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Re: [sharechat] CGB going global

From: "Osbert Sun" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 22:22:03 +1300

"Stuart Gray" <> wrote:
> a little investment tie up in Vietnam of all places is not global -
> sounds more like desperation to me ...or a case of someone knows someone
> who knows someone etc.  CGB goes down in my estimation with this wierd
> leftfield development.

Two of my close friends spent their holiday in Vienam before Xmas. They told
me that while in there they were most impressed by the popularity of the
Internet cafes, something unmatched here in NZ. This might be partly due to
the fact that most people in NZ have computers at home. However, the growth
potential for IT related businesses in Vienam should not be overlooked.

CGB is a relatively small player in the IT industry in Oz. As such it is
confronted with heavy competitions in the home country. The strategic
alliance with the Vienam Industry Investments, however small its investment
is, shows CGB's commitment to expand its operation into the international
market. And this is only its first step. For every business there is always
the beginning ... I'll be personally watching the stock with a great

Osbert Sun

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