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Re: [sharechat] 20/20

From: Richard Scott <>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 22:27:25 +1300

>Good little story on 20/20 tonight re Tech Stocks in USA and some who have
>made money from them. Staff that were employed were payed a lesser amount
>but given stock options and I think if I remember right one guys options
>were 33c working for Now he is obviously a millionaire like many
>others that were given stock options by their employers 2-3 years ago at the
>start of the NASDAQ boom. Also showed one man who believed in the management
>of a and initially brought 2000 shares which he later sold 1750 to
>buy wife diamond ring. Kept 250 shares which grew and he reinvests profit
>which makes him a few hundred thousand dollars better off. If he had not
>sold his initial 1750 shares to buy his wife a $10000 ring then they would
>be worth appprox US$3000000 so men I think there is a lesson in there for us
>somewhere?? Aside from that, interesting and bet there is (sorry, "are" is the word you're looking for.) a lot more stories
>to come. May even get some new players into the market.
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