owing the government a truck load of
> money and owning nothing. (Thank You trusts!!).  Probably won't happen
> but home is where the heart is.  If your heart is in London then stay
> there.
> You are right when you say there more expats there.  Just goes to show
> what Muldoon said years ago was true.  "It increases the IQ of both
> countries"
> Cheers.  Happy investing.
> NK
> >
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